Inflammation of the joint capsule of the hip joint: causes and treatment

Воспаление суставной сумки тазобедренного сустава: причины и лечение

It looks like a diseased joint of pelvis

In humans an important role for the joints of the skeleton that allow movement of all parts of the body. Damage to the joints leads to disruption of motor activity and creates a lot of problems. Isolated hip, knee, elbow and shoulder joints. Hip and knee are responsible for the operation and the normal functioning of the lower extremity, elbow and shoulder — upper. One of the most significant elements of the skeleton is the hip joint. From its state depends on the ability to move freely.

The articulation of the pelvis and hips suffering more than others. Among the injuries of locomotor apparatus are the most common injuries associated with dysfunction that is the hip joint. Rarely suffer knee, shoulder and elbow. Each of which has a joint (or synovial) bag. Joint capsule — a cavity lined with a layer of connective tissue and filled with fluid sinovialnoj. She plays the role of absorber and prevents friction between the motor tissues, thereby reducing their wear.

At the hip joint periarticular bag is around the side of the ledge on the outer side of the femur and allows free movement of the thigh leg. Wear and tear or inflammation of periarticular bags lead to the development of bursitis of the hip joint. The disease strikes and knee, and shoulder joint. Bursitis may develop when inflammation of bags under the ledge on the inner side of the hip joint.

Bursitis of the hip is a very common disease. It can occur in people of any age. Most often it affects women, especially after 40 years. In men this disease is diagnosed much less frequently.

Causes and symptoms of bursitis

Causes of bursitis can be a variety of injuries and tension. The main factors include the following.

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  • Constant overloading of the body when walking, running, jumping, Cycling, prolonged standing in one place.
  • Trauma to the bone of the hip by falling on him, a bruise, the load on one side of the body in a horizontal position (for example, bedridden patients).
  • Various diseases of the spine, which often include scoliosis, arthritis.
  • Different leg length in humans, results in a hobbling gait and irritation of the bag of the hip joint.
  • Operation.
  • The occurrence of calcium spurs on the surface of the hip joint that causes inflammation of the bag (bursitis).
  • The presence of a variety of internal bacterial infections.
  • Воспаление суставной сумки тазобедренного сустава: причины и лечение

    The defeat of the trochanteric bag replacement

    How to determine what bag hip is inflamed and requires treatment? For this you need to find out what are the manifestations of the disease. Symptoms of bursitis are:

    • the occurrence of acute and rapidly increasing pain in the joint on the outer surface of the thigh;
    • when the seat feeling inflammation clearly revealed a painful point, around which there is redness and swelling;
    • the presence of temperature.

    With all of these symptoms foot you can still move, if mobility is limited or absent, are diagnosed with arthritis. In its manifestations bursitis capsule of the hip joint are similar to the symptoms of inflammation of the shoulder joint. If you have any pain in hip you should immediately seek medical help from a doctor.

    The doctor may touch to determine the occurrence of the disease. For diagnosis is an x-ray or ultrasound examination. The diagnosis must be eliminate the pain associated with dysfunction of the lumbar spine and knee, which give in the thigh area. Knee damage can also lead to impaired mobility thigh joint.

    After accurate diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. It can be conservative and surgical.

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    Conservative treatment of the disease

    Воспаление суставной сумки тазобедренного сустава: причины и лечение

    In this therapy is basically changing the way of life, thereby reducing the load on the patient’s body. The main methods of conservative treatment include the following.

  • A significant reduction in physical activity — you need to move less, it is necessary to provide the leg rest.
  • For the relief of symptoms of inflammation and reduce pain, use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • To unload the inflamed location, you can use additional mobility AIDS: crutches, canes.
  • On the recommendation of a physiotherapist, you must do special exercises to stretch muscles in the affected joint.
  • Applying cold or hot compresses.
  • With increased pain syndrome use of corticosteroids — hormones that are introduced directly into the bags hip and on time facilitate the patient’s condition.
  • To relieve the pain taking anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs prescribed for the corruption of all human joints, including the knee, shoulder and elbow. It should be used with caution, because these tools have serious side effects. If you are using drugs for a long time conditions have not improved, you need to try other methods of treatment.

    Surgical intervention and prevention of disease

    Воспаление суставной сумки тазобедренного сустава: причины и лечение

    In case of failure of the surface treatment resort to surgical intervention. The operation assign is used infrequently and is recommended for maintaining inflammation and pain. Surgery consists of removing the inflamed bag of a hip joint.

    Among the methods of surgery has been proven remove the capsule with the help of a miniature camera of the arthroscope. This device is passed through a small incision in the thigh, but through a different incision doctor using the device gets to inflamed tissues and excised them. This method of treatment the least traumatic for the patient, all actions are performed on an outpatient basis.

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    After operating the knee and shoulder joints is required to undergo recovery. During the rehabilitation period are used crutches or a cane, loading sick place needs is minimal. The leg needs to gradually develop, we recommend that gradual but constant motion, walking. Pain, caused by the operating procedure, after some time passes.

    After full recovery of motor activity of the hip and shoulder joints must comply with the rules that will help avoid re-development of the disease.

  • If possible, you should avoid large load on the hip and the knee.
  • You need to watch your weight, it’s possible to get rid of extra pounds.
  • If there is a different leg length, you need to use special insoles or tabs in alignment and gait.
  • Periodically with the help of special exercises you need to train the muscles of the thigh.
  • To monitor the health of your joints is necessary for everyone. In the presence of alarm symptoms should immediately seek help from doctors in order to avoid the development of various diseases of musculoskeletal system.