How to treat gout: drugs, massage, natural remedies

Чем лечить подагру: препараты, массаж, природные средстваGout belongs to the category of chronic diseases, whose origin is directly related to impaired metabolism. Gouty arthritis causes excess uric acid in the body. A typical manifestation of gout is severe pain, whose attacks are becoming longer and stronger with the development of the disease.

The disease impairs the mobility not only of the affected joints. It brings a number of complications for internal organs, including kidneys, whose functioning is reflected by an excess of uric acid. Gout is not completely curable, but modern and traditional medicine can stop the development of gouty arthritis.

Treatment starts with proper nutrition and includes a range of anti-inflammatory and analgesics, measures to reduce the amount of uric acid in the body, which is the primary cause of gout development.

Simple and clear rules in the fight against disease

There are two ways of treating the disease: conservative and surgical. Therapeutic methods bring tangible effect in gout, but if the disease is in its last stages, to help the patient have the strength, only surgical treatment. In some cases assign it? This method is used when the exacerbation of the disease cannot be removed with conservative methods, when there appeared large tophi, fistula. Curing gout by surgery is necessary when the patient has begun the process of ulceration of tissues and antipodagriceski drugs can not stop the loss of joint function.

Drug treatment of gout is divided into 2 stages. You first need to remove the pain symptoms, swelling, get rid of the redness in the affected joints. At this time, treatment of gout involves combating the inflammation that causes the temperature rise of joint tissues when to take remedies to reduce uric acid levels, as they will exacerbate the imbalance in the body.

Чем лечить подагру: препараты, массаж, природные средства

Destroyed by the salt of uric acid joint

As soon as anti-inflammatory and pain relievers are starting to produce results and an attack of gouty arthritis ends, begins the second phase of the treatment of gout. It involves taking medications that reduce uric acid.

That the disease slowly progressed and the attacks were repeated not as often during the second stage effects on the body accept the funds for the restoration in it of water-salt balance. This group of drugs, as well as those that reduce the level of uric acid, administered immediately, but only after a few days or weeks after attack of gout. What are the dangers of breaking this rule? More severe complications during an attack, further increasing the duration and intensity of pain.

Drug treatment of gout is divided into:

  • short-term;
  • the long-term.

The first term refers to medical methods to relieve an attack of gouty arthritis, the second long reception of the remedies for gout to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of pain attacks. There is a perception that long-term methods of gout is not as important as short-term. This is not so.

If the patient fulfils the recommendations of physicians and the means employed for gout only for the purpose of medical experts, his actions will bring the expected effect: attacks of gouty arthritis will be much easier, and the disease can not develop as fast as before.

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How to start combating the disease?

Чем лечить подагру: препараты, массаж, природные средстваOne of proper nutrition and reduce stress on the affected joint to treat gout enough. To the water-salt metabolism were normal, it is necessary to adopt permanent measures. What drugs for gout will help to cope with the task? First and foremost we are talking about glutamine. It is necessary for people suffering from gouty arthritis, to restore normal metabolism. Glutamine is contained in the blood and tissues of man.

In its natural form, people get it by eating meat and dairy products, inclusion of which in the diet is dangerous for gout, as they contain purines. But glutamine is vital, if the amount in the blood decreases, progressing pathological conditions and increases the toxicity of ammonia. To avoid that happening in the treatment of gout in the list of assigned patient funds is part of glutamic acid.

There is an opinion: if you use aspirin vs gouty arthritis, joint inflammation and swelling will decrease. A dangerous delusion! Aspirin to combat gout you absolutely can not drink. This drug for gouty arthritis can worsen the condition of the patient and cause complications in the gastrointestinal tract, including the occurrence of peptic ulcer disease. Aspirin reduces the effect of antipodagriceski drugs.

In some exceptional cases it may be prescribed to patients in strictly limited doses, but to treat them the gout, to try to reduce inflammation or reduce pain symptoms is impossible.

Without cleaning the body can not do

Чем лечить подагру: препараты, массаж, природные средстваTo restore the gastro-intestinal tract, whose job it worsens during gout that will help activated charcoal. He is actively involved in the excretion of toxins, decay products, harmful substances. Treatment with activated carbon is carried out externally and internally. In the second case, on the basis of preparing ointments and compresses, which are applied to the areas of the body where the disease progresses. A similar effect has baking soda, the cure of it restores the water-alkaline balance in the body. To cook it, warm water mixed with soda and drink daily. The soda treatment provides for a gradual increase of the dose of substance, but she is one tenth of a teaspoon. Gradually, the amount of soda brought to her half. However, the treatment with soda is contraindications: people suffering from a number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, to use it internally, you should not.

Effectively stimulate the process of cleansing the body of harmful toxins and stop it inflammatory processes are capable of garlic. The product must include in the diet of people suffering from gout. But if gouty arthritis occurs on the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, take the tool with extreme caution, do not forget to consult a doctor involved in the treatment of gout. The use of garlic suggest to combine with honey and lemon.

The product is part extracts, is able in the treatment of gout significantly reduce the intensity of inflammatory processes. To cook the simplest variant of the infusion, enough garlic to scroll together with lemons in a meat grinder, pour boiling water, the resulting composition day and strain.

To obtain the tools you will need: 3 heads of garlic, 4 lemon peel, and 7 cups of boiling water. Infusion in the treatment of gout once a day after meals. The dose should not exceed 40 grams.

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And massage has its own rules

Чем лечить подагру: препараты, массаж, природные средстваThe use of medications to treat gout have to be combined with physical therapy and physiotherapy. You need to know: a decrease in physical activity contributes to the progression of the disease. As a remedy for gout apply a range of exercises specifically designed for the joints, yoga positions. But during acute gout physical activity as a method of dealing with pain symptoms cannot be used. If the patient has a disease of the limb, from the beginning of the attack of gout it is assigned bed rest, which must be strictly adhered to.

A similar rule applies to treat gout with the help of massage. This procedure can restore the normal functioning of the blood vessels around the affected area. Massage is successfully fighting the pain symptoms, but the use of it during acute gouty arthritis is prohibited. Massage reduces the intensity and strength of the attacks, when used properly, reduces the feeling of heaviness in the muscles and improves blood flow. Massage in such cases may appoint local or General, is necessary for strengthening the entire body, increasing its vitality and resistance to disease.

To massage helped to recover normal motor amplitude in the joints, you should follow these simple rules. If to treat gout of the hands in applying it, be sure to massage the back and neck.

The back, pelvis and both lower limbs massaged, when gout affects the foot.

Natural remedy for gout

Чем лечить подагру: препараты, массаж, природные средстваTo cure gout, rather to stop its development, it is impossible to focus only on one method. Natural cures will help in the fight against disease, if applied correctly. The impact on the affected area muds used in the treatment of gouty arthritis since ancient times. But if a person is suffering from changes in blood pressure or renal insufficiency, such a tool can not be used.

Mud treatment is part of the sanatorium-resort treatment applied to reduce the proceeds of purines in the body. Treatment of gout in this case accompanies the patient is taking sebagaimana mineral water and massages. There are traditional methods when massage for gout is carried out using mud.

This procedure can be performed at home, and as a means used ordinary river silt, which it pre-heated. Dirt should not be very hot, so it can be safely applied to the body. Performing a massage for gout, at the same time rubbing the mud in the affected area.

Modern medical innovations

Magnetic therapy is one of the most effective non-pharmacological means of dealing with illness. It is considered the most safe, as this tool does not cause complications, such as medication. High-frequency magnetic field have analgesic effect. Magnetic therapy helps to reduce inflammation in the joint tissues. However, its use is considered most effective before the emergence of large tophi. The facility has a minimum of contraindications (this is due to the fact that the magnet has a thermal effect). Magnetic therapy belongs to the category of methods of improving the condition of patients. Means not prohibited to use during acute illness.

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Чем лечить подагру: препараты, массаж, природные средстваThis rule also applies to methods of tonirovania. They don’t give the heat island effect, and contribute to a more effective treatment of gout due to the creation of conditions for the acceleration output of uric acid from the body. In the fight against gout medicines and pharmacological agents play such a role, but given the number of side effects, they can be used far not in all cases, as they can cause a sharp deterioration of health of the patient. «Vitafon» refers to a category of drugs affecting the body’s inaudible to the human ear mikrovibratsii sound.

If you compare it with the massage, «Vitafon» carries out the same procedure only at the cellular level. If it makes such an impact, significantly reduced pain symptoms. Means reduced swelling is another source of pain in gouty arthritis. It improves blood flow and restores joint tissue affected by gout. At the same time of wastes, toxins and other harmful substances are excreted faster from the body. Treatment of gout contributes to the improvement of lymphatic drainage, which cause micro-vibrations.

For the treatment of gout you can use MILTA apparatus performing laser therapy of the affected area, reducing pain. The apparatus differs significantly from the «Vitafon» as the basis of the first application are the achievement of quantum therapy. The tool is gentle on the body and carries out laser blood purification from salts of uric acid. The application of quantum therapy helps to normalize the metabolism, a cause and a consequence of violations of which is gout. Laser cleansing helps to restore the normal functioning of the kidneys and liver. If gout runs in the background of chronic renal diseases, «milt» is able to activate enzymes that are necessary for the normal functioning of internal organs. Gout is closely related to the level of cholesterol in the blood, laser therapy is successful in eliminating this problem.

When deciding how to treat gout with the help of this method, you need to remember in a year, you can pass no more than four courses of laser therapy, which has no absolute contraindications.

Gout recedes, in the opinion of patients and health care professionals, usually after the first session, consisting on average of 10-15 procedures. If gout develops on the background of malignant tumors, endocrine abnormalities, circulatory disorders and severe forms of cardiovascular diseases, quantum therapies use is not prohibited.

How to treat gout in such cases, what will be the duration of the procedures and treatment, to answer this question can only be the attending physician, under whose control should be carried out all the procedures to improve the functioning of joints.