Handbags shoulder joint: the causes of pain and methods of treatment

Сумки плечевого сустава: причины возникновения боли и способы леченияThe shoulder joint is one of the most movable joints at the same time, he’s in the greatest degree exposed to various kinds of diseases and injuries. Handbags shoulder joint and reduce the friction created between the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Bursal structures of the shoulder — subacromial, podelitsya, pedagoginiai, handbag shoulder muscles are actually a protrusion of the joint capsule in the body.

Purpose and functions of the shoulder joint is unique, as its structure as a whole. But serious irregular loads on a structure can lead to numerous diseases. Among them are common:

  • inflammation of the joint capsule;
  • ruptures of tendons and muscles, which are surrounded by the shoulder structure.

Diseases of the shoulder joint

One of the diseases of structures of the shoulder is a capsulitis. This disease is rare, its symptoms can be stiffness in the movement of hands. The disease develops slowly, almost imperceptibly. In severe cases, there is even the possibility to bring the spoon to his mouth. Moreover, if the examination, x-rays will not be visible changes.

Tandoori may occur in progressive inflammation shoulder bags structure. For this disease characterized by acute pain in the shoulder bag, the restriction in movement.

Сумки плечевого сустава: причины возникновения боли и способы лечения

The structure of a healthy joint in the human body

The most common disease of the shoulder joint is inflammation of the tendons. Another common disease is bursitis. The disease is associated with stress, severe pain, edema may develop in the area of the synovial Bursa (Bursa). Can occur, at first glance, unexplained pain in the shoulder structures. Usually it happens when lifting the arm up. The pain factor may be the calcification of the ligaments.

Very often the process of calcification occurs in middle age. The pain appears suddenly and is almost constant. Disease of the shoulder joint can also occur due to genetic abnormalities and tumors. Do older people lose this structure appears due to wear and tear of tissues due to aging or osteoporosis.

Another common cause of the disease of the knee — trauma. During the fall when struck moves the humerus: the arm can fall out of the recesses of the joint. If you fall on an outstretched hand, it may be a fracture of the brush.

Occur injuries most often occur in young people and athletes. Young people the most common is a dislocated shoulder. For example, in bodybuilders, the pain can manifest itself not only in the shoulder region but also of the elbow joint and the knee joint. The reasons are pererastala, press weights and other strength exercises. Pain may occur in the bag of the elbow joint or the shoulder joint and as a consequence stress.

Causes and predictors of pain

Quite often a pain in the elbow joint and the knee joint is associated with such diseases of internal organs, such as:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, including heart attack;
  • numerous tumors;
  • manifestations of sciatica;
  • diseases of the liver.

Сумки плечевого сустава: причины возникновения боли и способы лечения

The muscles and ligaments of the shoulder joint hold the joint in a stable position

Appeared in the upper part of the shoulder pain can start from neck. It is spreading across the arm, affecting the wrist. There may come a brief numbness. Movement of the hands and feet in the affected structures, usually painful. Pain in this joint or wrist may have a different character and be from burning to shooting.

In the hand can give, and the pain manifested in other parts of the body. The health of the person deteriorates. This condition can last up to several months. The outcome is different: possible full recovery or the onset of the blocking shoulder. Causes of pain in the knee, elbow and hip joints a lot. The main thing — to make an accurate diagnosis and to determine the appropriate method of treatment.

Not everyone knows how doctors can handle the pain in the elbow or the knee joint. You should consult a podiatrist or sports doctor. They are well versed in the diseases of joints and articular bags.

Symptoms and diagnosis of bursitis

The most common disease can be considered as bursitis of the shoulder joint. The characteristic indicator of this disease may be the appearance of pain in the shoulder when moving the hands. Immediately contact your treating doctor who must diagnosis after examination and prescribe the right effective treatment.

Every human movement is accompanied by specific friction, which softens the joint capsule. It in medical practice is called a Bursa. A lot of these bags, they are close to large joints: knee, hip and elbow structures. Bursitis — a characteristic inflammation of the Bursa. This inflammation usually leads to the accumulation of fluid.

Сумки плечевого сустава: причины возникновения боли и способы лечения

Inflammation of synovial Bursa in the joint

The most common symptom can be called a severe pain in the elbow joint, knee joint. Unable to rise or to swell the muscles. Fever, limited movement.

The disease occurs due to excessive load on these body parts. But the reason may be and tendon injuries, and the injury of the Bursa. Often a factor of the disease is chronic arthritis, which is inflammation of the joints.

To diagnose the disease is not difficult if the inflammation is close to the surface. If necessary, your doctor may prescribe a puncture of the cavity of the bag of the elbow joint or the knee joint. This will allow to establish the nature of the disease.

In order to relieve pain in the beginning of the disease, it is recommended complete rest, compresses with Vishnevsky ointment on the area of the elbow and knee joints. Can be used for medicinal painkillers or physiotherapy. They are assigned individually, depending on the degree of development of the disease. Treatment may be not only conservative but also surgical.

Surgical treatment is used for chronic bursitis. It lies in the puncture framework. During surgery, the area of a handbag is washed with antibiotic. If the bursitis is due to trauma, then enter solution of hydrocortisone. If the bursitis is characterized as purulent, the pus is removed from the bag.

The joint capsule rupture: causes and prevention

Сумки плечевого сустава: причины возникновения боли и способы лечения

Rupture of the bag occurs on the background of severe shoulder injury

Rupture of the bag of the elbow joint or knee joint can only occur with injury. One of the symptoms is pain deep in the shoulder or knee joints. You may hear a clicking when driving. The doctor conducted the examination and assigned to other methods of research. The severity of the lesions in the joint capsule can be identified based on a comprehensive diagnosis. Treatment may be physiotherapy, and occasionally, when absolutely necessary, surgery.

Physiotherapy is an effective way of dealing with inflammation of the joints, particularly the hip structures. In the treatment this method relaxes muscles, normalizes microcirculation, inflammation in this is on the wane. Thus is achieved an excellent effect and accelerates the healing process.

Diseases of the shoulder and knee joints can be caused by a pinched nerve. Need to be treated with strong analgesics to relieve severe pain. The ointment, which can help with knee pain must have the characteristic of a warming and anti-inflammatory drugs, the best drug in the form of a gel.

Very often with suspicion to inflammation of the bags are contacted by people who don’t even think they have a hidden chronic disease. And it can lead not only to damage the shoulder joint and disability. So, low back pain can also be the reason that there is pain in the shoulder and restricted arm movement. In this the symptoms are similar to signs of inflammation in the joint capsule. The treatment is the same as for other diseases. Recommended preventive measures, massage, exercises to increase muscle tone and greater elasticity of ligaments and tendons, which are the main assistants under heavy loads.

The main method of prevention of lesions of the joint capsule is a special complex of exercises to improve muscle tone and increase elasticity of ligaments and tendons. It is important to protect the shoulder from excessive stress.

Other ailments of the shoulder joint and their treatment

The most common disease of the shoulder joint, modern medicine is called another disease. This is the impingement syndrome. It can develop as a result of wear cuff or her injuries. To identify such a disease will help the typical symptoms. These include constant pain in the shoulder area, especially if you need to move the arm to the side or forward. Another symptom of this disease is sharply expressed pain when moving the hands behind your back.

Healing can take place according to the method of conservative treatment. Provided pills and warming ointments and compresses. But if the damage to the rotator cuff, conservative treatment is not able to provide a high efficiency, it is necessary to address to the surgeon-traumatologist. Treatment of shoulder impingement structures with the help of surgical intervention can pursue the main goal. This surgically removing bone spurs that impinge on the cuff of the shoulder and reduce the necessary clearance between the tendon and the bag.

Another disease — osteoporosis. It is caused by lack of nutrition of the tissues of the bone, so that they can change their structure. The bone becomes fragile, easier to various injuries, even fractures, which can cause inflammation of the joint capsule. The most risky age is the age of 50, especially if the person suffers from diabetes, dysfunction of thyroid gland.

To treat this disease we must first conservative methods. Assigned the use of vasodilating drugs, which may organize the normal nourishment of the bones lymph. If such treatment methods do not give the necessary results, applied operational methods. Important diet for multiple sclerosis or osteoporosis: it is necessary to remove from the diet of fried, spicy, spicy, exclude the use of alcohol, quit Smoking.

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