How to remove salt deposits in the cervical spine, on neck why salts accumulate

Why the neck appears, the deposition of salts and how to get rid of it?

In the posture of whiny before smartphone, or attention, turtle…

With the deposition of salts in the cervical spine you can «meet» pretty early — from the age of just twenty. Moreover, the salt on the neck can put all of the miles and segments of the population.

It bent over their computers, office workers, and transport drivers (especially from the category «truckers»), and all other who for several hours a day is necessary to keep the neck in one position. In the position of the stress waiting for the results of their labor. Which in itself is not only the load on the spine and the entire shoulder girdle, but also on the entire body Verstov along the way, fate.

The residents of the rural hinterland successfully damage the neck receiving «ple-e-Cho!», piling on the back of the neck bags with anything. And the «people-bulldozers» and «people-jacks» – athletes-weightlifters, power acrobats and speakers for the show to move a very heavy mass in addition to the extremely tense situation on her neck are also responsible for considerable physical weight: the body weight of the opponent, rod, drag car or wagon.

Note that the neck muscles with all this, not just a strain, they shift the position of the cervical vertebrae which are attached.

Students from salt deposits saves only the youth of bones and joints Yes the alternation of lessons with the change. Although the latter are increasingly conducted in smartphones, arching and kostenev neck in the position of extreme flexion – bury in the chin. And with eyes tensely wandering the land of the Internet. Seems that from the results of this search are subject to neither more nor less, and the business of life.

Indeed, the success of a lifetime (or failure) largely depends on the position at its start.

Posture of the student, whiny before smartphone or laptop, small years later, with only slight amendments, such flows seamlessly into the front office computer and superiors, and becomes so familiar and natural that the neck straighten and already do not want. Either she had not unbent at all. Or flexes, but with a crunch.

And here is the final metamorphosis. For the elderly, watching TV or just into the distance in front of him, is typical of the attitude of «attention, a turtle»: the neck is curved upwards like a hook sticking out of a hunched back, bent in the upper third of the arc, like a turtle shell. Such a neck position does not change at all, due to deposition of salts.

On the causes and mechanism of salt formation

The deposition of salts on the neck of the degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine does not develop in one year.

The process that leads to the rebuilding of the structures of the spine, gradually passes several stages and develops on the basis of disorders of metabolic processes in the redistribution of water and salts.

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The latter accumulate in the tissues of bones and cartilage as a result of:

  • reaching a certain age and hormonal state;
  • incorrect and redundant power;
  • inactivity and other reasons.

The cervical vertebrae due to its extreme loading and the need to balance on the verge of destruction (in view of the adoption of the most unusual provisions due to their high mobility) are particularly at risk of damage.

But the strain can’t last forever, and since nature is very practical, she is not able to prevent rupture (or even decline) and other cervical intervertebral ligaments stretching and stretching.

And therefore in situations with many hours of stay of the cervical vertebrae in the forced position she just slowly but steadily «welds» their edges to each other using the salt deposits, simultaneously inlaying themselves are bundles of calcium compounds – asceticise them, making it more rigid and less stretchy.

So comes the first limitation of the intervertebral joints, and then their complete immobility relative to each other as the finale of osteochondrosis.

The risk of developing this condition increases in cases of frequent recurrence of the situation:

  • a forced pose with a strain of the cervical spine;
  • carrying heavy loads on the shoulders and the neck;
  • power training (sport and professional).

Another reason for salt deposits – a whiplash neck injury from a sharp tilting the head back.

The movement can either be repeated many times (as in half asleep in front of the TV) or to be single, but strong (due to ramming blow to the back of the car).

The «shrinking» of the ligaments and cartilage between the vertebrae and contributes to the low consumption of water in the pure form or its inability to hold the body for any reason (due to old age, disorders of metabolic disorders, endocrine pathology).

Risk factors is also habit a little move, but many (or rather, continuously) is. Obesity leads not only to increased load on the spine, but also to the development of vascular disease and slowing of metabolism, and disorders of the trophic tissue and degeneration, including in the cervical vertebrae.

Not the last reason, upsetting the face are alcoholism and nicotinate of the body, and chemical industrial hazards, and radiation.

About the symptoms, indicating calcification

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Symptoms deposited salts can be classified as signs of difficulty of movements in the cervical and cerebral vascular disorder caused by narrowing of the passing here of the arterial and venous trunks.

Under the first category fall the signs of stiffness as pain, crackle and clicks when you turn your head, the movements in the joints of the shoulder girdle or in his bones.

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The second category of symptoms includes:

  • different numbness (from the neck to the fingers) and cold extremities;
  • dizziness accompanied by headaches or without them;
  • disorders of vision;
  • instability of blood pressure with a tendency to hypertension;
  • undue tachycardia.

Cerebrovascular changes may be in the form as an acute disease (fainting) and slowly impending disasters in the form of memory disorders and deterioration of coordination of movements.

The question of diagnosis

Health vertebral – joint medical competence of a neurologist, radiologist, endocrinologist, oncologist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, as well as a specialist – vertebrologist.

X-ray (or similar MRI, CT scan) study gives an indication how the spatial position and the structure of the cervical vertebrae, while clinical (including General and biochemical blood analysis) – to draw a conclusion about the cause of their defeat (to rule out systemic or infectious disease, cancer).

Participation in consultation of specialists with the aim of studying the reflexes of the fundus and blood circulation in the region also minimizes the percentage of diagnostic errors.

What can you do — medical assistance

To get rid of salt deposits on the neck, you can use complex tools and techniques:

  • medications;
  • methods of physical restore joint mobility and blood circulation;
  • rational, relevant state food – prescribed therapy.

Relieve acute painful and inflammatory manifestations called the group of NSAIDs used as intramuscular and externally.

If necessary, the appropriate use of analgesics, antihistamines, good effect give chondroprotectors and tools tissue therapy, vitamin therapy in adequate doses.

The second category of anti-salt methods include physical therapy, massage, acupuncture (and its variants applicator Kuznetsova) and physiotherapy provided by:

  • medicinal electrophoresis (iontophoresis);
  • ultrasonic methods;
  • the paraffin and other methods of warming, relaxing and removing spasms.

Physical education with the purpose of treatment is to strengthen muscles in the gym, toning the muscles and facilitating blood circulation and tissue trophism of the affected area.

Executing head movements with its tilting in different directions should be slow and smooth, non painful manifestations. It is also useful rotation of the shoulders.

A type of physical therapy may also be considered swimming, dancing, yoga, Hiking.

Massage courses it is useful to repeat every three months, in the intervals between them are useful techniques of self-massage.

About folk medicine

Attempt to clean the salt deposits in the cervical methods of folk medicine can be fraught with consequences. But under the control of the attending physician it is possible to use different formulations in massage or in a compress.

Applicable medicinal raw materials in the form of tincture of propolis, radish juice, decoctions of parsley, burdock (repa), nettle and honey that allow you to withdraw excess salt and toxins.

Effective ointment of grated ginger and ghee mixed in equal proportions and Protosenya on a slow fire, with the addition of ointments for its cooling grated garlic. RUB the product it in the neck three times a day.

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Grated radish, honey and salt, diluted vodka can be used not only externally, but also internally, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

At night also a useful attachment to the neck of the poultice of horseradish, mustard, or raw onion, or honey, or alcohol.

How to eat

To remove the salt deposits on the neck will help the diet, which should be based on a reasonable restriction in food:

  • protein (including meat, fish, offal);
  • canned;
  • acute (marinades, sauces);
  • salt;
  • fat.

The person experiencing the pain tends to move as little as possible, therefore the volume of any food in the period of exacerbation should also be limited.

What is the consequence of a neglected situation?

If in the early stages of the pathology is limited only clicks when straightening the neck and feeling her «flowing», then, ignoring the first signs of the disease, are linked to disorders of blood supply of the brain. Ischemia leads to frequent headaches, hypertension, development of VSD, for fainting, increase the risk of developing stroke or heart heart attacks, and memory impairment.

In turn, the changing structure of disks, leading to splicing of the vertebrae leads to pinching of nerve roots or compression or squashing of the spinal cord that can cause paralysis.

Preventive measures

Habit megacasino to pore over phone, or other display, grafted from childhood, leading to the adoption of forced postures at any time and in any place, regardless of the needs of the body.

Parents are required to monitor the posture of students rather than allowing them to slouch and recline in the chair.

Gemodinamicheski lifestyle (especially combined with overweight) – the right way to the development of osteoarthritis. Therefore, Hiking, games, dancing should be the norm well before reaching the critical age.

The use of small tools and safety lifting weights, as well as the rejection of habitual intoxication, is able to keep the neck mobile, strong and graceful for years to come.

You should also fully meet their need for clean water, to use to sleep right pillow and mattress, and under any disadvantage in the neck or other spine should seek help from a neurologist.