How to treat a cyst of the hip joint and the spinal cord

Как лечить кисту тазобедренного сустава и спинного мозга

Structure of joint of pelvis

To answer the question of how to treat a cyst, you need to understand what it is. A cyst of the joint, e.g. the hip, is a secondary disease. The word «secondary» implies the fact that the pathology was formed at the background of any other damage or some diseases of the tendons. Most often the cyst of the hip joint is formed after the injury.

Due to the formation of the hip joint pathology the cavity of the tendon is filled with a certain liquid, which is the main symptom of the disease. In addition to the injuries lead to a similar cyst-like disease may be a degenerative cyst of the hip joint or an inflammatory process that was not seen on time and have not received a proper rebuff.

In addition to the hip joint, the cyst can hurt and other moving parts of the body. Among them it is possible to observe the tendons of the elbow joint, the ankle part of the body, the knee. Also often hear concepts such as «disease of the spinal cord, cyst of the shoulder joint», «Bekhterev’s disease», «cervical pathology». Of course, each of these concepts implies a severe degenerative disease. To learn how to deal with them, you must know their characteristics, peculiarities and symptoms.

What is a cyst-like disease

If to speak about that, how does the pathology of the shoulder joint, the first thing worth mentioning its shape. She looks round, with the size not more than 5-6 see Trying to test the shoulder joint region or other damaged tendon (the process of probing is called palpation), it’s easy to detect the disease.

Как лечить кисту тазобедренного сустава и спинного мозгаThe place where is usually pathology of the shoulder joint, this tendon or synovium. No connection with skin cyst has not. In addition, it has no access to the subcutaneous fat, and therefore afraid of dermatological problems is not necessary. None of the observed cases of cystic formations in the region of the elbow joint, as the spinal cord and the shoulder joint, and has not led to the development of cancer or any other malignancy.

It should be noted that the formation of a cyst of the spinal cord has no symptoms. The person does not feel pain, feels no discomfort. Alas, this fact suggests that to detect pathology of the spinal cord and the shoulder joint in the early stages is almost impossible.

The only sign of the presence of such diseases as cyst, is the difficulty of motion in the affected shoulder joint. Pathology will interfere with the shoulder to move right or left, but to detect this would be possible only when the cyst becomes large enough.

Until you can touch and put pressure on the cyst, but she did not felt pain.

Monitoring of patients gave multiple knowledge of the pathology of the spinal cord and the elbow joint. For example, it can grow and shrink in size, and eventually even disappear as if it never existed. Often self-leaving only a single cystic masses. Cysts having a plurality of cavities (multi-education), self-lost rare. They have to act medication and other means. In particular, great popularity has a cyst treatment spondylitis (this is the name of a disease of the kneecap) folk remedies.

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The possibility of pathology of the spinal cord to grow and shrink in size is called lability. It can be counted among one of the few symptoms of cystic masses.

Of course, the absence of pain is a big disadvantage, because it prevents time to find the disease. But there are some signs that, if you are careful enough, helps to detect pathology.

The symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of the disease not many, and they are very similar to symptoms of other pathologies. Moreover, some signs show the presence of arthritis or osteoarthritis, and the fact that these diseases can develop on the cyst and really be taking place, even more confusing, doctors.

And yet, let’s list them:

The first thing a person feels numbness. He is not so free to move his limbs, and eventually even losing the ability to move them.

In the area of occurrence of a cystic lesion of a tumor. It has clear boundaries, which can be easily felt on palpation.

Attempt to move the limb can cause unpleasant and painful sensations, if the disease has reached large dimensions. In the early stages it is impossible to identify pain even on palpation.

Как лечить кисту тазобедренного сустава и спинного мозгаIn addition to the pathological education, numbness, exposed parts of the body nearby. You may experience swelling and swelling of the joints.

Even though it is not among the symptoms, but the presence of arthritis, arthrosis, and osteoarthritis can talk about the possibility of the existence of the cystic masses. As the cyst can cause the development of the above-mentioned diseases, and they themselves can become the cause. These pathologies are very closely related and have similar treatments and ways to counter them.

Moreover, it should be noted that if you have not had any injuries in the years before the formation of cystic disease, the presence of arthritis or osteoarthritis is almost undeniable. The fact that the cyst of the spinal cord, exactly like the shoulder joint and hip bones, not able to develop independently. And in addition to reasons such as trauma, lead to its formation can only other disease of the joints.

Understanding this fact is very important, because realizing how did education do you have pathology, you will be able to identify methods to combat it. But first, you need to discover the very cyst.

Diagnostic methods

Как лечить кисту тазобедренного сустава и спинного мозгаTo detect the presence of pathology can be using probing, however, set thus the diagnosis is only preliminary. In the end still have to resort to modern methods of examination, including MRI, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy. If the above methods for the diagnosis of the joints has not produced any results, or need to conduct additional tests, the doctors resorted to puncture. With the help of special instruments from the body is removed, the particle of the liquid filling the swollen cyst. Of course, after the puncture, no questions doctors do not have.

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In addition, MRI and ultrasound will help to determine the cause of the formation of cystic pathology of the spinal cord or disease of the shoulder joint. For example, arthritis can be observed the presence of small bony growths developing from one stage of disease to another. When it comes the third and last stage of arthritis, to treat it will be too late, and the pain will become unbearable. Because the ability to identify it when you seek out only the cyst can keep you from the severe consequences of time has not halted the disease. The same applies to arthritis, able to completely destroy the joint to prevent movement.

Puncture will help not only to ascertain the presence of a disease, but also shows different features. For example, it will be difficult to judge the risk of pathology to the body, if you don’t reveal how much it has spread. Excision of a small piece of what fills the cyst will make an accurate conclusion about the strength of the disease, talk about how does cystic formation threat to the body and is it possible to remove it surgically. In some cases, the only available treatment of cyst folk remedies, because the operation can be harmful.

It’s all about the pathology of the spinal cord and joints (shoulder and elbow). However, there is such a thing as a cyst spondylitis (or as it is called, Becker).

If you have the affected joints, treatment is required immediately. Wherefore to study and know everything about the disease, then the time to oppose it with medical and preventive treatment, you need.

Becker pathology (disease of the knee joint)

Как лечить кисту тазобедренного сустава и спинного мозга

A swelling filled with synovial fluid and is located under the knee

To the formation of cysts of the patella can result in various processes, including inflammation or injury. As damages for emergence of this disease, it can cause the meniscus. Did it on a background of arthritis, osteoarthritis or after you unsuccessfully stepped on the foot, does not matter. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the provision of timely treatment.

Of course, the cyst Becker is much rarer than any other. The fact that her education mainly leads to the weakening of the tendons associated with the age of the patients. Of course, most affected by this disease are elderly, but there are also young guys who are carriers of cysts Becker.

The majority of young people burdened with this disease, actively involved in sports. Surely they either walk a lot or trying to lift a large weight, for example, rods. In the course of similar exercises on knee joint accounts for a huge load. Of course, to anything good it does not.

Where is localized the cyst Becker

Most often, this pathology is found in the area of bond between the tendon of the gastrocnemius and lateral muscles. There is interarticular bag. When joints become inflamed, inside the joint capsule or cavity, located in the popliteal fossa, forms a liquid called exudate.

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It accumulates in the knee joint and then poured inside the joint capsule. It looks as if the person had another knee which sticks out to the right or left.

What is the pathology

Как лечить кисту тазобедренного сустава и спинного мозгаWhen the disease has just appeared, feel it quite difficult. The usual symptoms of pathology are mild discomfort during walking and poor range of motion in the joints. Often feel aching pain that can occur not only during the day but throughout the day. A knowledgeable person, upon seeing these symptoms, it may confuse them with signs of arthritis. So, of course, necessary to carry out a complete diagnostic examination and not be guided by only one General observation of the patient.

While you suspect you have arthritis, the exudate slowly accumulates in the region of the patella, and then penetrates into the composite bag. That greatly increases, forming a cyst. The cyst begins to squeeze the nerve endings that feed signals to the brain. Thus appears the intolerable ache that does not have a «curfew».

The sizes of the abnormalities may vary from 1 to 10 cm. In the latter case there is severe pain in the calf muscles. The reason for this blockage of the veins. Thus, after the cyst is formed varices. To avoid such complications, you should immediately seek treatment.

Methods of treatment of pathology

People who have failed to detect the disease in its early stages, allowed the holding of conservative influence on the disease. First and foremost, the body receives the needle, which pulls filling the cyst fluid. After the exudate is extruded from the knee, instead introduced drugs. Most often it is the hormone hydrocortisone. Its main function is reducing inflammation from the disease.

But, alas, such an impact on a disease does not guarantee the absence of the possibility of relapse. Fully heal from the disease thus impossible. It is therefore necessary to resort to surgical intervention. Performed small incision that its size does not exceed 5 cm, and then the articular capsule is displayed the filler of the cyst.

The operation is performed with the help of special devices that don’t allow much trauma, but because the joint is very quickly restored.