How to strengthen knees: exercises for knee joints

Как укрепить колени: упражнения для коленных суставовPain in the knee joint does not deliver happiness to anyone. The pain symptoms do not distinguish sex or age, they can occur in children and in adults. If there is trauma to the joint, the situation is even more complex, as well as in diseases of rheumatic character. The pain will torment man, not only during exercise, but also when the body is at rest. And how much trouble delivering the weather to change! Rain, snow, humidity… They immediately affect the health of the person, if its joints are affected by the disease or simply weakened.
If there is pain in the knee joint, should be screened to identify the presence or absence of hormonal disorders in the body. When the knee hurts, the cause of this phenomenon may be not only the trauma of the limbs, but the extra weight of the person. Every kilogram increases the load on vital systems:

  • cardiovascular;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • the spine;
  • the tissues of the joints.

The use of drugs to relieve pain symptoms. With the help of modern pharmaceuticals group chondroprotection manage to stimulate the regeneration of tissue and temporarily improve the condition of the knee joint, but the full problem is not solve.

How to strengthen knee joints and create a barrier for the development of destructive processes? The answer to this one question — physical activity. Only properly selected exercises for the knees can help in this situation.

Activity, diet regime

Как укрепить колени: упражнения для коленных суставовThere are various methods of dealing with pain in the knee joints, but first you must use the methods of modern diagnostics to identify the cause of these symptoms. Knee joints perform a kind of role bearings. They are responsible for the ability of human movement: jumping, running, walking, squats.

Every day these areas are under extreme pressure. But not only is she to blame for the fact that the tissues of the joints wear out and deteriorate their functioning. The important role played by malfunctions of the hormonal system.

Common mistake made by many people, faced with the joint pain, is the rejection of physical activity. You need to know: without it no strengthen joints is impossible as a return to normal life. Only physical activity can help joint tissue to recover and function normally.

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In some cases, exercises to strengthen the knee joint will not 100% stop the disease and relieve painful symptoms, especially if we are talking about running joint diseases. But exercises to strengthen combined with medication can work wonders, provided that the treatment is comprehensive and includes a number of measures aimed at strengthening the knee joint. Among them:

  • observance of a mode of work and rest;
  • balanced diet;
  • daily walks in the fresh air;
  • prevent hypothermia;
  • the fence yourself from stressful situations, and more.

Disease athletes

However, the cause of pain in the knee may be exercise. Among those who suffer from joint pain, a lot of professional athletes and Amateurs. Most often sports injuries occur in young people under 30 years, with lesions of the knee are typical of such sports as downhill skiing, football, basketball, volleyball, American football, Rugby, handball.

Here is the paradox: sport and physical education aim to promote human health, and the result is the opposite. What is the reason? During trainings and incorrectly performed exercises to strengthen the knees, and this affects not only the knee but also the ligaments, musculoskeletal system.

There is a term «injury external joint», about their presence at many of the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are not even aware. Trauma to the periosteum — another name for this disease of the joints often occurs during hormonal changes in women. When you perform physical exercise, always requires caution, and in the days of carrying a child she needs to magnify.

In the period of pregnancy in women significantly reduced synthesis of cartilage cells. A similar process happens in predmenopauzne period when the risk of damage to the outer joints increases significantly.

Against aging, pain and inflammation

Aging of the human body inevitable as the process of reducing muscle mass. In women, muscles will decrease in 2 times faster than men. The result is a deterioration of the support joint, which is directly reflected in the condition of the tissue. To strengthen the knees, you need to perform daily exercises that target the supporting muscles of the limbs in good shape.

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Как укрепить колени: упражнения для коленных суставов

Before performing the charging should be good to stretch the knees

It is not necessary to forget and about the tendons, the functioning of which is closely related to the work of the joints. Be sure to avoid turns on straight legs. This rule must be observed not only during the execution of an exercise, but in everyday habitual actions. You need to know: turns on the straight legs is dangerous for the joints, they lead to injury and early wear and tear of joint tissue.

In order to strengthen the knee joint and to help him in the fight against illnesses, it is not necessary to perform complex exercises, the most important thing — correctly to pick them up based on the recommendations of your doctor. To strengthen the knee perform two types of exercises. The first is provided for loaded, one for unloaded joints. In each particular case selected exercises the first or second category (with respect to the health of a person, his age, sex, physical activity, everyday activity and the status of each knee joint). Movements are performed 10-20 times in the postures of lying, sitting and standing. When choosing the position for action must take into account the specificity of the exercise.

Sitting or lying down, the body weight of the person is much less pressure on the joint tissue. Loaded exercises are performed in such positions. Conventionally, all actions can be divided into rotation and flexion-extension of the limbs. They need not only to strengthen the knee area muscles and restore deteriorating circulation of synovial fluid. These exercises will help to strengthen the knee cartilage is bathed by synovial fluid, nourishing them necessary for the functioning of substances.

Loaded exercises are those done in standing. To improve joint tissues are important in the first place, lunges and squats.

Such actions are considered loaded because the weight of the body in a standing position brings with it an increase of the load for each joint. To increase it even more, you will need a barbell, dumbbells and other weights. However, you need to know that to strengthen the knee, if the person is never involved in regular physical training and sports, they can not be used.

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A set of exercises

During the pain attack of exercises to improve the functioning of any joint is strictly prohibited, as at this time they are only able to worsen the condition. This rule applies to recent joint injuries, which in this case also it is impossible to load. The best option is a complex in which each exercise is performed 10-20 times ( depending on the human being). If he already has problems with the joints, every kind of Wellness actions to begin running 5-6 times, over time, their number is gradually increasing.

There is a very simple way to strengthen the knees without resorting to complicated actions. To complete the task, you will need an ordinary chair. It put one leg, bent at the knee, then put hands on the back of a chair and slowly bend knee of standing leg on the floor like you want to sit on the bent leg, but returned to the former position. To increase the stability of joint tissues such unusual exercises should be performed regularly. Then how to strengthen the knee flexors? Still simpler: you have to make a step to the side, placing his palm on the hip of the bent leg and slightly pressing it, try a little to deepen the step. Back during this action that is repeated 10-20 times, should be straight and the legs felt a slight sprain.