Hernia treatment without surgery of the spine: Massage, exercise, gymnastics

How to cure a hernia without surgery of the spine?

In medical terms a hernia of the spine called «herniated disc». But we, for convenience, we will use the term familiar to patients.

What is disc herniation? As a result of injury or age-related changes torn fibers of an intervertebral disk, and the kernel comes out. And the hernia is formed.

In most cases, the hernia appears in the lumbar-sacral region of the spine, but can occur in the cervical or thoracic spine.

The main symptoms of the disease

When herniation of the lumbar person begins to suffer from severe pain of the back and legs. Often observed high blood pressure, dizziness, severe weakness and numbness in parts of the body.

Herniation of the cervical symptoms: headache, hands and shoulders. Is numbness of the fingers, dizziness, impaired memory and sleep, sudden increases of pressure.

Hernia of the thoracic manifested by pain in the heart, interscapular region and in the thoracic spine when turning and breathing. Often the patient feels numbness of the chest.

Repair of hernia of the spine is necessary, otherwise the patient in danger of disability and complete loss of ability to move. Diagnose the disease by using magnetic resonance imaging and radiography. If the compression of the substance of the spinal cord or nerve bundles, which are called horse-tail, is too strong, the doctor will schedule the surgery. If surgical intervention is not required, apply alternative therapies.

The complex of conservative methods in the fight against disease

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Bezoperatsionnye methods of treatment very much. If the need of immediate surgery no, the doctors will try to improve the patient’s condition with medication, therapeutic exercises and other techniques.

To be successful in the treatment of this disease requires an integrated approach. Doctors armed with a serious Arsenal in the fight against hernia of the spine. Using all under the constant supervision of a doctor, you will be able to get back on their feet and forget the pain.


Medicines are used to relieve the symptoms. If the situation is not too complicated, drug therapy is prescribed: aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen. If the problem is serious, the doctor prescribes strong drugs, which are sold by prescription only. In the most difficult situations can be prescribed drugs.

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If the meds don’t help, doctors may prescribe epidural injections. They include steroids, which can act directly on the pain and have powerful anti-inflammatory action. But epidural injections can be administered no more than three times a year.

Simultaneously with drugs have to take vitamins:

  • Group, to reduce pain and restore tissue sensitivity.
  • Group A, E and C to reduce inflammation and enhance the process of regeneration.
  • Group D in combination with calcium to strengthen the ligaments and bone regeneration.

All medications if used incorrectly can hurt. Uncontrolled and too long can even cause complications. Because the treatment needs a doctor.

The method of stretching the spine

The hood of the spine herniation is a very effective method, it is used very often. In the result of stretching the distance between the vertebrae increases pressure on nerve endings is reduced, pain is reduced. If the procedure is performed correctly, the muscle fibers lengthen, the blood circulation and metabolic processes resume.

Method of stretching of the spine is performed in two ways:

  1. Dry. Using special tables.
  2. With the use of water. Stretching takes place with the help of special devices, works the body weight of the patient. But the processes are easier and softer.

Therapeutic exercise and massage

To physical therapy and massage can begin after will be pain. It is better to exercise in special groups under the supervision of a physiotherapist. The result of physical therapy with a herniated spine is the strengthening of a muscular corset. This will create the conditions to reduce the load on the spine and intervertebral discs.

The choice of exercises depends on the area affected and stage of disease. Frequently recommend patients swim in the pool, in the water the natural position of the spine is automatically saved. If during the lessons there is pain, exercise to do yet. To choose the right complex can only be a specialist, an illiterate approach will only exacerbate back problems.

If exercise is not shown in all patients, the massage is useful to everyone. Types of massage herniation of the spine are usually used, soft. But the sessions will significantly improve the condition of muscles and ligaments. The result is reducing the load on the spine.

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Holiday mode

During an exacerbation, the patient is recommended bed rest to avoid re-injury of nerve endings and worsening the condition. Can be assigned and limited mobility, wearing a corset. When pain doctors recommend to reduce the load on the spine and go to bed. By the way, the bed will also have to change mattresses have a significant to help in the treatment of diseases of the back.

Folk remedies

To confine people’s recipes impossible. But along with conventional medicine, they are working fine.

Excellent method – therapeutic baths with mustard and flax seed. The first day you need to take a warm bath with a decoction of flax seed. 0.5 kg of seeds pour 3 liters of boiling water and insist 2 hours. The second day – just pour into the bath a pack of mustard powder. Thus, alternate bathing for 10 days, then make a break for a month. Bath to take for 20 minutes.

Well help compresses of horse, badger or dog fat. They can be worn for 12 hours.

Used to treat hernias of the spine, and leeches.

Sanatorium complexes

Spa treatment is offered for the rehabilitation of the patient after the primary treatment. In sanatoriums working on the General recovery of the body. Procedures for strengthening of the spine is very much, each resort has its own characteristics and methods of treatment. If the resort is located near the mineral source, patients are offered mineral baths. Good help and mud.

Use in spas and the classic, proven to be effective, treatment: ultrasound, infrared radiation, magnetic field, laser and others.

Unconventional methods

Non-traditional methods of treatment of hernias of the spine called Eastern techniques of acupuncture and the latest developments. They show excellent results and with traditional methods help to get rid of the pain.

  • Acupuncture. For this procedure you need to go to a proven specialist. With the help of acupuncture are stimulated by internal resources
    body. A needle is inserted into the points, which are responsible for the recovery of damaged tissues, relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.
  • Pharmacopuncture. This method combines acupuncture with the introduction of drugs. To the point that we need to encourage to start the process of recovery, introduces homeopathic medicines, vitamins and biostimulants. The procedure is absolutely painless because it uses a special thin needle.
  • Laser reconstruction of intervertebral discs is one of the most innovative methods. The damaged disc is irradiated by laser, resulting in starts accelerated growth of cartilage. The skin incision to do not necessary. The laser is introduced to the affected area with a needle. The course of treatment consists of several procedures. Full recovery takes a few months. This method allows not only to cure the hernia, but also to prevent recurrence.
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If the pain caught you at home, you must immediately lie down on a flat surface. This will help to avoid increasing pain. Waiting for the ambulance, drink ibuprofen or naproxen. Can help relieve pain and Kalanchoe juice, remove from sheet film and attach the slice to the affected area.

Treatment at home may include the traditional recipes. If you have already studied a set of physical therapy under the guidance of a specialist can perform it at home. For those who have excess weight will have to go on a diet and start to eat healthy food. Extra pounds add pressure on the spine, exacerbating the condition, hernia.

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But home treatment does not replace a comprehensive approach that can offer in the hospital. It can only be an additional measure to prevent recurrence of the disease.