How to cure the disease of the hip without surgery: osteoarthritis, arthritis, bursitis

The treatment of what disease of the hip joint is possible without surgery?

Surgery for hip replacement allows patients to avoid disability. The operation is very complex, also has a lot of contraindications, so often people are interested in whether the treatment of coxarthrosis and other diseases of the hip without surgery.

Doctors practiced a holistic approach to treatment that avoids surgery. But it is important to understand that the treatment of the joints without surgery is possible only in the case when the disease is at an early stage. For advanced forms, in most cases, surgical intervention is the only chance for recovery.

What diseases affected joints TZB

The hip joint is exposed to heavy loads. Besides, he has a strong mobility, which often leads to the development of various diseases. The most frequent pathologies of different nature are developing in the elderly.

At risk also men with obesity, diabetes, and those who have had injuries. Often, problems with the hip joint can be inherited. They are subject to and children. Newborns often found dysplasia, which if detected early is treatable with exercises and special devices.

Among adults there are such diseases of the hip joint:

  1. Coxarthrosis (arthrosis deformans) is a disease that is degenerative in nature. The cartilage dries and thins under stress. In the early stages can be successfully treated with non-surgical methods, but if time is lost, can lead to disability.
  2. Arthritis – inflammation of TZB that can be caused by various reasons. Only in severe forms requires surgery.
  3. Avascular necrosis – necrosis of cells that occurs as a result of infection, anemia, hip fracture or other injury. Effective treatment requires surgery, as the restoration of cartilage is not possible any medicine and physiotherapy procedures and there is no way to resume the activity of the dead cells.
  4. Bursitis – inflammation of the joint capsule, which is accompanied by severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms. With timely treatment the consequences of effectively doing integrated therapy. If the disease is running, then it becomes chronic and can have serious consequences for which will need surgery.
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Meet and other congenital and acquired pathology. Only a doctor decides on the need for surgery depending on symptoms, disease progression and chances of recovery.

Objectives of conservative treatment

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Treatment hip medication and other non-surgical methods should:

  • to eliminate pain syndrome is the main symptom of any disease TZB;
  • remove the load;
  • to restore blood flow bone and muscle tissue;
  • to eliminate the limitation;
  • to facilitate the restoration of damaged cartilage tissue;
  • to strengthen the muscles that hold the joint.

To achieve all the objectives simultaneously should be a comprehensive approach to treatment. Must be patient, as bezoperatsionnye methods do not produce the desired effect, and the treatment lasts a long time.

That offers modern medicine?

The integrated approach involves a combination of drugs from different groups with massage, physiotherapy, gymnastics and other means.

The use of NSAIDs

All diseases of the hip joint accompanied by inflammation and pain that is usually worse with walking or other movements. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Ortofen, Piroxicam, etc.) is able to eliminate the pain and to relieve the symptoms of inflammation. They considerably facilitate the patient’s condition, but not affect the cause of the disease.

Prolonged use of drugs of this group are forbidden, as they have a strong influence on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. In addition, the use of non-hormonal painkillers for a long time can lead to severe destruction of cartilage.

The use of chondroprotectors

The drugs of this group is aimed at restoring cartilage. Unlike NSAIDs, chondroprotectors relieve pain and eliminate the cause of the disease. They normalize the production of synovial fluid, the lack of which often leads to inflammatory and degenerative processes.

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To cure the hip joint coxarthrosis 1-2 degrees, you should take medications in this group without a break for 1-1. 5 years,and in this case most likely will be able to avoid surgery. An integrated approach: the development of joints by using exercises, improves blood circulation, massage and so on.

The purpose of the application of muscle relaxants

Symptom of pathologies of the hip joint are often and painful muscle spasms. To get rid of that problem can muscle relaxants. This group of drugs belongs Mydocalm, sirdalud and. Their action is directed on improvement of blood circulation in problem areas.

Muscle relaxants are used only in combination with other drugs and methods and that with great caution because of the muscle spasms usually signal the development of the disease. Blockade of these signals makes it impossible to track the patient’s condition.

Hyaluronic acid

Injections Synvisc, Gestate and other products based on hyaluronic acid are considered to be the most effective method of treatment of diseases of the ODE.

Hyaluronic acid acts as an analog joint fluid, through which the regeneration of cartilage tissue, therefore, these drugs correct the underlying cause of pathology.

The complexity of this method is that the injections to make is quite difficult. The doctor must have special skills.

Manual therapy

In addition to taking medications, it is important to restore mobility. Come to the aid of chiropractors. Depending on the condition of the patient, and related factors can be used the following methods:

  • mobilization – soft and gradual stretching TZB, which takes place in several stages;
  • manipulation – a sharp jerk, after which immediately comes the relief.


The medication loses its effectiveness without medical gymnastics. Exercises aimed at improving mobility, restoring blood circulation and the solution of other problems.

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Even developed several special programs, such as gymnastics Bubnovsky, which is effectively used for the treatment of the hip joints. The complex of exercises should be selected extremely specialist.

Hardware traction

Stretching of the hip joint with the aid of special apparatus used in combination with other methods. The course of treatment is usually 10-12 treatments. Chronic diseases may require re-treatment after a time.

Massage courses

Course therapeutic massage helps to improve blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the ligaments and restore the cartilage nutrition. Is assigned only in the initial stages of pathologies ODE and combined with other methods of treatment.

Treatment of diseases of the hip joint in the initial stages is possible without surgery with the use of folk remedies:

When you still want the operation?

To restore the hip joint without surgical intervention is possible only in the initial stages. At the third stage of coxarthrosis, the cell necrosis of the joint and severe irreversible degenerative processes only surgery is able to restore joy to life. Otherwise, the patient in the future is waiting for disability.

When pain in the hip joint is necessary to turn immediately to the doctor, do not delay examination and treatment for later. In this case, the operation may not be necessary.