How useful is the root of a sunflower: recipes for treatment of joints on the basis of sunflower

Treatment and removal of salts from the joints is the root of a sunflower: recipes and tips

The sunflower is a useful plant in all respects. The food industry has benefited from this culture in the form of vegetable oil, halva, seeds, and chemicals from the production of varnish for treatment of wooden surfaces. Gardeners cultivate the plant as an ornamental flower stalks of sunflowers are for space heating during the cold period.

But few know that the root of the sunflower displays the salt of their joints, and recipes based on sunflower are used to treat degenerative disc disease, arthritis and other diseases of the ODE.

Medicinal properties

The deposition of salts in the body are not rare for the modern man, it occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle and a properly built diet. Even children often feel a dull pain in the back.

Cleansing properties of the decoction of the roots of sunflower known for a long time, this tool gently and delicately relieves the joints and musculoskeletal system of accumulated sediments.

The broth, which is based on the root of the sunflower, and easily destroys the hard conglomerates of calcium oxalate and urate of origin and cholesterol. At the same time, the connections that emerged with the coal and phosphoric acids, decay under the influence of such broth are not subject.

The value of sunflower is the presence of properties that help to cleanse the body of salts, namely deposits accumulated over decades, are often the cause of various joint diseases. The presence of salts causes swelling and acute pain.

If the integrity of the cartilage is already broken, the treatment with roots of the sunflower will be useless, though not harmful. Tissue regeneration provides another resource, the field horsetail.

The combined effect of sunflower and horsetail helps to get rid of numerous diseases of the joints and their painful symptoms.

The root of the sunflower has such curative effects:

  • cleans blood vessels from cholesterol;
  • the bladder excretes urate;
  • kidney and gallbladder causes the stones;
  • removes salts from the cartilage tissues;
  • improves the condition of diabetes;
  • relieves headaches and heart pain;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • cure cystitis;
  • alleviates symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis;
  • performs cleaning the entire body.
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A decoction of the roots of sunflower significantly improves the state of health under such conditions and diseases:

  • the presence of salts in the joint tissues;
  • constipation;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • rheumatism;
  • cystitis;
  • gastrointestinal disease;
  • arthrosis or arthritis;
  • hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Medicinal properties of sunflower is due to the presence of alkaloids and alkaline sodium of potassium compounds. The first substances to dissolve the salt and stones, the second flush them out through the excretory system, increasing diuresis.

Before you start treating the root of the sunflower, you need to visit a medical facility to pass the survey to determine the cause, type and neglect of the disease.

Preparation of healing material

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Self — cultivation of sunflower is the best option to have quality and environmentally friendly raw materials for the preparation of a therapeutic agent. But it is possible, not always and not everyone, therefore sometimes you need to buy raw materials. However, there is a risk to buy the roots of a sunflower that was grown for commercial harvesting, and even forgery.

To check the authenticity and quality of their roots pour boiling water, pre-chopped. After 20 minutes, the infusion should be brown colour with a bright hue and delicious smell of sunflower oil. But the presence of the content of toxic components can be determined only in the laboratory.

After digging out the roots of a sunflower are cleaned from the soil and washed. You would then need to dry, preferably outdoors. After that, the root is cut into longitudinal strips the size of a pencil, and then put a thin layer on clean paper, where they are finally dried and milled.

A selection of the best recipes: all you need to do with the mind

Complex effect is the best solution, we offer a selection of recipes based on sunflower.

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Solevyvodyaschie tea

For the recipe of tea, which removes salt from the joints, take the crushed root of a sunflower in the amount of one tablespoon, pour 3 liters of water and put the container on fire. Watch to boil, reduce gas, and then cook another 3 minutes, then filtered and cooled.

The decoction is divided into 3 parts (daily servings) and store in the cold. Drink 1 Cup 4 times a day half an hour after eating,

pre-warming. Each portion of the rhizomes are boiled 3 times, gradually increasing the cooking time: for the second time hold fire 5, and the third 15 minutes. Thus, with the same roots, it is possible to cure for 9 days.

This recipe is called method Bolotov, such treatment should last at least 1 month. Salt deposits begin to dissolve within 2 weeks after receiving the funds.

Long-term use of this medication to gradually dehydrate the body and accumulates potassium in it. To avoid negative consequences for the organism, in addition to receiving healing broth be sure to drink extra amount of fluid.

Also during the cleansing course need to avoid eating acidic juices, various pickles and sorrel. It is desirable in this period to be on a vegetable diet.

Occasionally you may have a burning sensation in the joints is there is an active dissolution of solid deposits, which leave the body in the form of flakes when urinating.

Healing compress

In addition to tea also can be applied to the affected joints compresses. To do this, prepare the broth a stronger concentration: 1 Cup roots take 1 liter of water. Cook up to 7 minutes. After insisting moistened with a solution of natural fabric and apply to the sore area. Outside wrapped with foil, and top with a towel. Leave for a couple of hours or overnight.

Except for the root of the sunflower an effective cleansing effect on the human body have rind of the pumpkin, horseradish, artichoke, chicory and horsetail.

Thinking out loud

Treatment the root of the sunflower is not so popular, but some people already felt the healing power of plants, which is confirmed by reviews.

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About the possibility of cleansing the joints from salts through the roots of the sunflower I first read at Bolotov. I awoke a great desire to try this remedy on myself and I got a little bit of roots.Did everything as written, salts began to emerge on day 15, and the urine has acquired a rusty hue. With continued treatment, she was cleansed, became almost transparent. I liked the result: I felt a lightness and fledging. Now every year undergo treatment in this way.

Sergey, Rostov oblast

Argue that really, this tool has a great healing power. There was a time when I was on the verge of disability, could not move. The joints are very swollen and felt a sharp pain. The condition was such that I couldn’t even sit down.

Timely information (transfer on TV about the benefits of sunflower roots) helped to solve this problem. I cut the course and returned to normal life. Since then, grow a sunflower house in large plantations, harvest a lot of raw materials, and make a decoction for the whole family.

Sofia, Saratov

The root of a sunflower-effective alternative to medical drugs are accessible to everyone who wants to get rid of the salt deposits in the joints and kidneys. Besides, this plant has no adverse effects on liver and other side effects.