How to sleep in cervical osteochondrosis: posture, bedding

In what positions and on what pillow to sleep with cervical osteochondrosis?

Sleep plays an important role for the proper functioning of the body and its relaxation. Good and quality rest with cervical osteochondrosis is not easy, you need to know how to sleep — it is important not only body position but also the correct mattress and pillow. Some poses do not help the muscle relaxation, which in turn leads to progression of disease.

The correct position during sleep to reduce the risk of occurrence of pain attack.

Cervical osteochondrosis among the population quite often. For this disease is accompanied by pain syndromes and other symptoms that are forced to abandon their traditional way of life.

The relevance of the question about sleep is that it is a healthy recreation is a necessary preventative measure, and also influences the recovery process of the organism as a whole.

The range of accessories for healthy sleep

The key to healthy sleep with cervical osteochondrosis is the right choice bedding.

Of course, the best choice is a mattress and pillow. Yes, it’s really a useful article, and not an advertising ploy. If the purchase is not affordable, then there are rules by which you can pick up something more affordable.

When choosing a mattress should give preference to elastic and rigid options. Soft sleeper is not able to keep the body in that position, which from a physiological point of view is correct. And this, in turn, can lead to the aggravation of degenerative disc disease. If sleeping space is not rigid, it is possible to put panel Board on top and cover it with 8 cm foam rubber and a woolen blanket.

Equally important is what kind of pillow to sleep, the best option in cervical osteochondrosis is the product of a square or rectangular shape, moderate softness. The pillow should support the neck and head, while during sleep it should not lie to the shoulders. Too small or too large pillows are not the best option in cervical osteochondrosis. But even without it also sleep is not recommended.

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Cot and hammock for a long sleep not suitable. The most useful is the «lion pose». It involves sleeping on your side, when lying one on the other foot and hand under the head.

During sleep, the joints stiffen, therefore, to resume blood circulation and warm up need to do light exercises. Thus, metabolism will be balanced, and fabric saturated with oxygen.

Well-chosen bedding can significantly reduce the intensity of symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease. It dizziness and headaches indicate the wrong choice of pillow.

The right pillow that will provide the quality of sleep with cervical osteochondrosis must meet the following criteria:

  • perfect form is a square or rectangle for short NAPs on the back you can use the form of a log or of a horseshoe;
  • height safe for health is 5 – 9 cm, this characteristic allows to ensure proper positioning of the head and neck;
  • as for the width, then in each case you must select this option individually, you should take into account shoulder width (pillow should be of the same or a bit more);
  • should not be overly soft or hard, this question is important moderation.

If the disease is often acute, more detailed specifications will tell the attending specialist. The main purpose of the pillows – a good rest, so ignore the advice on choosing impossible.

Like a pillow, and the mattress should regain its shape. Such models often contain latex, latex spring is a spring, and cooling gel.

Do not forget that a new pillow takes some getting used to, so if after the first night felt discomfort, immediately to go in search of new, not worth it.

As with cushions should choose a mattress of medium hardness, or all segments of the spine will be celebrated on voltage. Of course, much depends on body mass, but the best option is a semi-hard mattress.

To have confidence in the quality of the product, it is best to buy it in special shop where the consultant will be able to find a suitable alternative. Before you purchase one of the options, it is necessary to try to lie.

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The selection of the correct posture

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Healthy sleep is important because during this period, the load exerted on the spine is significantly reduced. With cervical osteochondrosis it is very important that while relaxing the spine retains its natural curves, this important is the correct posture for sleeping:

  1. Lying on back knees should be bent. This situation should not occur only during night sleep, but a short rest. When straightening legs muscles tense up, and that this situation causes pain.
  2. During sleep you need to properly lie on the pillow, and there is absolutely no place for the shoulders. The perfect posture is lying on the side with the shoulder resting in mattress with the head slightly raised on a pillow.
  3. Also useful is the fetal position. Such a provision in the sleeper means sleeping on your side with bent knees pulled up to chest feet. For maximum efficiency and convenience between the knees is recommended to place the roller of small size.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical contraindicated to sleep on my stomach. Is this available to other postures on your back or side. For people who sleep on the stomach, when it is impossible to abandon this habit, you need to put under the chest and abdomen the pillow or cushion twisted. The lower back will be less pressure.

Utility for each day

It is worth noting that sleep in osteochondrosis of the cervical on the floor not worth it. Many practice this method of relaxation, mistakenly believing that the excessive rigidity of beds will help to get rid of the syndromes of the disease. In this case, there is a risk to cause additional problems. The same applies to the dream on the boards, so in this case you need to put the foam.

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When degenerative disc disease and in the prevention of disease need to abandon the overly soft quilts. Thus, it can only aggravate the subluxation of the vertebrae. Semi-rigid orthopedic mattress helps to straighten the vertebrae.

Useful is a dream that lasts for 6 – 8 hours. This time is sufficient to ensure that the body is rested. With the right choice of sleeping place and supplies the mobility and functionality of joints, you can keep for years to come.

If you suffer insomnia

Often insomnia with cervical degenerative disc disease is an indication of improper choice of sleeping place and accessories. There is a constant pain syndrome.

To rectify the situation will help the massage that you can do at home. Additionally, in order to increase its effectiveness, you can buy a special gel or cream, it will reduce the intensity of symptoms.

To insomnia not haunted in the future, this activity is best done about an hour before bedtime. Massage is a natural drowsiness and also helps to restore muscle tone in the injured parts of the spine. Often insomnia occurs in people who like to sleep on my back. In this case, it is recommended to put under the knees soft cushion, which is easily formed of thick towels.

Saving on private health can exacerbate a developing illness. Therefore, to further not have to regret, it is better to buy a special orthopedic mattress and a pillow. People with degenerative disc disease of the neck, the better to avoid awkward sofas, even a short vacation will be useful on the bed.