How to get rid of the hump on the neck: causes, what to do when he grows up

How to remove the hated hump on the neck and why he climbs

On the neck in the area of the 7th vertebra may form a kind of «hill» of fat cells, which is called the salt, or Buffalo.

This pathology inconvenience its possessor and its presence leads to pain in the neck region, difficulty in turning the neck, numbness. Women with a hump On the neck and gives mental suffering, because it looks very unattractive.

What it is

Fat deposits on the neck are the most common in women after 40 years. At this age going through menopause, resulting in hormonal changes in the body. But this pathology is found not only in women but also in men, albeit rarely.

Tumors have a different structure – it can be fat, muscle or bone tissue. But most often formed fat accumulation in the cervical region, having a stagnant process and need urgent treatment.

Growing a hump is not only aesthetic misunderstanding, but a real medical problem.

Wen pushes an artery running along the spine, designed to supply blood to the brain.

Therefore, noticing the growing mound, immediately consult a specialist and begin immediate treatment.

The reasons for the formation

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Treatment of lump on the neck starts after you have identified the reasons for its formation. Methods of treatment are directly related to why he developed this pathology. The main causes of defect are:

  1. Osteochondrosis or trauma of the cervical spine can cause the deposition of salts.
  2. Abnormal function of the adrenal glands leads to the formation of fatty deposits on the neck.
  3. Genetic predisposition. If close relatives were deposits on the neck, it can comprehend any of Rodney.
  4. Osteoporosis. Lack of calcium in bone tissue leads to deformation of the cervical and thoracic spine.
  5. Excessive load. There is a seal muscles in the neck that can cause the formation of fatty cushion.
  6. Sedentary lifestyle and wrong posture.
  7. Hormonal changes in women during menopause.

The main cause of the hump in males is overweight, but there are other related diseases of the spine.

Causes are disorders of lipid metabolism that leads to obesity, impaired salt metabolism when calcium crystals accumulate in the cervical spine.

In women is the deposition of adipose tissue on the neck due to the lack of an intimate relationship for a long time, then pathology is called a «widow’s hump».

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The first signs

The hump occurs not at once, it grows gradually, the person has the crunch of the cervical portion of the spine by rotating the head.

Such manifestations often do not important, explain the inconvenient position of the head during sleep. But it is at this stage, you can easily cope with the violation, after examination and treatment.

Symptoms disorders

Progressive disease is making itself felt in tinnitus, intermittent dizziness, uncertainty of movements.

Head turns and raising hands become painful, some numbness of limbs, especially at night. Had all the symptoms, talking about cervical degenerative disc disease. Begins the curvature of the spine in the neck, drowsiness and headaches.

In addition, annoying pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and the hump becomes more pronounced. Significantly reduced in all body functions, anxiety and irritability.

Diagnostic methods

Diagnose the nature of the tumor using ultrasound – it will show the accumulation of a fat layer in place of the hump. X-rays will show signs of degenerative disc disease and curvature of the spine.

MRI will show accumulation of fat cells, and the presence of degenerative disc disease. The urine and blood tests will not show anything.

Get rid of the hump therapeutically

To remove a hump on the neck required correction of deformity of spine and removal of fat of a hill. To get rid of it will help massage of collar area of the neck.

Properly executed massage will relieve not only from the Wen, but will return all functions of the cervical activities and relieve pain.

Particular massage

Before the massage need to lie down in a warm bath that will make fatty tissue is softer and will increase the effect of the manipulations of the masseur.

Preferably in the water put the baking soda (200 g dissolved in a liter of water and add to the prepared bath), the time spent in it – 15 minutes.

It is also worth adding camomile tea is prepared from 100 grams of flowers mixed with hot water. Infusion to insist 30 minutes, drain and pour into the tub.

Before the massage is recommended to do a warm compress, which is to soak a Terry cloth with warm water and put on the sore spot for 20 minutes. Compress useful in the infusion of chamomile, nettle, sage, soda solution.

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Technique of self massage

Self-massage also brings some relief, if it is to apply the VapoRub.

Doing it should be daily for 15 minutes in a circular motion intense action, a Pat, tingling and pressure on the problem area.

The massage effect is not immediately noticeable, it has the property of accumulation and the gradual getting rid of fat «mound».

Shock-wave method

Modern therapies offer relief from the Wen method of shock-wave impact. Ultrasound with high intensity, causes the build-up. The impact of the treatment of a wave of local, directed at the problem area, an appropriate device.

Each session lasts 30 minutes, the treatment will need to conduct several courses of 5 sessions a week.

Ultrasound restores blood circulation in the neck area. The procedure is painless, of the impacted area felt warm and tingling.

But the ultrasound can not remove a hump, if it is of large dimensions. Here it is necessary to apply complex treatment, in parallel with shock wave therapy pass massage courses, massage therapy, exercise physical therapy.

But with small ledges ultrasound to cope successfully.


You need every day to do exercises, train at least 20 minutes, then get rid of the hump will not be difficult. To this end, developed a special set of exercises:

  1. It is necessary to make bends, turns sideways, circular rotation of the head to the movement was the neck and the upper part of the back.
  2. Can the chin to draw various geometric shapes, it has a beneficial effect on skeletal muscles.
  3. To make a «boat», which lie on the floor face down and raise the legs up and the hands to pull forward. Locked in this position for a few seconds to do the rocking down and up.
  4. Exercise «mill» — get on the floor, feet shoulder-width apart, perform Mahi hands, while the right hand has to touch the sock of the left foot and Vice versa.

Exercises to begin to do so gradually, for the first time is 5-7 repetitions, you can further increase the load. Useful for spine swimming – it protects from warping.


This is the fastest way to get rid of build-up. It is based on liposuction through small incisions the skin is the aspiration of fat using a vacuum.

Surgeons use several methods of fat removal: ultrasound, standard cutting, laser or luminescence operation. The latest is the introduction to the affected area with a special drug that liquefies fat for easy removal.

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Ultrasonic operation involves destruction of the cell walls of fat, it passes quickly and without pain. The most effective method is laser surgery – it is performed without puncture of the skin, but lipids thus destroyed.

After carrying out such interventions should wear compression stockings, which facilitates the postoperative period, warms and supports the neck, helps in recovery.

Prevention and consequences

If the fat formed a «mound» on the neck, you must go to the hard bed, which prefer orthopedic mattresses and pillows are of medium hardness.

Often the formation of fatty cushion provoke excess weight so you should stay fit, eat right, avoid overeating, maintain a lively way of life.

It is also necessary to monitor hormonal and its own state, especially when it comes to menopause. It is useful to do physical exercises, yoga, swimming, Pilates better for your posture and prevents fat accumulation in the neck. For prevention, you should do the massage courses neck area.

A cervical wart is a chronic disease and if not treated, it will bring a lot of suffering «to the owner». Marked impairment of blood flow in the muscle tissue and the flow of it in the brain.

As a consequence, the increase in blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances. Again, all this leads to the emergence of dystonia, which occur from the weakness and rapid fatigue of the patient. Treatment of these effects relieves symptoms but does not eliminate the causes.

Don’t count the hump on the neck simple misunderstanding that violate aesthetic appearance. This is a serious pathology that requires investigation and treatment. To prevent such problems, you should follow all the preventive recommendations.