Hemangioma of the spine: description, causes and treatment of the disease

Гемангиома тела позвоночника: описание, причины и лечение недуга

Most often, the tumor is in the lumbar spine

A disease such as hemangioma, today is not uncommon. Most often the effects of the exposed spine. A hemangioma spine is a benign neoplasm.

The tumor begins to develop in the body of the vertebra. Quite frequently the tumor affects the thoracic and lumbar spine. Usually hemangioma captures only 1 vertebra.

Such tumors are observed today every tenth person. Develops hemangioma bessimptomnom, so patients do not immediately seek medical help.

The etiology of the disease

Scientists still can not determine the real cause of the hemangioma. To date, there are only guesses as to why such a tumor is formed. The following theory of the development of the disease.

  • The increase of estrogen in the blood stream can lead to the development of cancer. Found that cancer more common in females.
  • The tumor begins to grow as a result of hypoxia of the soft tissue okolomatocnah space.
  • Hereditary (genetic) factor in the development of the disease.
  • Reasons or factors causing the growth and development of benign tumors include:

    • negative environmental situation;
    • SARS, moved a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy;
    • the use of drugs during pregnancy;
    • appearance of hormonal imbalance in the body;
    • a burdened heredity.

    Today there are the following types of vertebral hemangioma.

  • Capillary growth. This is a benign hemangioma, which can degenerate into malignant. Such a tumor has infiltrative growth. At the initial stage of development, it is localized on the surface of the skin, and then begins to grow deeper. Hemangioma is small in size and does not bleed. The tumor is composed of capillaries intertwined. The tumor has a red tint. It is believed that the whiter the tumor, the easier it is to operate.
  • The cavernous tumor. This is a benign hemangioma which rarely affects the spine. If you encounter this kind of tumor blood vessels begin to grow and form a special structure having a cavity. The structure is an artery, which is designed to supply the hemangioma. The tumor is a set of cavities which are filled with arterial or venous blood. Cavernous tumor is extremely rare. The tumor has a brown color and a soft texture. Deep hemangioma of skin grows and responds well to treatment (without surgical intervention).
  • Mixed tumor. This hemangioma may consist of subcutaneous tissue, veins, blood vessels, connective tissues and other elements. The appearance of the tumor depends on what kind of fabric it is.
  • The location of tumors isolated hemangioma of the thoracic spine (quite common form of the disease), lesions of the lumbar, tumor lesion of the vertebrae of the neck.

    The symptoms and signs of disease

    Symptoms of hemangiomas depend on the location of the tumor and its type.

    Гемангиома тела позвоночника: описание, причины и лечение недуга

    Capillary hemangioma is characterized by:

    • red color;
    • located on the surface of the skin;
    • a clear limitation;
    • the deep penetration of only 2 mm;
    • the growth in all directions;
    • the pressure on her fades.

    Cavernous hemangioma differs:

    • situated under the skin;
    • the existence of a special elastic consistency.
    • a bluish tint;
    • to increase the volume during crying and coughing.

    All hemangiomas, including cervical vertebra, can spontaneously grow, to degenerate into cancer, or to disappear altogether. In childhood, tumors of this type usually do not operate, as they can disappear. Complications in the development of education are excessive bleeding, thrombophlebitis, ulceration, lesion of a vertebral body. Hemangioma can be felt with the appearance of pain syndrome. Usually pain occurs because of the huge size of the tumor and the extent of its on the body of the vertebra (e.g., cervical spine).

    In addition to pain, a person may experience numbness in the lower or upper extremities, disturbance of sensation in the hands and feet. Hemangioma of the cervical may go beyond the affected vertebra to compress the nerve roots. As a result the person will experience severe pain. Therapeutic measures in lesions of the cervical spine are the same as in the treatment of hemangiomas located in other sections of the spinal cord.

    The most dangerous variant of the disease is bulging of the hemangioma into the spinal canal. In this case, occurs by displacement of the nerve root there is pain in the spine. Pain syndrome will be accompanied by neurologic symptoms.

    Diagnosis and treatment of hemangioma

    In addition to the inspection and medical history your doctor may prescribe an MRI and x-ray examination. The obtained results allow to make a conclusion about the severity of the development of cancer. Treatment of hemangioma is appointed solely by the attending physician. The use of traditional methods of struggle with the tumor is simply unacceptable.

    Гемангиома тела позвоночника: описание, причины и лечение недуга

    If the patient is faced with such a diagnosis as «hemangioma in the body of the vertebra th2» need to be screened regularly to identify symptoms of the process. Therapeutic activities shall appoint a qualified person. The choice of methods of treatment of hemangiomas of the cervical spine as well as lumbar or thoracic, depends on size of tumor, location, symptoms.

    A disease such as hemangioma, are quite often treated with radiation therapy. The irradiation of the tumor reduced, and the pain gradually disappears. If the body of the vertebrae quite badly damaged, the method of radiation therapy will not give the expected ill effect.

    Technique of embolization involves the insertion into the tumor of polyvinyl alcohol. But such treatment does not exclude the possibility of a relapse. This method of therapy can give serious complications.

    For surgery, the doctors resort is quite rare. Operation is assigned when there is strong pain in any part of the spine, the symptoms must be characterized by the neurological nature of the symptoms. The entire tumor cannot be removed, since it assumes the destruction of only parts of it.

    The most popular and effective method of dealing with hemangioma is considered to be percutaneous vertebroplasty. We are talking about the introduction in the tumor of special cementing substance. It inhibits bleeding and strengthens the affected vertebra.

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