Hemangioma of the spine: treatment of tumors of various methods

Гемангиома позвоночника: лечение опухоли различными методами

The tumor on the disk of the spine

A hemangioma spine is a benign tumor that disturbs the vascular structure of the spinal column. The disease develops slowly and for a long time can not Express themselves. However, the aggressive form of hemangioma is accompanied by a number of neurological symptoms: pain, sensitivity, partial or complete paralysis of the limbs. The exact cause of the disease is unknown, but physicians believe that the main factor is genetic predisposition.

Treatment of hemangioma of the spine by surgery is not very effective because to remove the tumor completely is almost impossible. Surgical intervention is indicated only in cases when the tumor damages the nerve endings. The tactics and techniques therapy choose depending on the size and localization of tumors.

Traditional methods of treatment

Methods of treatment of hemangiomas of the spine are many. The most known are the following methods:

  • radiation therapy;
  • embolization and alcoholism;
  • percutaneous vertebroplasty;
  • surgery.

Physiotherapy, therapeutic baths, special exercises, manual therapy and massage therapy for such tumors of the spine ineffective. In the presence of non-aggressive small-size tumors the therapy is reduced to regular monitoring of their growth. The treatment begins if the tumor progresses and grows in size or the patient appears neurological symptoms.

The effect of radiation therapy aimed at the suppression of growth of the hemangioma. At present, the application of this method for the treatment of spinal tumors is very limited. Radiation therapy negatively affects the internal organs, soft tissue and skin, and often gives complications in the form of plexitis and radiculitis. With full lesions of the vertebra, this method of treatment ineffective. In addition, it is impractical to use in the treatment of pregnant women, and patients of childhood and adolescence.

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The procedure of alcoholism is the introduction into the cavity hemangioma of ethanol. This technique allows to achieve a significant reduction in tumor size; however, it can cause serious complications: compression fractures of the spine, avascular necrosis, compression of the spinal cord and paravertebral abscess. For this reason, alcoholism hemangioma has not found wide application in medical practice.

Embolization is a more common method of treatment of tumors of the spine, which provides for the introduction into the cavity hemangioma embolization special solution. To perform such operation is quite difficult, besides it can cause circulatory disorders of the back. However, in most cases the technique allows to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Removal of hemangioma surgically

Гемангиома позвоночника: лечение опухоли различными методами

Percutaneous vertebroplasty stabilizes the vertebra and stops tumor growth

Percutaneous vertebroplasty is used if the hemangioma begins to grow. In the cavity of the tumor introduced a special substance is bone cement, which helps to stop the growth of education and to stabilize a damaged spine. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with subsequent x-ray control. After a few hours of puncture vertebroplasty, the patient is allowed to move, and the next day he can return to normal life. Complications with the use of this technique are rare.

Open surgery is used if the hemangioma compresses the spinal cord. During surgery removed the tumor fragments vertebral discs. As a rule, surgical intervention can remove the tumor only partially so after it, the patient may be assigned additional treatment in the form of radiation therapy or embolization.

After puncture vertebroplasty or surgery, the patient is contraindicated:

  • massage and manual therapy;
  • physical activity;
  • intense exercising;
  • physiotherapy.

Folk remedies to combat the disease

Many folk methods of treatment that are often used if you have back problems, it is forbidden to use when spinal tumors. Contraindications even touch therapeutic baths and any warming procedures. Mud baths in the treatment of tumors of the spine can be used only on the advice of the attending physician. Typically, they are used as a preventive and holistic sanative means, to some extent, helping to prevent relapse. But such procedures shall not be performed without consulting a physician. In the process of tumor treatment to apply the treatment bath as an auxiliary means is also unacceptable.

Therapeutic massage is not contraindicated only for small (less than 1 cm) solitary lesion located in the vertebral body and not show signs of aggression. If the tumor is of small size, physiotherapy without thermal effects and therapeutic baths are usually allowed to use. When hemangioma spine treatment, including manual therapy or massage, can be prescribed by a doctor only as a supplementary therapeutic method.

It is important to remember that the uncontrolled treatment of folk remedies can lead to rapid growth of the tumor. Before using any of the methods of therapy it is recommended to undergo another examination and to ensure that the hemangioma is not progressing.