Herbs for the joints and their use in folk and official medicine

Conventional medicine quite cautious with regard to the use of herbs in the treatment of various diseases of the joints, preferring to act drugs. While qualified doctors forget that modern synthetic creams and pills appeared relatively recently, and before that for centuries various diseases, including joints, was treated by using herbs. Another thing is that joint disease is not common cold, and to self-medicate is dangerous. Only by having the necessary knowledge and practical experience you can hope for a positive outcome of treatment. It is clear that in most patients, such a database simply does not.

What are the defeat of the joints are treated using phytotherapy

Травы для суставов и их использование в народной и официальной медицинеTaking the decision to do the treatment of diseased joints, it is necessary to consult a doctor and pass a comprehensive examination. In nature, everything is so wisely arranged that for each disease it has its antidote. So the rich Arsenal of traditional medicine, you can find many recipes for herbal treatment of joints. The most common prescriptions for treatment:

  • arthritis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • neuritis;
  • sciatica;
  • rheumatism;
  • degenerative disc disease.

Arthritis is provoked by different causes of inflammation of the joints. Arthritis – a disease of the joints, which is caused by deformation of the articular cartilage. Neuritis – inflammation of the peripheral nerves. Osteochondrosis – destruction of vertebral discs. Sciatica – the vast majority of the product of degenerative disc disease characterized by lesions of spinal nerves endings. Arthritis – connective tissue of the joints with infectious or allergic roots.

The list of diseases of the joints is far from complete, but even its enough to understand: in order to choose the right treatment for such different kinds of diseases, you need to have a large set of available tools.

And nature has given us these tools, creating around a person so rich in the plant world that it is possible to choose the composition of the herbal collection, which will effectively act not only on painful joints, but also to restore the health of the whole body.

The effect of treatment with herbal medicine appears slower than when using synthetic drugs, but its impact is much longer.

What plants from diseases of the joints used by our ancestors

For anybody not a secret that the maximum benefit to our body bring substances with a maximum content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. If we are talking about joints, in all their diversity of diseases joint pain appear mainly for three reasons: deformation of the joint, damage to or destruction of the articular cartilage and the deposition of salts in the joint.

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Our ancestors, not knowing the current complicated names of diseases of the joints, perfectly understood, that to solve each of these tasks has its own grass. For example, the apricot they used in the treatment of myasthenia gravis (a disease, affecting the nerve-muscle structure) – 1 Cup freshly squeezed apricot juice or 100-150 g dried apricots a day.

Травы для суставов и их использование в народной и официальной медицинеAny disease of the joints were considered the Slavs useful asparagus, sorrel, blackberries, cranberries, plums, apples. Later, this list has been added and lemons. Fresh cabbage leaves for centuries have helped and continue to help reduce the pain from bruises and rheumatism. Slavic sorcerers believed indispensable for rheumatism mixed with honey peanuts kernels of a filbert.

Fresh parsley juice has long been a wonderful poultice for bruises. It was used and swelling of the joints. Also for bruises helps exactly as freshly pulped slurry from the beet.

Fresh slurry of crushed horseradish root is a good analgesic. So it is often used to reduce back pain and lower back pain. Also with sciatica to the affected area applied slurry of radish.

For the reduction and resorption of tumors, too, there was a lot of drugs. The simplest and most affordable of them is soaked in hot milk bread crumb that is applied to the affected area. For this purpose, used cucumbers. They specifically gave to Dospat, then dried in the sun, was ground into powder and used it as an antiseptic powder for injuries of the joints. And lotions of strong brewed black tea grandma and still used for the treatment of bruises grandchildren.

Rheumatism the best way Slavic healers were considered various decoctions of the flowers and berries of elderberry.

The use of herbs to fight arthritis

Arthritis is one of joint diseases, the possibility of which herbal treatment is recognized even by doctors. However, the word «treatment», they add: «subsidiary». Many people know that in the treatment of arthritis for compresses have long used pharmacy mustard. In those days, when toothpaste was not yet, at least effectively replaced the crushed mustard seeds. But our ancestors-the Slavs, though not knowing a word is arthritis, not less effectively treated this disease with fresh slurry from the now almost forgotten turnip. Also in their Arsenal was a wonderful drug against arthritis from the berries of Rowan: 50 g juice or 100 g of berries three times a day half an hour before meals.

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No less popular in the old days was half mixed with honey cranberry juice, which has appointed half a Cup 3 times a day just before eating. In rheumatoid arthritis very very good garlic tincture. It should be consumed 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals, but not more than 15 drops.

Травы для суставов и их использование в народной и официальной медицинеChamomile medicinal known as a wonderful natural antiseptic. But it can also be useful in the treatment of arthritis as a good pain reliever. To use prepare a tincture of the flowers, with infusions of two types: for internal use and for compresses. For internal use 10 g of dried chamomile flowers steeped in a Cup of water and allow half an hour to infuse. Take a decoction 3-4 times a day tablespoon for 1 admission.

To compress the infusion is prepared differently: 3 tbsp (15 grams) of dried flowers pour a small amount of water and boil until, until the flowers don’t fall apart and turn to mush. This mush need to put on a clean cloth, allow to cool (but not completely, and not to burn the skin), and applied to the affected area as a compress.

Simple recipes for treating arthritis do not require much effort to prepare effective drugs.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease using herbal tinctures and compresses

Unlike arthritis, degenerative disc disease treatment with herbs, conventional medicine is not welcome. And herbs that can effectively restore articular cartilage in nature. So most of the recipes use herbs from osteoarthritis designed to relieve or decrease pain. Also these recipes can help rheumatism or arthritis.

Травы для суставов и их использование в народной и официальной медицинеTo relieve pain is better to prepare a tincture of collected in the early spring of young pine buds. They are washed and crushed in a meat grinder, the resulting powder is mixed with sugar, following proportion: 2 cups crushed buds 1 Cup sugar. The resulting mixture is poured into a glass container and put on two weeks in a cool place. Ready to use the tincture should be rich brown. It should take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before eating, but not swallowing immediately, but 2-3 seconds holding in his mouth. When taken regularly it can relieve the most acute pain. If you store it in a cool dark place, it retains its medicinal properties for a year.

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In addition to pine buds, a good analgesic effect is the use of a variety of herbal compresses. It is a mixture of burdock, mother and stepmother; a mixture of calendula, horsetail and thyme; the mixture of sweet clover, elderberry, hops and chamomile (all components in the listed fees should be taken in equal proportions). The technology of their preparation is the same: spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water and insist 15-20 minutes and Then this infusion, moisten the gauze and put it on the aching joint for 25-30 minutes For maximum effect to carry out the detailed procedures twice a day for two weeks without a break.

Herbs from osteoarthritis are preparing a variety of herbal teas for ingestion. But their compositions are usually multicomponent, includes 5 or more titles, so prepare them at home without proper experience and skills is inappropriate. Better to buy them ready in pharmacies.

Herbs can work wonders, but only if the drug of the dishes are skillful experienced hands. To self-medicate is dangerous!