How to treat gout and how to stop the pain

For centuries mankind has tried to find a universal cure for gout. Injections, pills, compresses, ointments, rubbing, balms — doctors and medicine men used various means to stop the disease and find a cure, healing people from illness.

Чем лечить подагру и как остановить боль

Joint inflammation due to deposits of uric acid salts

Today completely rid the patient of gout can not folk remedies or medicines, or even surgery. But this does not mean that we should give up, give up and stop fighting gout.

The main causes of the disease

Treatment of gout is a complex process where all components are closely interconnected. No self-medication in this case is unacceptable as it can lead to extremely serious consequences, including disability. How to treat gout with medication? This question should be answered by a specialist. Every human organism has its own characteristics.

The disease occurs on the background of certain diseases. Perhaps the people before the treatment of gout suffered from certain diseases of the joints, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Maybe he has chronic diseases associated with metabolism, disorders of cardiovascular, nervous, skeletal systems. When applying medication for gout must take into account all these factors.

Before medical influence on the patient’s condition, the doctor establishes the causes of the disease, its stage, predicts the possible development and progression of disease. Drugs need not only to eliminate inflammation of the joints, but also to deal with the consequences of that damage which the disease causes the body. You must remember that at the initial stage of gout is asymptomatic, quietly weakening the body, lowering its immune system. Increase the level of uric acid can be detected exclusively in the laboratory. But not only uric acid weakens the body.

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Чем лечить подагру и как остановить боль

The major causes of illness believe:

  • weight;
  • wrong’s work the kidneys;
  • excessive use of alcoholic beverages.

Predisposition to disease may, as proven by science, be inherited. Starting treatment of gout, the doctor must specify, do not suffer anyone of the relatives of this disease. Another factor which causes the appearance of disease is improper diet.

Eating large quantities of fatty meat, alcohol, chocolate and other foods rich in purines, it leads to the fact that the body breaks down the metabolism. The amount of deposits of uric acid increases several times, and the disease gets a favorable soil for their development. That is why gout treatment involves a complete change of the power system of the patient.

How to relieve the pain?

The treatment of the disease medication starts with a relief of painful symptoms. Most people who suffer from this illness, at first unaware of his presence. About the disease they know, as a rule, only when the attack began and an urgent need to relieve the pain.

Чем лечить подагру и как остановить боль

If there is an attack of gout, use standard medications. It is primarily painkillers to relieve the pain in arthritis, arthrosis and other pathologies of joints. Colchicine as the most effective pain medication will be prescribed with strong pain. You should immediately clarify: the drug acts selectively and as gout medication is applied only at the time of her attack. Also, colchicine can reduce the duration of the attack for 2-3 days. As soon as possible to relieve acute pain symptoms, the main treatment.

Drug treatment of gout should not focus only on the legs or inflamed joint. The disease affects the entire body, because the medicines have to contribute to the elimination of its consequences affecting the functioning of various organs. List of drugs used in standard therapy, divided into two groups:

  • uricosuric drugs;
  • pricedependent.
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The main purpose of the use of these drugs is to reduce the content of uric acid and salt buildup in the body. In this disease, the doctors often prescribe to patients allopurinol. The drug belongs to the category of urinatepissing and effectively reduces the formation of uric acid. Allopurinol is used 1 times a day in strictly limited dosage.

Uricosuric drugs for gout is prescribed in strictly defined cases. Clearance of urate in the kidney if gout is taken uricosuric drug that increases significantly. Can be administered and intramuscular injections. However, uricosuric drugs when the disease are extremely rare, because they are dangerous and have a negative impact on the kidneys.

The disease contributes to the kidney functions are destructive changes. Gouty nephropathy very often accompanies the primary disease. It is the cause of most deaths in the presence of the disease, as the impact of uric acid on the renal tissue is enhanced.

Adjuvant treatment

Among patients suffering from this disease, it is often possible to observe two very opposite attitude to treatment: excessive enthusiasm or medicines, or traditional medicines. Massage and therapeutic exercise are necessary not less, than medications. To combat attacks and destructive changes in the body help physiotherapy. No less important is the presence in the patient’s diet of mineral water. If there is a chronic kidney disease, a person suffering from gout should drink daily is approximately 2.5 liters of liquid, in order of uric acid salts and their deposits out of the body naturally.

Чем лечить подагру и как остановить боль

Proper nutrition will help to keep the disease in check

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Change of diet is required. Alcohol and Smoking in gout is strictly prohibited. Taking medication in any case can not be combined with alcohol. Moreover, if people drink alcohol, the effect of the drugs either weakens or is manifested in intoxication. From fatty and fried foods is also necessary to give. They will only aggravate the disease course and reduce the body that needs strength to fight with illness. Strong tea, coffee, chocolate and cocoa, it is imperative to eliminate from the diet.

Patients suffering from gout, doctors recommend to undergo a Spa treatment at institutions offering physiotherapy, acting on the affected joints. Podagrica you should regularly visit not only the rheumatologist, and gastroenterologist.

Gout and metabolic disorders are often the main cause of gastrointestinal diseases, which develop in parallel with joint disease. A number of drugs that are usually used in gout, certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is strictly prohibited.