How to wear a corset correctly: the main recommendations

Как носить корсет правильно: основные рекомендацииA few simple tips on how to properly wear a corset for the neck or back will help people with spinal cord injuries to avoid unnecessary problems. Current orthopedic bandage has its own history – he is a descendant of medieval women’s toilet and warming medical pads on the lower back. In the past century ladies with corset lingerie has been successfully adjusted your figure, seeking fashionable in those days slim waist and correcting deficiencies to your posture.

People suffering from vertebrates hernias, warms the waist with a special belt from dog or sheep wool. Today, the former self-made belt perfectly replaces orthopedic lumbar corrector. Such a bandage not only warms the damaged back, but also partially relieves the muscles, allowing damaged tissues to successfully recover.

Kinds of medical corsets

Modern orthopedic products come in different types depending on the application, degrees of rigidity and functionality. A distinctive feature is also the size of the product.

At the place of application to the damaged spine orthopedic brace is:

  • lumbar;
  • cervical;
  • thoracolumbar;
  • the Sacro-lumbar.

Как носить корсет правильно: основные рекомендацииAccording to the degree of rigidity of the corset is semi-rigid and rigid. With a hard bandage the injured vertebrae prevent re-displacement. This corrector compensates efficiently the functions of the supporting muscles in the area of trauma and significantly reduces the rehabilitation time for patients with a spinal injury. Is assigned a rigid brace after a serious traumatic injuries or in the postoperative period.

Corrector semi-daily wear recommended for people with chronic problems of the spine. Such patients should wear a semi-rigid brace during management of a vehicle for lifting loads, carrying heavy loads, and during other physical activities. The orthopedic corrector is having on the affected area massaging and warming effect. It securely locks the injured spine, relieving the muscles and preventing them from exploding.

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The purpose of the orthopedic brace is subdivided into corrective and fixing.

Function corrective products to correct defects of the spine and maintain it.

Locking corsets meant to tightly fix the damaged spinal division, he took off all his load. They are recommended to wear only for a short time of the recovery period.

General rules for use of the product

When assigning the patient to brace the doctor will give recommendations on how to choose a corset and how to wear it. Before purchasing, you must define parameters and the type of product. When choosing collar Trench size corset in height should match the length of the neck of the patient.

The correct size of the thoracic or thoracolumbar correctors are extremely important to the effective operation of the medical bandage. It happens that the body size of the patient does not fit into commercial products. Then, focusing on the exact size, you can order the production of products according to individual standards.

Как носить корсет правильно: основные рекомендацииAn unsuitable size lumbar corset may have a negative impact on human health. Lumbar hernia over-tightening the corset of the damaged region can compress blood vessels and compromise the blood supply to nearby tissues.

There are General rules of wearing a corset.

  • It is recommended that the patient wear a medical bandage for 20-30 minutes to give the muscles a chance to gradually adapt to the emergence of the orthopaedic assistant.
  • During the day you should not wear the corset more than six hours.
  • Not too tight or too weak to zip up concealer.
  • On the night of the corset should be removed.
  • It is better to wear a bandage to the skin is not, so it does not RUB the skin.
  • It is important to remember that the bandage is a temporary measure. It will not replace man his own toned muscles and ligaments. Once a certain doctor wearing your corset will end, you must engage in the natural strengthening of his body: swimming, yoga, physiotherapy.

    How to wear different types of orthopedic support

    In addition to the General rules of carrying of medical corsets, there are private recommendations of the products use different types. Cervical collar is selected of such width that it conveniently fell on the neck of the patient. A neck brace is fixed directly on the body using Velcro fasteners or laces. The neck brace should not squeeze the neck and interfere with breathing. When the medical collar is the right size and chosen correctly, the chin fits comfortably in it in the special seizure, the patient is not experiencing uncomfortable sensations, changes in blood pressure or symptoms of vertigo.

    Properly adjusted corset collar type «Philadelphia», made of 12 mm PLASTAZOTE, firmly supported by the back of the head and chin. When immobilization of the neck with bandage securely limit the mobility stretching and abductor muscles, partially blocked rotational and lateral movement.

    The back brace better to wear over the underwear. It is necessary to put in hard work, prolonged physical exertion, pain in the back or radiculitis osteochondroses character. Overly tight lumbar orthopedic bandage will put pressure on the navel area. Not enough skintight corset will scroll around the body of the person and will not fulfill their intended purpose — support of the spine. The upper border of the bandage according to the rules of wearing must be close to the lumbar area and the lower border to the upper part of the pelvis.

    Women should choose a lumbar corset with anatomical structure of the female figure.

    Thoracolumbar correctors, designed for correct posture, should be worn for 2-3 hours, then be sure to give your back a rest. Initially, the straps of the corset should fasten to some weakened mode. Every 4-5 days you should gradually increase the belt tension to the spine, step by step got used to the new straightened position.

    Corsets of this kind should not be worn during exercise, Jogging and other sports, and other active action — this can lead to a serious overload of the body.

    During use of the medical corset it must be periodically washed in a mild washing mode, by placing in the case. Can be washed warm water with soap, based on precise recommendations of a particular manufacturer.