Inflammation of the elbow joint, varieties, and methods of treatment

Воспаление локтевого сустава, разновидности, методы леченияArise for various reasons inflammation of the elbow joint becomes a hindrance to the overall health of the person. The disease is not recommended to treat yourself without medical supervision. Often with inflammation cannot handle drugs. Rarely resorted to surgery. The recovery process also helps the use of folk methods.

The elbow joint, as the bone connection of the brush, form a few bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and filled with lubricating fluid of the joint capsule. When the disease of the elbow joint requires restoration of the muscle tissue, ligaments and synovial fluid that bathes the articular surfaces. Inflammation of the elbow, and oral temporomandibular joint, occurs for various reasons and can be of different types.

Arthritis of the elbow joint

Inflammation in the elbow and maxillo-temporal connection occurs in cases of arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, epicondylitis, other diseases.

Arthritis of the elbow and the front of the joints hit the capsule and articular cartilage. Disease of the maxillo-temporal joint is usually acute. Because inflammation of the maxillo-temporal joint affects the facial nerves, it is accompanied by severe pain of a sharp, pulse of nature.

Воспаление локтевого сустава, разновидности, методы леченияArthritis of the elbow or the oral the temporal bone of the compounds of structural tissue changes are absent. Therefore, the treatment is somewhat different than for arthritis. Arthrosis should be treated with regard to their chronic nature and the pathological changes which they bring.

Arthritis inflammation of the elbow joint accompanied by:

  • swelling of the soft tissues;
  • pain in the joint;
  • redness of the skin around the wrist or elbow;
  • limitation of range of motion in the joint;
  • local rise of temperature.

Inflammation of the facial and elbow joints is accompanied by aching, obtuse or a very acute, sharp pain. It depends on what caused the disease. Cause of arthritis of the joints of the hand or the elbow can be a variety of related ailments.

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  • Dislocation or fracture.
  • The presence of diseases that violates the metabolism in the body (diabetes, gout).
  • Connective tissue disease (lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism).
  • TB.
  • Sepsis.
  • Syphilis.
  • Cancer.
  • Infectious diseases of the genitourinary, respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Outstanding reasons.
  • To understand how to treat the disease, it is necessary to conduct diagnostic examinations and to pass the necessary tests. After the results of the diagnosis, the doctor determines the origin of arthritis. He then assigns individual treatment for the patient.

    Comprehensive treatment includes:

    • drug therapy;
    • gymnastics;
    • physical therapy;
    • massage.

    Surgery is used in extreme cases. Do not neglect with arthritis proven traditional methods of treatment aimed at the removal of inflammation, pain, swelling, restoration of joint mobility.

    When you select us to help the patient, take into account the etiology of the disease, the age and General condition of his health. In particular, it is impossible to treat of physiotherapy pregnant, hypertensive, cancer and tuberculosis patients.

    How to treat elbow bursitis

    Bursitis is considered a professional disease of athletes. When bursitis periarticular capsule becomes inflamed from injury or pinholes due to prolonged pressure on the joint.

    Developing bursitis as inflammation of the elbow joint in the presence of:

    • sports injuries or domestic nature (bruises, sprains, fractures);
    • long-term presence of elbow and hands in the same forced position (cradling a small child, playing musical instruments);
    • mechanical impact on the hand;
    • excessive physical exertion.

    Воспаление локтевого сустава, разновидности, методы леченияThis inflammation affects a joint as the maxillo-temporal. It is typical for elbow and shoulder. Bursitis is not always possible to identify immediately, as it may appear at the beginning in plain of edema. Gradually accumulated within the synovial fluid begins to interfere with movements. Then there are pain, local temperature rise, redness of the skin around the site of inflammation.

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    The form of the disease distinguish between serous and purulent bursitis. For treatment of bursitis need to pass a difficult diagnostic procedure in the form of a puncture of the joint. The opinion that bursitis can be cured with traditional methods, is incorrect. Popular medications will reduce the swelling and inflammation, relieve soreness in the affected area. But to completely cure the disease is not popular and only therapeutic means or by surgery.

    It is important to remember that the use of folk methods when purulent bursitis is almost meaningless. They are good only in the serous form of the disease.

    Epicondylitis and control

    The disease most often affects athletes, builders and agricultural workers. Not yet managed to establish the exact cause of the development of epicondylitis, therefore, considered to be secondary. However, it is known that the disease affects the joints of patients associated with constant repetitive bending, or straightening the wrist or elbow.

    Experts tend to opinion that the epicondylitis is an inflammatory process develops due to microtrauma of the muscle tissue and overloads the tendons of the hand or the elbow.

    The disease can be medial or lateral in nature, depending on where inflammation appears. A comprehensive treatment of epicondylitis confronts the doctor certain tasks.Воспаление локтевого сустава, разновидности, методы лечения

  • To relieve the pain and inflammation in the area joint.
  • To restore normal blood circulation.
  • To prevent periarticular muscles have atrophied.
  • To return all of the joint motor function.
  • These tasks are solved by means of therapeutic or surgical. When you restore a conservative by traditional methods can also be used. This treatment helps relieve pain and inflammation in the joint. Unconventional methods well help to relieve the pain and inflammation of the facial nerve. But if you limit people’s methods, you can start the disease and bring it to the chronic condition. The same applies to the treatment of maxillo-temporomandibular inflammation.

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    Effective treatment of epicondylitis with immobilization of the affected limb. Chronic epicondylitis of the elbow, and inflammation of the joints of the foot, it is useful to bandage the elastic bandage. Widely used painkillers are lidocaine or novocaine blockade. They are made in the field of brush, or where attached to the fingers.

    After removing the plaster the patient’s arm to restore the following means:

    • warming was or paraffin compresses;
    • injections of b vitamins;
    • procedures with electrophoresis;
    • UHF methods;
    • mud baths;
    • paraffin therapy;
    • physical therapy;
    • massage treatments.

    If three or four month restoration by conservative means have failed, surgical methods are used. When the disease takes a prolonged chronic with frequent acute relapses, doctors recommend that patients change the job profile.