Hip: causes of pain

Тазобедренный сустав: причины болевых ощущенийQuite often patients come to the hospital with a complaint of severe pain in the hip joints. The reasons for this phenomenon can be various factors. Such a painful syndrome could be triggered as outside influence, and inflammatory processes in the human body. If the patient’s affected hip joint, the treatment should be started immediately. This pain can be triggered not only the immediate defeat of the joint itself. It can be:

  • Injury to the tissue around the joint.
  • Deformation of bones.
  • Deformation of the cartilage and tendons.
  • Spasms in the muscles.
  • While soreness may be present not only in the hip joint, but in the tibia and in the femur. In many situations, the root cause of such violations among certain categories of patients may be deterioration of the joint. Inflammation can be caused by destruction of the cartilage or a lack of fluid in the articular capsule, which may provoke pain at any movement by foot. Often this pain is an echo of the real problems with the spine. Common symptoms, accompanied by pain: stiffness in the joint and inability to move.

    The main causes of pain in the joint

    Тазобедренный сустав: причины болевых ощущений

    Subluxation of the joint in consequence of injury

    Most often the hip joints may ache resulting from injury. The deformation can be both new and old. If the patient has been damaged femur, in certain periods, the old fracture can be felt and manifest through severe pain in the hip. Often in patients in the age such injuries can be accompanied by osteoporosis. In this case, the pain is due to low density and strength of tissues.

    The hip joint can really hurt and cause inconvenience in the result of the patient’s necrosis. In this case, the patient is the withering away of the joints in the thigh. Such a process may be triggered by disruption of the blood supply. If the patient is a long time to take hormones, this may complicate treatment.

    For the elderly pain in the hip can be a sign of progressive osteoarthritis. When the disease the hip joint begins to break down as a result of inflammatory processes. In this case, pain may also be present in the groin and in the leg. When walking, or any sudden change of activities, the pain will only increase.

    Inflammatory bursitis or any rheumatic disease can be instigators of aching pain in the hip joint. Often injury to the tendons or inflammation they can cause pain. Staphylococci and streptococci quite often affect the hip joints, causing inflammation and prolonged pain in these areas.

    Tuberculosis patients can begin the defeat of the joints in the pelvis. The main symptoms are lameness and a distinct pain when moving. As the disease progresses, pain increases and the movement becomes increasingly constrained and heavy. Pain in the hip area occur when any injury in the legs, hip or spine. The most simple sprains, ligament strain or minor tendon injuries can occur severe pain in the hip area. Rare tumors of bones and tissues, which can be instigators of such feelings in the patient.

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    Hip pain can talk not only about acquired illness or injury, but also of hereditary pathology of the body.

    The differences in pain during various diseases

    Symptoms and causes of pain in the hip of the patient can be different and caused by both external and internal factors. In addition to the diseases that provoke such feelings, there are other factors that may influence this patient’s condition. This can be the effusion in the joint, increased load on the bone tissue, fatigue, trauma to the ligaments, strain the joint capsule or the development of inflammation in the lining of the joint. Often, such pain may indicate muscle spasm or violation of the venous outflow. In this case, it can begin damaging the tendons and stagnation in the bones.

    The pain may have a completely different character. To the extent that any pain experienced by the patient, it is possible to determine what was the cause of such feelings. Patients often the pain is purely mechanical in nature. This means that this disease manifests itself mainly only in the loads on a specific area of the body, and when a person is at rest, the pain may pass.

    Тазобедренный сустав: причины болевых ощущенийPain can have a starting character. This is often observed in synovitis. The person feels severe pain in the beginning of its activity, and as you continue to physical loads, it disappears. To indicate the development of bursitis or tendinitis can pain, which is seen only in those movements that require the maximum of work from the muscles and tendons. The pain of such an acute nature may be the cause of muscle spasm.

    There is a kind of pain that never bother the patient during the day. But at night it manifests itself with great force. This pain begins to fade at even exercise. The usual reason for such feelings — is stagnation of blood in the vessels. If the cause of the pain was the damage to the joint capsule, it indicates inflammation in the capsule. Painful sensations that occur when osteophytes, provoke irritation of the synovial membranes.

    The patient may experience complex pain. Usually they can provoke the same feeling in the groin area and legs. Initially the pain may be mild, but the more running becomes a disease, the stronger the patient feels pain.

    With the appearance of sharp, dull, endangered, complex, or any other pain you need to consult a doctor immediately for accurate diagnosis.

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    Treatment of folk ways

    How to cure an injured hip? Using folk methods, you can get rid of any painful sensations throughout the body. Can use 1 turn the leaves of the plant Hogweed. Pour over a few leaves with hot water and wrap them in a bandage. After that, let the compress cool down a bit and apply to the affected areas of the body. It is important to make compresses of white or blue clay. These procedures will help reduce inflammation and swelling.

    Тазобедренный сустав: причины болевых ощущенийTreatment of folk remedies always involves taking baths. In order to carry out such a procedure take 100 g of crushed root Larkspur, pour 5 liters of water and cook on medium heat for 1-2 hours. After that, strain the broth and pour into the bathroom. Duration should not be less than 15 minutes. In addition to Larkspur, you can make the bath with hay dust. If the patient suffers from pain in the hip joints, the treatment will help him to get rid of the discomfort. Pour 200 g hay dust 6 l of water and simmer for 1 hour. After that, strain the broth through cheesecloth and pour it into the water. After bathing make special lotions to the affected places. To do this, dip the pieces of cloth in a decoction of hay dust and keep the compress on the affected areas to cool down lotions.

    Treatment at home is impossible without the use of honey. This product stops the inflammatory process and helps to rebuild damaged tissue. If you are not allergic to honey, then you can use it in the treatment of the hip joints. You can do direct massage the affected part with honey. Before starting the process, preheat the inflamed joint. This can be applied to him for a bit warmer. At this time, preheat a small amount of honey (in the microwave or in a water bath). As soon as the joint heats up enough, begin to RUB the honey into the skin massaging gently.

    If you want to treatment of folk remedies given the result, and carry out the procedure of massage at least 2 times a day. The duration of each treatment should not exceed 20 minutes. When you are good I will RUB you hand honey, you can not wash away the product. Just on top of him put a few layer of bandage or gauze, wrap the affected area with a scarf and keep the compress on for 3 hours.

    Gymnastics for joints

    Тазобедренный сустав: причины болевых ощущений

    Basic exercise for the development of joint

    The hip joints can lose their elasticity and flexibility as a result of defeat any disease. In order to restore the tone of muscles and joints need exercise medical gymnastics. This will allow you to recover health at home without certain costs and harm to the body. To perform 1 exercise, lie on your back and extend your legs. Align your breath. On the inhale lift your feet off the floor. Try to perform this element due to the work of the hip muscles. The output will match your feet on the floor. Repeat the activity 10 times. After that, let the muscles to rest for a few seconds and proceed to exercise 2. Return to starting position. Now on the inhale, bend 1 leg at the knee, on exhale unbend. For each breath, alternate the leg. Follow item 7 times.

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    Return to starting position. Now every breath turn the leg inward. On the exhale, return it to its original position. Alternate legs for every breath. Rest for 30 seconds and proceed to the 4th element. Press heel to the floor, lying on his back. Now gently raise the legs until it stops. To detach the heel from the floor is impossible. Do the job carefully and slowly. Repeat it 7 times.

    For the next task you need to roll onto my stomach. In turn, raise legs. Try to tear them away from the floor 5-15 cm and linger in the air for 10 seconds. Then fold hands in front of chest. Now your task is to cut the hip muscles. To perform the exercise smoothly, to avoid manipulation. But need to compress to the end. Hold in a compressed state for 8 seconds and then relax. Repeat item 6 times.

    Stand exactly next to a chair or table. Most importantly, ensure that you have support. Hold 1 hand on the back of the chair. Move the entire weight on the healthy leg. Lift slightly injured and make it swing with a small amplitude. Follow the how to work your joint. It can be move forward and backward, right and left. Importantly, the joint is well developed. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times. Straighten up and place your feet shoulder width apart. Grasp hands behind the chair. Now squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Perform manipulations very slowly and carefully.

    Sharply to squat impossible. This may damage the joint even more. Gently repeat this element 10 times.