Hyaluronic acid for joints osteochondrosis and hernia

Throughout the history of medicine humanity trying to find universal methods of saving the joints from destructive changes and destruction, to put a barrier to malignant neoplasms, and hernia. Unfortunately, the generic drug has not been found yet, but there are a set of tools, has a beneficial effect on the recovery of joint tissues. In their composition includes Niacin. There are also drugs with the addition of folic acid. But the most popular and widely used is hyaluronic.Гиалуроновая кислота для суставов при остеохондрозе и грыже

What drug will help the joints

Hyaluronic acid is used, particularly in cosmetology. Preparations of hyaluronic acid are used as nicotinic acid, for skin rejuvenation. However, more importantly, hyaluronic acid is able to positively affect the spine. Destructive changes in articular tissue are difficult to slow down. But with the use of hyaluronic component of this was possible. It is administered in various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

It is natural for the human body component. In every human body contains on average 15 g Daily 5 g of hyaluronic acid updated. Which contains such important for the health and normal functioning of the body component? In articular tissue. Hyaluronic acid, like Niacin, is involved in metabolic processes. In the structure of any joint must be these acids, and biological fluids.

The drop in the number of hyaluronic acid below normal leads to health problems. Osteochondrosis is a significant decrease in joint tissues. That is why it is important to first regulate the content of natural ways. Eating foods rich in this component, helps to effectively solve this problem.

As the hyaluronic acid can be ingested

Гиалуроновая кислота для суставов при остеохондрозе и грыже

Natural source of acid for joint health

Hyaluronic acid is contained in a number of food products, the use of which is prescribed to people suffering from various joint diseases. To strengthen the spine, usually advised to eat:

  • soy products;
  • potatoes;
  • grape juice;
  • soups of the legs and skins of domestic animals;
  • home-made wine.

You need to know: the list of products where there is hyaluronic acid, is still limited. It is present in particular in the broth of the legs and skins of domestic animals, their component joints, and cartilage. That is why the diet you need to include the above foods.

Hyaluronic acid is combined with calcium. In its application, doctors often recommend eating calcium-containing foods. They are also necessary for the joints and applied, in particular, to counter the hernia.

As a medical drug, supporting and regenerating articular tissue, hyaluronic acid is often administered by injection. As soon as she was in the human body, the cartilage begins to be covered with a protective film. A similar process occurs when the acid was inside the knee joint. The cartilage surface become more elastic. The protective film makes the functioning of the affected joints less painful. But most importantly — it protects the cartilage from abrasion. Therefore, experts recommend it for those who have a weak spine. The drug in tablets is prescribed and herniation of the spine.

One starts the process and stops the other?

Гиалуроновая кислота для суставов при остеохондрозе и грыже

The introduction of the drug directly into the joint promotes cartilage regeneration and early recovery

Hyaluronic acid for joints are used when the person experiences pain in these joints the synovial bones. If there is swelling of the joints, the tool will help to reduce it. Why this drug is so effective in reducing painful joints? This is due to the combined effect on joint tissues, which is not limited to creating only one protective film.

The viscosity of synovial fluid from any joint is an integral part of its normal activities. If it is reduced — begins with the destruction of joint tissues and pain symptoms appear. Drugs with this component increase the density of synovial fluid, becoming, and nicotinic acid, prevent pain.

Nutrition of articular tissue cells and metabolism in the body — related processes that affect the well-being of each person. Niacin is also involved in it. Drugs with hyaluronic acid, improve the nutrition of the cells of chondrocytes. If this process does not occur in the body, conditions for the restoration of articular cartilage will not. The presence of hyaluronic acid is necessary for normal functioning of chondrocytes. As soon as it is introduced into the body, start another mechanism of dealing with pain.

The lack of hyaluronic acid is no less dangerous when degenerative disc disease than inflammation of the joint. The etiology of this phenomenon may be different, but in any case it triggers destructive processes in articular, periarticular tissues and muscles.

Injections with this component helps to reduce inflammatory processes involving joint tissues. Inflammation is always accompanied by painful symptoms, which at first may not be felt. Drugs hyaluronic-based slow him down, in parallel, reducing the swelling in the area of the affected joint.

Application and contraindications

In the last stages of many diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system for the implementation of the restorative functions of the joint requires surgical intervention. It is an effective method and in case of advanced degenerative disc disease. When to have surgery, particularly surgery in osteochondrosis, the patient often prescribe drugs such as hyaluronic acid. The tool used in the postoperative period. Drugs with hyaluronic acid helps with tissue repair.

If a person was injured spine, hyaluronic acid is needed to repair joint tissue between the vertebrae. With regard to the various injuries of the joints, for the treatment of lesions and early recovery of normal functioning tissue preparations with this component is also vital.

Гиалуроновая кислота для суставов при остеохондрозе и грыжеIt is used as a preventive means. If a person was injured limbs and spine, prescribe this drug. Hyaluronic acid also and treat various diseases of the joints.

In its effects on the body similar to folic acid. However, in some cases, drugs cannot be inserted into the body. But folinic acid in rheumatoid arthritis is not a tool that is able to cure the disease. This is a convenience drug that is used to prevent. It helps to eliminate the complications of chemotherapy, which is one of the main components of therapeutic measures.

But it must be remembered that the injection of hyaluronic acid into the joint tissue, the use of it in the form of tablets or ointments should be strict doctor’s orders. Hyaluronic acid, like any drug, has a number of contraindications.

Means hyaluronic acid is contraindicated in children. There are also situations where the use of the drug is possible only under certain conditions. This includes the cases of the use of folic acid in rheumatoid disease of various joints. If a person has problems with the functioning of the hip joint, acid in rheumatoid arthritis is also introduced. But there are a number of nuances concerning its proper application.

If there is a lose joint is infected the wound, the hyaluronic acid is not administered. Hyaluronic acid we can’t treat the inflammation of the joints, occurring in parallel with the presence of skin diseases.

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