How long is a gout attack and what to do during a seizure

Сколько длится приступ подагры и что делать во время приступаDeposits of the crystalline formations of uric acid (a product of the processing of the genetic material of the human body) in the joints and surrounding tissue cause a disease such as gout. This disease is always accompanied by pain in the joints when the gout attack.

This age-related disease, because the older the person becomes, the higher the level of uric acid in his body. Despite the fact that people regularly hear about the gout, we cannot say that the disease is very common. Very often, gout shows itself as osteoarthritis or arthritis.

The physiology of the disease

Gout is a consequence of a breach nucleoprotein exchange of substances. Nuclear substance of the tissue is composed of protein and nucleic acids. Between them and the metabolic. Hence gout. Nucleoproteins — the source of uric acid.

During an attack of gout uric acid sodium kristallizuetsya in mesenchymal tissues (cartilage, articular bags, tendons, fascia, muscles, skin, kidneys). However, even it can form nodules. Urate are deposited in these tissues, because they have a high content of sodium ions. This slows down the process of dissolving and solubility.

Also the physiology of the attacks of this disease can be attributed to the fact that female gout occurs much less frequently than men.

Women are very often confused gout osteoarthritis of the thumb. For accurate diagnosis you should consult a doctor and he prescribe treatment.

What is a gout attack?

The attacks depend on the complexity of the disease. Divide gout can be several types:

  • the high content of uric acid (MK);
  • gouty arthritis;
  • emissionnaya gout;
  • topasna gout.

For gout the first type is characterized by low concentrations of MK in the blood, so symptoms are less pronounced. At this stage, the attacks do not appear. And the initial stage of the disease may be the formation of urolithiasis, the treatment which you need to spend immediately in order not to develop gout. If there is pain in the joints, it is small and transient and is 3-4 hours. Maybe if you pay direct attention to the pain and be treated, the seizures will not recur, given that gout is a disease that is cured is quite simple. The main thing — not to start the process.

When gouty arthritis is the crystallization of the nucleoproteins takes place in a dense elastic mass that fills the cavity of the joints (synovial fluid). Mostly occurs in the joint tissue of both big toes. Reaction — a sharp inflammatory process (gout). But it is not always gout affects only the toes. This can occur in the ankle or knee joint, in the region of the phalanges and wrist. The attack lasts a short time (about a day).

Сколько длится приступ подагры и что делать во время приступаAfter the attack is over, the pain will disappear within 48 hours. The next attack could be repeated at this stage only a few years.

If the disease is not to ignore, the attacks will increase with time intervals between them will be significantly reduced. So there emissionnaya gout. The attack becomes prolonged and intense. Can not only affect one joint and last for 2-3 days. Gout is characterized by acute, mostly at night, starting suddenly. Just as suddenly they are, and this is a dangerous sign. So, we need to treat.

The tophus is a grainy bundle, which consists of the crystallized substances of uric acid, it is characteristic only of gout. These subcutaneous nodules are solid, but that’s not the growths, because they are mobile. Their color is yellow or cream. The skin in these areas becomes thin and inflamed. In this case, pain already accompany the person almost constantly, with breaks in 1-2 days. But topasna gout is a rare disease, because, by diagnosing an early stage, doctors provide treatment and the disease goes away.

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Weak attacks do not last more than one day. Often people confuse short-term pain with a sprain or excessive foot fatigue due to the load.

Keep in mind that at the first sign of gout it is better to consult doctor to rule out the progression of the disease and to treat gout.

What to do during an attack?

According to many people, pain during attack of gout can be compared with a toothache or pain of women in labor struggles. But still no need to panic, it is better to make an attack on the competent and seizures are some helpful tips:

Сколько длится приступ подагры и что делать во время приступа

The rapid development of an acute attack

  • to stay in bed;
  • to prevent contact with shoes or clothing;
  • drink plenty of fluids;
  • take pain reliever;
  • if possible touch on the joint, apply cold;
  • avoid eating foods that provoke a breach of metabolic processes.

Acute gout can be long and painful. So you need to stay in bed. The less people will irritate the joint, the faster will be painful. It is best to keep the affected joint elevated, but only in a relaxed way. For example, under the leg to put some pillows.

Do not need during the attack to put on the shoes and covered the affected gout area. It is better to leave it out in the open and as much as possible in bed, because gout is a very painful feeling.

To get quick relief from even acute and severe attack will help drink plenty of water (3-3. 5 l per day). A large amount of liquid will help to accelerate uric acid from the body. But this does not mean that you need to constantly drink black tea with sugar or coffee. Better to brew herbal tea, rose hips or cranberries. These plants help stabilize the work of the kidneys, which is important for the treatment of gout. Doctors speak out about the innervation of the kidney is one of the main causes of acute gout. If a person does not have problems with the cardiovascular system, you can drink alkaline beverages: celery juice or carrot juice. Alkalis neutralize crystal-like substances and facilitate their rapid removal at the onset of attack. This is a kind of gout treatment at home, conducted before the arrival of the doctor.

Сколько длится приступ подагры и что делать во время приступаWhen the attack lasts a long time, many people want to alleviate the suffering and begin to take painkillers in the hope that they will help to relieve the pain of gout. You need to know that some blockers of pain can only affect the course of the disease and to increase the time of the index attack of gout. Attacks last in this case, even longer. In particular, the need to avoid drugs containing aspirin. Aspirin slows down the excretion products of MK, which makes the attack longer and does not relieve pain. Not matter how long the seizures last, take pain medication only after the doctor will prescribe treatment.

In that case, when the attack is mild and the joint is very inflamed, you can apply cold. But only for 7 minutes. This is enough to make the pain somewhat subsided. Do not have to put on leg frozen chicken. This can be a small piece of gauze previously moisten in the icy water. If you apply cold every hour, the pain will soon subside and the attack will be faster.

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When the aggravation of the disease, need to limit their intake of high-protein fish and meat products. They contain a lot of purine, which contributes to the stagnation of uric acid. In this case, does not say that these foods can be eaten in a quiet period of the disease. No need to completely remove them from the diet, but it is better to minimize and alternate with vegetable, fruit and dairy products. This treatment is very effective and helps to get rid of gout. When it starts peaking, in no event it is impossible to take alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is one of the reasons for the concentration of MK in the blood. No need to think that alcohol can quench the pain. It’ll only last a few hours, and the attack will not go away, the pain will become even stronger and attack more protracted.

Gout treatment at home allows you to subside the pain and end the attack within 3 days, that is, when there is an exacerbation of gout. After the attack is stopped, it is better to consult a specialist — a rheumatologist, because to move unbearable pain, especially at advanced stages, can not do everything.

Prevention of the disease

Сколько длится приступ подагры и что делать во время приступаOf course, not to bring up attacks, in addition to seeking medical attention, you need to follow all instructions of the specialist. But there are some rules that should be observed in order to avoid another attack, especially in those cases if a person is predisposed to gout or is not exactly a healthy lifestyle:

  • maintain a steady weight — gout loves lush people;
  • alcohol and diuretics dangerous (help gout to detain salt);
  • water — the guarantee of health;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • diet — effective treatment.

Keep in mind that the reason you purchased the gout is the excess weight, and by the way, to calm an attack is not so easy complete people. They are 70% more than people with normal weight, have very long bouts. And if a person with a normal physique to stop a bout for a few days, then full time need three times as much. To the formation of uric acid lead to exhausting diets, when a person weighing 130 kg, dramatically loses weight up to 80 kg. It is detrimental not only to the whole body, but particularly for the cartilage joint tissues.

Not only during attack, but in General, gout should not drink alcohol and diuretics. They can provoke an attack even in a healthy person. These substances — the threshold for normal excretion of salt from the body.

Uncomfortable poor quality shoes — stimulator for the formation of gout, as it irritates the affected by gout thumb area. The person who already has the disease, it is better to purchase orthopedic shoes.

Сколько длится приступ подагры и что делать во время приступаWith a healthy diet, anyone can not only prevent an attack, but not so sick insidious disease like gout. The main products that is not contain urea (seafood and meats).

To avoid becoming a victim of gout, you should get to know the symptoms and causes of the disease. Only in this case, people will protect themselves from the disease and from the terrible pain. After always prevention is better to prevent and cure at an early stage, so that later do not rush with questions: how to relieve the pain and what to do during an attack?

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It is important to know the origin of the gout, which is characteristic of gout, to protect yourself from attacks and not to undergo treatment. Improper diet and excessive alcohol consumption, diuretics — this is a direct way to a sudden and painful attack, that is to gout. In some cases, the disease can be transmitted genetically, but if you stick to your diet, you can spend your whole life without painful attacks.

Provocateur attacks can become nervous overstrain or prolonged depression.

How is the attack?

Сколько длится приступ подагры и что делать во время приступа

The joint is destroyed by the action of uric acid salts

Symptoms of gout is manifested by seizures that are often confused with pain from injury or sprain. If it is not treated, over time it will be more hard pain, redness, inflammation, feeling of warmth on the site of the gout (which, by the way, in any case it is impossible to heat), solid growths on the affected joints.

Exacerbation may be prolonged and last for more than 7 days. How it is removed? When such symptoms must consult a rheumatologist because neglected gout can cause destruction of articular tissues and joint. And why endure a hellish pain when gout treatment is available to everyone and is held without too much difficulty?

Common misconception that the level of uric acid can be controlled with medications. Yes, it’s true, but not during an attack of gout.

What kind of diet you need to follow?

Perhaps the person, especially during an acute attack, there are not want at all because of severe pain. You still need to saturate the body substances which will help flush uric acid quickly and effectively. This will help a lot to reduce the time of pain. Diet is important and the main method to fight gout and its prevention. Many people who have the disease is present, you know about how to remove gout by using mineral water. Mineral water, especially alkaline, as mentioned above about freshly squeezed juices, quickly removes unwanted purines from the blood, thereby purifying it. Then the pain of gout will disappear.

To mitigate the attack and reduce it from 7 days to 2, you need to use, as soon as the pain medicinal teas of chamomile (to make the bath). Chamomile is a great antiseptic, it is able to quickly and destructively influence the inflammatory process, as gout is an inflammatory disease. In addition, the decoction acts as a sedative. Brewing standard — 1 tbsp. on 0,5 l of water. The decoction can be drunk, and in unlimited quantity. When there is an acute attack of gout, for purification of the joints can make a decoction of spruce cones.