How to use Bay leaf for the treatment of joints: recipes and reviews

Treatment of joints Bay leaf at home

The Bay tree is, of course, associated with Ancient Greece, where Laurel wreaths were woven from the branches of evergreen shrubs for the winners.

Starting from the first century ad, paper began to be used as a seasoning to improve the flavor of prepared foods. But what a Bay leaf is a recognized medical tool not many people know.

Bay leaf is used for treatment of joints.

Laurel sheet contains 4.5% of essential oils. Half of them is cineol, the rest falls pinene, geraniol, eugenol, phellandrene.

Also consists of acids — acetic, and Caproic valerianova. Fruit Laurel make a healing ointment and soap with antiseptic properties.

Home to a Bay tree and a Laurel Bush is considered the Mediterranean. Laurel grows in the Caucasus and in the Crimea, used for decorative purposes. The lifespan of this subtropical tree or shrub of 300-400 years.

With the age of the person violated the strength and elasticity of joint tissue. This is a consequence of salt accumulation.

Salt, putting off in places of the joints that RUB during movement, causing pain, leads to degenerative disc disease or arthritis.

To avoid such serious diseases has long enjoyed ointments and decoctions prepared on the basis of Bay leaf.

The ability of leaves to cleanse the body of salts, is used both in traditional and in folk medicine.

The presence of a plant volatile, active biological agents killing or inhibiting the growth of bacteria, help to remove from the body toxins accumulated deposits of salts, substances having the property of toxicity.

The healing ability is that of an ointment and received infusions expand the microvessels of the cardiovascular system. The consequence of poor supply of blood vessels contributes to the deposition of salts in the joints.

Salt, gradually accumulates in the joints impairs their mobility. But in such joints occur arthritis, arthrosis, gout and osteoarthritis.

Methods of purification of the joints from the salt

Cleansing the joints from the salt Bay leaf can be made using such funds.

A decoction of Bay leaf — the health and youthfulness of your joints

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Prepare the broth in an enamel container. 1.5 cups of water put 5 grams of leaf and boil for 5 minutes. Lid cover not need.

Essential oils contains Laurel leaf evaporate. They must be removed to eliminate their side effects on the kidneys. Then a container of broth remove from heat and cover with a large towel.

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Three hours later, infused with the broth to drink in small SIPS for 12 hours. Not a dose to drink. Such a strong decoction can cause bleeding within the gastrointestinal tract.

For a course of treatment, it is necessary to use such a decoction for three days. Special diet food in this period, to stick do not need.

However, more effective if you adhere to a vegetarian diet.

After 20 days the course of taking the decoction must be repeated. It is recommended that before the course of cleaning the decoction of Bay leaf clean the colon and gall bladder. This is just the 1st step in the treatment of joints.

On the 2nd phase recovered bone and cartilage of the joint. Need eggshells from boiled eggs clean from the inner film and, after drying grind in coffee grinder.

Get a kind of biological calcium. He has to take it once a day, simultaneously with the gelatin: half a tablespoon of crushed eggshells and a pinch of silica and gelatin drink with water.

This procedure to be done for 30 days. Then the use of the shell is reduced, and it is only through the day.

The easiest recipe

Or you can try this way: half a pack Laurel leaves boil in a glass or enamel saucepan with 1.5 cups of water for 5 min.

After that, put in a thermos and after 4 hours the infusion is ready for use. To drink it in one day. The broth should be taken every day freshly prepared. The course of treatment of 3 days. After a week of break repeat the decoction.

The main thing in this treatment is repetition. For 12 months this course is conducted through the quarter. Then once a year. The best results are achieved in spring and summer.

Ointment on the basis of Lavra

Additionally clean the joints from salts ointment with the Bay leaf.

For the preparation of this ointment is sufficient ground Bay leaf combine with butter heated to room temperature.

This mixture is then heated in a water bath and cool. Prepared by the composition of the grease 14 days of the patient’s joint twice a day.

Infusion vodka

Also very effective for treatment of joints, the infusion of Bay leaf.

To prepare this tincture should be about 17 sheets of medium size, pour 500 grams of vodka. The Bank with the drug tightly closed and in a dark place to infuse for three days.

Do not forget to periodically shake for the best quality. The finished tincture in a compress flag on the diseased joint and wrap something warm.

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If it breaks the body

Laurel helps to soothe the body aches. Make a decoction of 4-5 leaves per liter of water and add to the bath, it will ease the pain in the muscles, helps with arthritic pain in the joints.

Tea preventive

Tea with the Bay leaf and preventive method from the accumulation of salts in the joints.

It can be brewed with local herbs.

Tea Bay leaf (about 4-5 pieces), add in a liter of water and boil for 20 minutes. To brew is not as strong tea, just chop the leaves and cover with boiling water and let stand.

The oil from Lavrushka

Improves the result of the application of Laurel oil. In a Cup of olive oil put 1 tablespoon of finely shredded leaves.

Infuse the warmth of a fortnight. Then place in the fridge. RUB into sore spots and then heat wrap it up.

Essential oil massage on vivanta joint. Oil reduces swelling, rheumatic and arthritic pain.


In case of pain in the joints, you can make a poultice of ground Bay leaves and castor leaves, and tie it around the inflamed joint to reduce pain and swelling.

If you have sore joints, and swelling around them – an effective oil massage with oil of Bay leaf helps in immediate relief of joint pain and swelling of various joints of the body.

The recipes of Laurel oil

We offer a few recipes:

  1. 30 g of crushed leaves placed in 200 g of linseed or other oil for 7-10 days in a warm place (the same effect can be achieved if this mixture is kept for 1 hour in a water bath), then strain.
  2. A packet or 10 grams of leaf, chop and cover with olive oil. Stand the mixture for 30 days in the warmth. At the end of the month to the boil in a water bath. After cooling strain
  3. 30 g of ground leaves to combine with 250 g of vegetable oil. Mix, put in dark place for 7 days. Then strain.
  4. 40 g of milled sheet and 6 g of crushed needles of juniper grind with 80 g of butter.

Do no harm!

Despite all the positive qualities of treatment of joints Bay leaf, this treatment has contraindications.

In particular, it should not apply to those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and gallstones), kidney disease, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Also no need to apply such treatment if there is a crack in the anus, there is a tendency to constipation, or hemorrhoids.

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If the presence of these diseases you really want to test the effect of Laurus in the joints, then take a cold decoction and certainly within a quarter of an hour after a meal.

What they say about this treatment online?

How do effective cleaning joints Bay leaf you can find, having studied the reviews of people that full Internet.

At first I thought it was another invention, with respect to the treatment Bay leaf. But as problems with joints tormented me, decided to try this method.

After two weeks of drinking this mixture, I stopped feeling discomfort in joints before the weather changes. I suggested to a friend this recipe. The result was the same.


I half-heartedly tried to be treated with tinctures and ointments, prepared with the Bay leaf. My wife made them in accordance with descriptions. I decided to consult a doctor.

The doctor approvingly reacted to these recipes of traditional medicine. Only advised to use them as an additional tool in the treatment of joints. So I did.

Taking medicines and drug from the Bay leaf, I quickly went on the amendment. Thanks folk medicine.

Soloviev V.

I really believe folk medicine. Always enjoy her tips. Recipes broth Bay leaf I found on the Internet.

For two years I periodically pass courses of treatment Bay leaf. I’m happy with. The only downside is the RAID on the pot the Bay leaf. But I think health is more important.

Anna Sh.

To treat all good

Of course, the Bay leaf is not a panacea.

But we still suggest to use the action of tinctures, decoctions and ointments based on it to clean joints from salts.

Only need to adhere to the rules of application.

And it is better to use them to prevent diseases.

Traditional medicine can prevent serious diseases of the joints.