Hemangioma of the spine: the main symptoms and treatment

Гемангиома позвоночника: основные симптомы и лечение

The diseased vertebra

A hemangioma spine is a benign vascular tumor that is not able to degenerate into cancers. Hemangiomas are very different. Their location — surface of skin or organ tissue. Usually, a hemangioma on spine is a little or huge formation, consisting of vessels or capillaries. Cardiovascular education can be congenital or acquired. In addition, women are more susceptible to the disease than men.

The main causes of hemangioma

Today, scientists have not exactly figured out the reasons for having a hemangioma. Some argue that the germs of the tumor is able to be laid in the embryonic period. But why the tumor grows and develops? This question has no answer.

How revealed a hemangioma of the spine? As a rule, education is in the spine, usually in the center of the vertebral body, but sometimes captures the other part. Discover it accidentally. For example, when doctors looking for the cause of back pain (with the help of radiographs), find the tumor. But often enough the cause of the disease consider some other pathology. To clarify the size of the formation, its exact location, and complications, prescribed computer (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

If we talk about the symptoms of hemangioma, then it flows without any symptoms and treatment is not needed. Its growth is very slow. But sometimes the formation may increase to destroy the vertebra and to compress tissue.

Гемангиома позвоночника: основные симптомы и лечение

Diagnostic the MRI discovered a tumor in the spine

In such a situation, the patient requires urgent treatment. Therefore, to monitor the status of the tumor, healthy people 1 every year is assigned an MRI. If growth of the hemangioma begins to squeeze the nerve roots that go from the spinal cord to the rest of the bodies. Thus, disrupts the function of organs that work due to the affected vertebra. In addition, because of the growing education destroyed the structure of the vertebra, it loses its strength, causing it to fracture. In the place where is located the vertebra, pain. The bone fragments that are formed also begin to put pressure on the nerve roots.

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Depending in what part of the body is a hemangioma, depend on her symptoms. The disease most often occurs in the thoracic. While irritation of the nerve roots or spinal cord compression may be feeling of weakness, pain, numbness of the extremities, sometimes there is a paralysis. In this case, patients complain of problems with digestion, urination, heart rhythm. Infertility in women is also a symptom of hemangioma.

Гемангиома позвоночника: основные симптомы и лечение
In men, the illness lumbar vertebra leads to impotence. Similar formations occur fairly rarely, but the signs are unpleasant. For example, pain in the groin, constipation, weakens the lower extremities, atrophy of muscles.

It’s important to note that even the smallest hemangioma can cause a variety of complaints, including dizziness, sleep problems, decreased visual acuity, headache. Sometimes patients stroke occurs. Because the spinal canal in the cervical part of the body is narrow and very easily damaged, can numb the tips of the fingers, atrophy of the muscles of the arms.

It is understood that if the disease is diagnosed in the initial stages, it is possible to avoid irreversible complications that occur in different parts of the body.

How is the treatment of disease

When you need to start treatment of hemangioma on the spine? As mentioned, treatment subject to 10% of patients who suffer from this disease. To appoint treatment, to choose the method and frequency of observation may only doctor.

You need to understand that the treatment of traditional medicine is not able to affect the growth of the hemangioma, but can significantly harm the health. If the specialist has prescribed surgery, don’t delay it for long. The less education, the easier the surgical process and less risk of complications.

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Cancer treatments there are different, but to find them you need for each patient individually. As a rule, the expert selects a method of treatment based on the degree of damage to the vertebra, the location of sprouting in the fabric. Of course, the value is the amount of damage to the spine and the condition of the body.

The most common treatments for hemangioma on the spine:

  • Operation. During surgery, the experts removed the soft tissue of education and part of the spine.
  • Method is sclerotherapy. As the tumor is treated with alcohol, may cause thrombosis of the vessels. quite often this leads to destruction of the vertebrae. Usually used for the treatment of small hemangiomas.
  • Method of embolization. The vessels are administered special drugs, closing their lumen. Often after embolization of the hemangioma continues to grow.
  • Most often, doctors perform transcutaneous puncture vertebroplasty. During the procedure, part of a vertebral body injected grout, which is able to destroy education. At the moment this treatment gives the most effective results.
  • With the help of surgical procedures and other invasive techniques, you can easily get rid of the hemangioma on the spine. Spondylitis can you not to bother, but at one point will ruin your life. During the postoperative period to exclude the load, which can lead to fractures. That is why it is not recommended to play sports, exercise manual therapy.

    If you have back pain often, you should visit your doctor. Spine disease can be cured if timely to seek professional help.