How to heal heel spurs with the help of traditional medicine

Heel spur treatment folk remedies

Syrup spur (plantar fasciitis) is a pathology belonging to the group of degenerative inflammatory diseases, in which there is overgrowth of bone tissue in the area of attachment of the tendons of the heel.

For her treatment uses a variety of techniques. Proven and equally effective compared to traditional are traditional treatments heel spurs.

Advantages of treatment of diseases of folk remedies

As a result of treatment of disease with traditional medicine increases the effect of medication and even gives you the ability to do without them. The advantages of the treatment of heel spurs with traditional methods are:

  1. The lack of side effects;
  2. Easy to use;
  3. Low cost, affordable for budget of every person.

To combat the disease at home use: medicinal herb, alcoholic and aqueous solutions, Apple cider vinegar and purchased in a drugstore iodine and medical bile. These funds with the right approach, can handle even the old spurs.

Folk recipes for cure of the disease

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Funds from heel spurs on the basis of medical bile

To buy bile is not difficult, it without prescription at any pharmacy. It can be used for warming compresses in pure form and in combinations:

  • Bile with vodka and shampoo;
  • Bile with grated raw potatoes.

Treatment of bile aimed at getting rid of searing pain and the healing of heel spurs.

  1. Recipe No. 1. Bile + vodka + shampoo For mixing you will need 40 g of bile; 20 grams of vodka; a few shampoos. Mix all components in the specified proportions. Wash and wipe dry the legs. Dipped in the resulting solution a piece of gauze, applied to the heel and secure with a bandage, upstairs to put on warm socks. The procedure is best done before bedtime. The mixture is enough for 3 treatments.
  2. Recipe № 2. Bile + potatoes. You will need 20 g of bile and 1 potato. To grate the potatoes, add bile, mix and apply paste to the affected area on the day, securing the top of the bandage or special medical mesh. The procedure must not be interrupted, such approaches need to perform 10.
  3. Recipe No. 3. Bile. Moisten a piece of cotton cloth or bandage in bile and attach to the heel in the form of lotions for the night, the top cover with a plastic bag and fasten, to put on a sock. In the morning the application to remove, heel wipe with alcohol or boric lotion. For best results, hold 20 procedures. Breaks between sessions to do not very desirable. This course has excellent results and symptoms which you can notice after 7 lotions. Upon the occurrence of a relief to stop treatment is impossible, we must bring it to the end, then the disease will retreat.
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Recipes plant-based

National recipes of treatment of heel spur on the basis of plants is very diverse as its composition and effects on the affected area.

  1. Recipe No. 1. Homemade ointment. Use for cooking: Golden Mustache (stems, leaves) and fresh fat (goose, badger, pig, bear), butter. Grind the plant, coupled with the fat in a meat grinder or food processor. Fat is used in 2 times more in relation to the plant. The resulting mixture of rubbing the heel at night, wearing socks on top. After 7 treatments, take a break. Not the recipe to use smokers can cause severe allergic reactions.
  2. Recipe № 2. Hot compress. Need alcohol of 70 degrees, diluted with water, and dried herb. Fill the container one-third grass, pour the brim with alcohol, put on a few days in a dark place. Infusion used for rubbing and compresses in the evening. As herbs you can choose any of the following: nettle, a wood louse, burdock root, elecampane, plantain, celandine.
  3. Recipe No. 3. Tincture. Ready infusion of marsh cinquefoil (from the Apothecary), diluted in water in the proportions 1:3. Take 3 R/day before meals for 3 weeks. The course can be repeated (if the pain has not disappeared), but with a slight interval of 1 week.
  4. Recipe No. 4. Garlic with chalk. Skip through the frog garlic clove and crushed chalk 1:1. Feet stew and apply paste to the spur. After several such sessions spur will disappear.

Correction of flatfoot

Heel spur treatment folk remedies need to be combined with the correction of flatfoot.

For this purpose, use special orthopedic insoles, selection of which is carried out individually.

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They reduce the risk of injury to the soft tissues in the heel area, which is due to the special structure (podatocite horseshoe shape).

Physical therapy

Exercises should be done in shoes with orthopedic insoles. To start you need after a workout, which must stretch all the muscles.

They can be carried out at any convenient time.

  • Sticking in the wall, put feet on one level, one before the second, the patient should be back. To do squats without lifting them from the floor. Run to the tension plantar fascia, 10 times. If you hit both feet, exercises the legs need to be alternated;
  • Sprinkle on the floor small items (over 30 pieces) different sizes and try to raise their toes by moving in the space. Doing 5 minutes;
  • Take a small sized ball or a rolling pin, a bottle, placed under the foot and roll the foot, massaging her arches walls of the subject. When the pain in the leg into the bottle you need to get water – this will remove the discomfort, perform 5 minutes.

When you replace the spur exercises physical activity: running, sports training, which are undesirable in this case.

Diet and lifestyle during treatment

Diet and a healthy lifestyle with a calcaneal spur play an important role. Because heel spur is the result of deposits of uric acid salts. The purpose of the diet is to restore the acid-alkaline balance, bringing the body of excess salts. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of the following products:

  • Fats oil and butter, cream, sour cream, solid animal fats;
  • Carbohydrates – cocoa, chocolate, jam, candy, syrup;
  • Proteins – yeast, beer, organ meat, alcohol, canned food, mushrooms, meat, beans, strong tea and coffee.
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Fats should be ingested no more than 90 g/day. You must completely eliminate from the diet of mussels, fatty fish and meat, as well as pickles and cured meats.

Carbohydrates can be consumed 400 g/day, allowed wheat and rye bread, cereals and flour products. In terms of protein in the diet of meat and fish should be 2 p./week, but only steamed or cooked, intake of this item shall not exceed 80 g/day.

You should increase the intake of fiber and pectin, which helps to get rid of excess fluid. They are rich in:

  • Vegetables – zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers;
  • Berries – strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, cherries, grape, cherry;
  • Fresh fruit – oranges, plums, peaches, pears, apricots, apples.

In the treatment process ought to use a liquid (3 l/day) – this may be not only water and teas (green, chicory, coriander), as well as melons, cucumbers, mineral alkaline water, broth hips. Recommended is porridge, cereals and vegetable soups, eggs, nuts, drink milk in any quantity.

A very useful sour serum and fresh milk, they help the body rid itself of purine bases. Food you need to take fractional 5 R/day. To lead a healthy lifestyle, which does not include harmful habits.

But we should not forget that before starting a treatment of heel spurs any folk remedy, you should consult with a qualified professional. Self-medication can be quite dangerous to health.

Fastest way to recovery is a comprehensive approach to treatment, a healthy lifestyle and the implementation of the recommendations of the attending physician.

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