Inflammation of the joint of the thumb: treatment of the disease

Joint inflammation fingers can occur due to a variety of diseases or abnormalities associated with the musculoskeletal system of the body. Physician surgeon or a rheumatologist for the treatment and study of inflammation of the joints, can say with confidence that if symptoms occur you need to look for causes and eliminate them, rather than treat the symptoms.

The cause of the inflammation

Воспаление сустава пальца руки: лечение заболеванияCauses of joint inflammation fingers can be a little, basic and frequent is arthritis. No exceptions are diseases associated with autoimmune phenomena, which include diabetes, tuberculosis, systemic lupus lupus. Because of the delicate anatomical structure of the joints of the fingers are able to respond to the slightest inflammation.

Joints and ligaments of the hands are in constant motion and carry various loads, which can lead to injury and sprains of the hand or muscles.

Arthritis is a disease that affects not only the joints of the fingers, but of the entire musculoskeletal system. Can manifest itself not only in the form of the main symptoms, but also cause the same symptoms as that of the rheumatism, for example, aching joints. The disease arthritis can occur in both acute and in the chronic form the inflammation of one or more joints of the hand. As described above, the cause of arthritis can be infection, reduced immunity, illness, injuries, fractures, etc.

Arthritis of the hand is a common disease affecting the entire population of the planet, that is, there is no state where you do not know about this disease. According to the statistics, one in six suffers from arthritis becomes disabled due to the deformation of the bone joints, and even in that case, if he is engaged in active treatment, which proves a cure in some cases is simply impossible.

Research scientists involved in treating patients in this area were put forward such an assertion, that the number of people suffering from arthritis is growing every year.

Though they were invented by a variety of methods for the treatment of arthritis of hands made and modern treatment, the exact causes of arthritis are still not installed.

The symptoms of joint damage

At the first symptoms of joint damage a person feels:

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  • pain at the site of inflammation;
  • a small swelling;
  • redness of the upper skin in the region of the joints;
  • fatigue of the hands;
  • reduce motion of the joints;
  • in a more poor condition of inflammation of the joints observed their deformation.

Inflammation of the joints of the fingers may appear during the initial symptoms of such diseases:

  • spondylitis;
  • disease still;
  • juvenile idiopathic arthritis;
  • pseudogout and gout;
  • septic arthritis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • osteoarthritis.

Doctors do not rule out many other diseases that are not associated with joints or ligaments of the musculoskeletal system, which may be harbingers of arthritis of the fingers.

Diagnosis the inflamed places of a brush

Воспаление сустава пальца руки: лечение заболевания

Pathological changes in the joints causes sharp pain

In order to determine what a sore joint on finger, sometimes it is enough to go through a consultation with the surgeon or traumatologist, symptoms and signs can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. But to study in detail the problem of the sick place, the patient goes into deeper analysis with the use of the equipment, the RCD. Ultrasound examination provides an opportunity to examine the damaged areas of tissue and ligaments and then to prescribe effective treatment.

To determine arthritis in a patient, conduct some additional research and diagnostics, because the primary task of the doctor is not only the diagnosis but also the identification of factors (Allergy, injury, infection, etc.), which was caused by inflammation.

How do you determine what is required when disease hands treatment? The most efficient and accurate diagnostic test in modern medicine is the arthroscopy, it allows to consider the cavity of inflamed joints of the fingers and to take the analysis of the fluid. For instrumental diagnosis using x-rays. To find out, have there been any changes in the tissues of the joint, the patient is assigned to a computer or magnetic resonance imaging that cannot be seen with x-rays. The hardest part of the initial treatment of arthritis is the reasons for the manifestations of the disease, therefore, in frequent cases, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive study.

All these techniques are intended to get the most affect the spread of the disease and its localization in the initial stages.

Treatment of joints and ligaments of the brush

Воспаление сустава пальца руки: лечение заболеванияTreatment of arthritis is a very serious and protracted period, so you should be ready to treatment that will last more than one year. Inflammation of the ligaments and the wrist leads to the obligatory reception of preparations, relieving inflammation, pain, thereby slowing the spread of the disease. With the progression of the arthritis are assigned additional drugs to the main course of the medication to achieve the desired effect. Taking these medications is long, as their effect is slow enough.

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Long-term treatment of the joints of the hand due to the fact that the restoration of the tissues of the joints lasts very slowly, what can be said about its destruction.

Is it possible to produce disease hands treatment? Treat by yourself or using folk remedies arthritis fingers is strictly prohibited, as you can further damage the joint and to bring the disease to chronic forms.

If the joints of the hand or of both hands inflamed and hurt not for the first time, definitely need to contact the experts.

Prevention of the inflammatory process

Arthritis can occur as a result of:

  • excess weight;
  • a wrong diet;
  • frequent injuries and fractures;
  • working conditions, where it takes a lot of stress on the joints.

Prevention of arthritis is:

  • The tracking of body weight.
  • Воспаление сустава пальца руки: лечение заболеванияProper load distribution on the joints.
  • Regular and constant sports.
  • Adding to the diet foods containing calcium, phosphorus, fluorine, one should not forget about fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Reducing sugar in food and other products, which is composed of easily digestible carbohydrates.
  • The rejection of bad habits (Smoking and alcohol).
  • Breaks in work where the greatest load are the joints of the hands.
  • In order to avoid the inflammatory process of joints or ligaments of the hand, you must have some idea about the prevention of disease. Excessive body weight may contribute to arthritis disease not only a brush of fingers, but also the entire skeletal system. You should always eat healthy and nutritious food with plenty of vitamins to avoid injuries and bruises of the joints, as this factor can lead to arthritis. Do not engage in harmful activity, overloading the joints.

    If the treatment is carried out, then you need to stick to a healthy diet, avoid excessive physical strain on the joints, a proper body weight, avoid injuries and fractures. In the diet should be vitamins and useful elements for building and restoring bone, you need to use a large amount of calcium. If not contraindicated mud treatments, you can try them.

    A mud bath is the most common method of treatment and prevention of joints that can be taken in the resorts or at the seaside.

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    That will help to get rid of pain

    Arthritis and severe pain you can try the effect of vyhrievane. In some cases, the heat can reduce the pain of the joints. No wonder people used to warming himself at the oven stove and had less problems with diseases of the joints. Effect of warming and removing temporary inflammatory process have pharmaceutical gels, when buttering which you can feel the burning sensation. During pain the doctor may prescribe strong painkillers in the form of intramuscular injections. It is the injections help to block pain, while the tablets or capsules only come in the stomach.

    People suffering from arthritis can advise others the many ways of pain relief, for example, rubbing in places swelling of the joints of the fingers. This way you can achieve improved blood flow. At moderate mobility of the fingers, namely, inflamed joints, some days the pain and the inflammation subsides a bit, but the increased load on the joints will do the opposite.

    Always worth remembering: it is better and easier to deal with prevention of the disease, than then long and hopelessly to treat it.