How to treat arthrosis of the foot in the home and traditionally, photo of pathology

The symptoms and treatment for osteoarthritis of the foot: tips and techniques

Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease, which is based on the process of degenerative changes in cartilage.

In the case of timely medical treatment of degenerative-dystrophic changes, you can stop and restore the necessary balance of cartilage.

When you neglect your health, the disease will progress and subsequently the inflammatory process spread to the synovial, ligamentous and bony components.

The result of neglect will be an urgent surgical intervention followed by prolonged recovery.

Osteoarthritis affects certain joints in the human body. Foot pain when walking is often not taken into account, although signaled the onset of changes in the cartilage of the joints of the foot. How to fight the disease and fully recover from an illness?

The concept and characteristics of lesions of the foot

Arthrosis of the joints of the foot– a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the joints. Started inflammation leads to the destruction of soft tissue and bone. A man may feel pain not only during walking but also at rest, which greatly aggravates the patient’s life.

Arthritis belongs to the group of diseases age-specific.

Thus, more than 85% of people over 55 years of age are already suffering from the initial stages of osteoarthritis, but few of them know about the onset of inflammation.

In addition to people aged pathology suffer and young athletes: gymnasts, boxers and other active sports.

Causes and risk factors

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Today, scientists still have not identified the reasons for the development of the disease. Of course, there is a specific list of risk factors, but to determine the cause of metabolic disorders, which leads to degenerative changes in cartilage tissue, scientists can not.

The causes of the symptoms presented by the disease:

  • the presence of any foot deformity – flat feet, improper formation of joints themselves, caused by a genetic factor or an acquired aspect, and other phenomena;
  • prolonged stress on the joints, for example, long stay on his feet, carrying heavy loads and other factors;
  • earlier the trauma and injuries of the foot, sprain, fractures of the fingers;
  • common hypothermia of the feet;
  • violation of metabolism of the entire body due to the presence of diseases of the endocrine system;
  • the presence of other diseases of the joints.
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Risk factors include:

  • genetic predisposition to arthritis;
  • wrong selection of shoes – wearing a too-narrow model;
  • professional sports activities, dancing, ballet;
  • abrupt cessation of sports, dancing, ballet;
  • improper diet, bad habits.

Pay close attention to their health. If you feel pain in the foot when walking or at rest, immediately contact a specialist for advice and for full examination.

The extent of the disease and their symptoms

Initially the symptoms of arthrosis manifested severe pain.

Next, it’s hard to implement a simple traffic stop that leads to a change of gait – the patient is deliberately trying to shift the entire burden on the outside of the foot.

In the process of development of the disease in the area of the foot there is a characteristic swelling and temperature rise at the site of lesion – symptoms of the inflammatory process.

Pathology is divided into three stages of the disease:

  1. First degree is the initial stage of the development of the disease manifests pain at rest and during excessive load. The pain may be pulsating, but after taking pain medication several retreats.
  2. Second degree – the pain in the foot is increased. Palpation can detect the thickening of the head of the first metatarsal bone. Further expansion leads to restriction of movement of fingers. In the case of prolonged feet pain syndrome does not stop after taking pain medications.
  3. Third degree – deformation of the joints is already visible to the naked eye. At the last stage the thumb down, making it difficult to movement and walking. Any movement of the thumb only feasible in the direction of «sole» of the foot.

Effective treatment of arthrosis is possible only at the initial stage of the disease. In more advanced cases, treatment is based on the suspension of further deformation and recovery actions.

Features of deforming arthrosis

Deforming arthrosis of the foot develops whenever a untimely treatment. Characterized by a strong thinning of the cartilage and the further deformation of the adjacent bone.

The patient suffers from severe attacks of pain, independent walking is difficult, you have to use the crutches.

Deformation of foot bones visible to the naked eye. The treatment of this disease is only surgery followed by a long recovery accompanied by kinesitherapy and physiotherapy courses.

Diagnosis of disease

Diagnosis of the disease is through a comprehensive examination, which includes:

  1. Inspection specialist – deformation of the joint by palpation of arthrosis was detected immediately. Complaints of the patient to a pain specialist may suggest the cause.
  2. Radiography is always assigned after visual inspection. In the picture you can clearly see the changes in the cartilage tissue and the characteristic narrowing of the gaps in the joints.
  3. Arthroscopy is not always carried out. Allows to determine the degree of development of arthrosis.
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On the basis of diagnosis and determining the stage of disease is assigned to a specific treatment.

How to treat the disease?

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the feet depends on the stage of the disease and symptoms.

Methods used for treatment, is aimed at elimination of pain syndrome, inflammatory process, as well as the return of the former the mobility of the joints.

Traditional medicine

Used here:

  1. Conservative treatment – the patient is prescribed a course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate pain and relieve inflammation. Besides, the human joints are introduced chondro – drugs that restore the cartilage tissue, nourishing it with beneficial minerals.
  2. Physical rehabilitation is used after the elimination of the inflammatory process and pain syndrome. Here we use magnetic therapy and electrophoresis, as well as massage to restore blood circulation and physiotherapy to restore their original mobility.
  3. Surgery is performed only in advanced cases of the disease, and after applying any treatment that has not led to positive results.

Treatment of arthrosis is always carried out comprehensively under the strict supervision of a physician.

Traditional medicine

For the treatment of arthrosis at home you can use the grinding at night, using the following mixtures and tinctures:

  1. Tincture of eucalyptus. 100 grams of fresh crushed eucalyptus leaves, pour 0.5 liters of quality vodka and remove the composition in a dark place for a week for maceration. At the end of time RUB the feet part of the night.
  2. Yogurt with chalk. In equal quantities mix the chalk and yogurt. Use as a compress, after making a brief massage with this composition.
  3. Aloe with honey and vodka. Grind in a meat grinder aloe leaves, add 100 grams of honey and 150 grams of vodka. Grind the foot, wrap with plastic and wear wool socks. Leave the compress on overnight.

For the treatment of diseases used the composition of potatoes for ingestion. Boil the potatoes without removing the skin, mash in the water, which was used for boiling. Cup of the mixture divided into three doses and taken orally during meals.

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Complications and prevention of the disease

Late intervention leads to further progression of the disease.

The slightest spread of the inflammatory process and destruction of the periarticular tissue leads to development of arthritis. There are more serious complications in the form of bursitis – inflammation of periarticular bags.

The occurrence of this disease leads to swelling of the joints, in consequence of which the slightest touch of the foot leads to violent pain and loss of joint mobility.

As a preventive action people should abandon the socks uncomfortable shoes. Young girls should not wear narrow shoes with pointed «nose» and highly unstable heel.

If you notice blisters on the plantar of the foot, immediately stop wearing the shoes that go most of the time.

Also at the first signs of arthrosis person should monitor their diet, the diet should be based on vegetables and fruits, and during periods of deficiency are recommended to take extra vitamins.

To prevent the development of disease should be preventive steps in the form of special gymnastic exercises and regular massage especially if you spent a long time on my feet.

Any disease of the joints dangerous its feature of irreversibility. Patience pain in the legs after a long day at work can lead to the development of osteoarthritis, the occurrence of heel spurs, gout and other serious manifestations.

Therefore, after detecting the first symptoms of the joints it is recommended to consult your doctor and listen to his advice, because failure to comply with the recommendations of the expert leads to the destruction of cartilage, and later bone.