How to correctly apply and wear bus Diterihs: the structure of the device

The rules of the splint of Diterihs: electronics and video

Most injuries of the locomotor apparatus should be accompanied by the immobilization of the damaged bone or joint. One of the most common devices is the bus Diterihs.

A broken leg is very painful and frequently occurring phenomenon. Fracture of the lower extremity is a high degree of pain and difficulty in the rehabilitation of the patient, as during the correction of serious fractures excluded physical activity, which complicates positive perception of treatment patients.

With regard to violations of the integrity of the hip and knee joints and femoral fracture, you can obtain not only unsuccessful falling or hitting a potentially life-threatening situation – often older people receive this injury during normal movements.

The reason lies in the fragility of bone tissue that occurs with age when the risk of this kind of damage is very high. Speaking of fracture of the femur, it should be emphasized that it is very hard to bear injury.

Such damage and used bus Diterihs, which eliminates the development of the existing violations of the integrity of the bone and allows for efficient treatment, and also allows you to help the victim directly.

Why you need the device

Prisposoblenie of Diterihs is a tyre designed for immobilization of the lower extremities, preceded by a bus Kramer, consists of four parts: plantar, external, internal, and chopsticks-twist in the cord.

First proposed by the Soviet surgeon Diterihs (1871-1941) , this tyre was used extensively during the great Patriotic war, as one of the main ways of transport immobilization, and is widely used today. Absolute advantage bus Diterihs is that it simultaneously provides immobilization and extension (stretching) of the damaged lower extremity.

In some cases, the most common of which is damage to the femur, without its application is expressly prohibited further movement of the patient.

When applied

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Apply this splint to immobilize the fracture of the thigh, and is also used in various violations of the integrity of the structure of the hip and knee joints.

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To impose such a bus is recommended from the scene as soon as possible, as moving a person without it is very dangerous, traumatic and painful shock.

The structure of the tyre

The original analogue consists of two wooden structures – external and internal, special wide straps to secure the foot and twist, which is attached to the tire cord.

Each of the structures resembling crutches, consists of two parts, which provides the ability to adjust the length of the bus, depending on growth and the long limbs of the victim.

How to set a device

Splinting of Diterihs is made directly after an inspection confirming the receipt of the corresponding injury. The installation procedure should be performed as quickly as possible, and the technique of splint needs to be strictly controlled.

Thus special attention should be paid to the correct sequence of actions when installing the tires.

You need to install the bus (Toolkit)?

Apart from the tyres when carrying out immobilization of a limb need 2 bandages, scissors and extra bandages and cotton wool for dressings, which must be placed in places where the joints are. Desirable, if the situation allows, the subsequent fixing fixing tire with plaster.

The installation process

The process of splint of Diterihs involves many stages, each of which should be treated very carefully. The rules applying:

  1. First, it is important to reassure the patient, to explain to him what medical treatment to his body.

  2. Cut the clothing along the seam, if the clothes are tight fits to the limb, and then inspect the damage, making sure there is a fracture.
  3. To attach the inner and outer part of the tire Diterihs to a healthy limb, fixing the desired length of the tire.
  4. Post using vosmibratov bandage plantar strap the tire on the foot of the injured extremity of the patient, making sure that the plantar portion of the tire has performed at 8-10 cm for the plantar part of the foot.
  5. Insert in a metal mounting strap plantar the outer part of the tire.
  6. Lay in the groin area from the side of the injured limb inside of the tyre, through the inner metal eyelet plantar part, to fasten the jumper bottom part.
  7. To invest under bony prominences (ankles, knee, greater trochanter and wing of Ilium) a layer of cotton wool to prevent excessive compression and subsequent necrosis.
  8. Secure the straps from the armpit affected limb to a healthy shoulder girdle and hips.
  9. To pass through the hole in the jumper cord, and thus to attach the stick-twist. Spinning it to create traction feet, while the cross bar will not hit in the groin and armpits.
  10. Fix the stick-twist on the ledge of the outer tire.
  11. To fix the splint on the injured limb, wrapping her bandage spiral bandage of moves, leading from the ankle to the hip.

As a rule, in order to securely lock the limb, under the rear surface of the leg and pelvis further pave the stair or plywood splint with thick layers of lining in place a popliteal hollow and Achilles tendon.

Technique splint of Diterihs when hip fracture in the video at the end of the article.

Things to remember when installing

Performing the installation keep the following in mind:

  • before using the tyre should undertake the procedure of anesthesia;
  • do not forget about the imposition of a cotton-gauze strips into the tops of the crutches of the side flaps in the region of the ankles shins in case the shoes made of soft material or is absent;
  • in the case commit not to boot, and the boot fixing plantar portion of the bandage should cover the leg of the boot, to prevent slipping of the plantar surfaces of the tyres when traction.

The knowledge of these details will not only help to carry out the procedure, but also to avoid unnecessary pain for the patient.

Patient testimonials

For reviews of patients, bus very comfortable and versatile due to the mobility of their construction. Patients report that the fixation of the splint helps to reduce pain that accompanies the movement in the impaired limb. It is also noted its prevalence and availability.

Where to buy and how much is the device

Purchase bus Diterihs can be done by submitting a request for order for any resource company, providing services to medical supply, the largest and most famous of which are in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

There is also a lot of ads on individual proposals implementation of bus Diterihs in all cities of Russia. The price of this type of equipment ranges from 400 to 700 roubles, depending on the materials from which it is made – it can be as simple tire of the original design, and product produced from modern materials and have a specific design.

Also, this equipment will definitely have a trauma center and organizations providing services in the field of medicine in the state and frequent level.

A fracture is an injury that can trap human anywhere.

Knowledge about the features of design and rules of use of appropriate equipment allows to reduce to zero the negative physiological and psychological consequences as a result of a particular injury.

Because injuries of the lower extremities, unfortunately, are not to date, rare information about bus Diterihs does not lose relevance.

The ability to control the process of immobilization of the lower limb be useful not only in helping loved ones in difficult situation and will not get lost in case of mass emergencies.

According to many physicians, limb injuries, in themselves, seldom entails serious consequences. Complications often results in wrong or missing fixation of the injured extremity immediately before the visit to the hospital. That is why you should pay attention to the bus Diterihs, as a universal method of immobilization.

Video: splinting of Diterihs when hip fracture