How to splint Kramer, manual and photo. Where to buy and price

Technique splint Kramer on the Shin, shoulder and forearm: photo & video

The medical bus is a device, the purpose of which is to fix and support in a specific state the affected limb.

Tires are used for the treatment of fractures of both hands and feet. Due to the fact that they allow you to immobilize a broken limb, the conditions for the correct fusion of the damaged bone.

Tires are improvised (used at the time of rendering first aid to the injured; made from scrap solid materials) and standard (manufactured in the manufacturing and are sold in specialized stores).

Standard tires are used for daily wear until then, until cured trauma. This includes casts, supporting devices, special support. One of them is the bus Kramer.

Classification and types of tyres Kramer

One of the most common types of tires used in different fractures is the fixation splint of Cramer is a long wire fence (ladder), which due to its flexibility, can take any desired form depending on the nature of the fracture.

It is of two types:

  • for sale in sizes 72 cm * 12 cm;
  • for legs – 120 cm * 12 cm

Splinting for fractures, depending on their localization

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Fractures of the extremities is quite a common thing in our lives. This injury can be obtained at unsuccessful falling or strong hit on a hard object.

The fracture is characterized by the following features:

  • acute pain in the limb;
  • the advent of mobility where it ought not to be;
  • inability to move the injured arm or leg.

If you were a witness of how someone broke a limb, it is necessary to provide first aid before arrival «fast».

For this you need to immobilize the injured arm or leg, creating her conditions so that she was still locked in the position in which the broken bone will heal correctly.

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You also need to remember that when splinting Kramer recorded at least two adjacent to the fracture site of the joint, and fracture of the shoulder has three joints.

To immobilize a broken limb is often used splint Cramer.

Depending on the localization of fracture first aid is in the different way.

Fracture of the shoulder

Below bus Kramer at fracture of right shoulder became injured limb should:

  1. Reassure the victim, to ask about his health.
  2. Comfortable to seat him.
  3. Take the bus Kramer, to prepare it for use. For this you need to shoot her a wire-based with cotton and a bandage, and then wear the oilskin pouch.
  4. To give the tire the necessary bending, focusing on the healthy hand. The diseased limb should be fixed in a bent right angle position.
  5. Give the victim pain reliever – for pain or morphine.

  6. If there is bleeding apply on the wound with a tourniquet or pressure bandage to stop the bleeding. Thus it is necessary to observe sterility not to bring an infection in the wound.
  7. The wiring is in any case not to close a bandage, which fixes a bus that at any time you can weaken it or take it off.
  8. Splint Kramer usually on top of clothing, cutting off buttons prevent. Thus it is necessary to fix the three joints – shoulder, elbow and wrist, and in contact with a tire to put cotton swabs.
  9. Bandage the splint to the arm to the wrist to the elbow, and then apply triangular bandage to secure the position of the hands.
  10. To check if the stillness broken limbs. The fingertips should be left exposed.
  11. To send the injured to the hospital.

Fracture of the forearm

When forearm fracture splint of Cramer is imposed as follows:

  1. Give the victim a painkiller, which is at hand.
  2. To seat him in a comfortable position.
  3. To stop the bleeding, if it is, put it on the wound with a bandage.
  4. To prepare the splint for use, the shots of her wool.
  5. Bend the patient’s arm at the elbow at a right angle, the wrist to the trunk and the palm to attach the cushion to provide a half-bent position of the fingers.
  6. Under the projections of the bones in contact with the tire, as well as in the armpit put a cotton strip.
  7. The tire fix on the hand spiral bandage, moving from palm-up.
  8. To apply triangular bandage to stabilize the hand.
  9. To call an ambulance.

Immobilization of the forearm with a splint of Cramer is usually not difficult and available to anyone who knows the basics, man.

Fracture of the tibia

Technique splint Kramer on the belt is this:

  1. Give the victim pain reliever.
  2. Let him assume a comfortable position.
  3. To get prepared to use a bus, attach it to the foot of the healthy leg and bend at a right angle towards the fingers.
  4. Bend the ankle joint to a leg injury at a right angle and put it under the leg splint so that it stretches to mid-thigh.
  5. Take a second bus, bent so that it is from the outside of the thighs reach an internal surface of the tibia.
  6. Starting from the toes, and bandage the leg to the bus, put cushions in the seats of the projections.
  7. To contact an ambulance for further treatment.

At the end of the article you can find videos of splint Kramer on the Shin.


When damage to the cervical spine and head should also be a splint Kramer thus:

  1. To reassure the patient.
  2. To apply a pain reliever.
  3. To take two tires Kramer, to prepare them for use, shots cotton and pribinova her.
  4. One tire, bent in the form of a cap, you need to put on the head so that it covers the crown of the head, ears and shoulders.
  5. Second bus to put back, having arranged between the shoulder blades and through the back of the head through the crown on the forehead. There she cross lines with the first bus.
  6. Need to bind them together with bandages.
  7. Urgently go to the hospital.

Of course, the splint is half the battle. The patient also must strictly abide by the doctor’s orders, eat right, eating proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the correct proportions, which will contribute to more rapid bone recovery.

Reviews about the device. Prices and place of purchase

Buy a Kramer tire can be either in one of the online shops, or in stores, which is specialized in selling medical equipment. The price for this varies from 50 to 400 RUB. It depends on the quality of the material, the type of tires – for hands or for feet.

The people who apply myself to the bus Kramer noted that this device is quite effective in the treatment of fractures, as it helps to immobilize in position the injured limb, resulting in a broken bone heals correctly.

Of course, not very convenient to wear a splint, but for the sake of recovery can be patient, they say.

Doctors in solidarity with the patients, claiming that the bus Kramer is the most effective solution for fractures of the forearm, upper arm and lower leg, so it is usually used in such cases.

However, it has drawbacks: after a few times of bending the wire may be bent and no longer will use.

But the benefits of a bus Kramer is much more so popular in the treatment of fractures.

Video: How is the bus Kramer on the Shin