Inflammation of the joints of the legs — causes and treatment

Causes of joint inflammation on foot: treatment and prevention

Inflammation is occurring in the body the process by which white blood cells and some chemical agents to protect people from infection and foreign organisms – viruses and bacteria.

It turns out that the inflammatory response is protective for the body. But, such diseases, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, the immune system causes inflammation and, the time when the body is not observed foreign elements, attacking any need to recapture.

These diseases are called an autoimmune. The result is the protective function of the immune system begins to damage its own tissues, and the body perceives them as an infection or pathology.

Inflammation of the leg joints can be triggered by a number of different diseases included in a fairly extensive 2 groups:

  1. Arthritis;
  2. Arthritis.

These categories are the causes can be primary and secondary to develop independently – formed as a result of existing diseases.

In any lower limb joint inflammation can occur?

Joint inflammation on foot can develop in any joint. It affects all the elements forming the fabric of a joint (ligaments, tendons, cartilage, etc.), eventually the joint loses its function, is deformed and destroyed.

Depending on where the inflammation is localized, distinguish the following subtypes of the disease:

  1. Inflammation of the knee joint is observed in most cases, as this joint is most vulnerable because of its loads and complex structures. The symptoms are often pronounced at the initial stage of development. To disability pathology results in rare cases. Often the disease can be found among women with overweight;
  2. Inflammation of the ankle joint – this joint is subject to enormous stress – he has to hold the weight of the entire body and to constantly be in motion. It is one of the essential in the body because it at the slightest discomfort restricts movement;
  3. Inflammation of the joints stop the disease, mostly occurring in humans in adulthood and old age. It gives a huge inconvenience due to pain and frequent inflammation. To deal with this disease is not easy, as it often takes a chronic form;
  4. Inflammation of the joint of the big toe – this pathology is mainly observed in hypothermia. Fingers swell, there is a sharp piercing pain that prevents normal movement. But inflammation of the joints of both big toes can be avoided if you ensure that the legs are constantly warm;
  5. Inflammation of the hip joint is a disease that is constantly progressing. If his treatment does not start on time, occasional pain will develop into permanent and will manifest themselves even at night. Over time move normally impossible. This disease especially affects people with congenital hip dislocation, dysplasia and any other child or youth pathology of the hip joint.
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For inflammation of any of the joints characterized by the following common symptoms:

  • The pain, which can occur abruptly and be of different intensity;
  • Increased local temperature;
  • Redness and swelling in inflamed areas.

Severe pain can limit mobility, which is a cause of a violation of the active rhythm of life.

Causes inflammation in the joints

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Causes of joint inflammation foot is trauma, allergies, infection, hypothermia, sometimes even the bites of some insects, as well as today there are a lot of factors that provoke inflammation of the joints, these include:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Autoimmune failures;
  • Hormonal disturbances;
  • Obesity;
  • High load;
  • Uncomfortable shoes.

However, it is necessary to know that the disease can develop in a latent form, without showing itself by any symptoms. Early diagnosis facilitates timely provision of appropriate measures. The success of treatment of inflammation of the leg joints guarantee a complexity of measures and the fulfillment of all medical prescriptions, doctor.

What diseases can tell inflammation of the joints?

The inflammatory process in the joints, as already mentioned, can occur due to many reasons and factors that can be caused by the following diseases:

  1. Arthritis is a group of joint diseases of an infectious nature or due to developing eating disorders of the joints. Treatment is aimed at elimination of the causes by which it was invoked. Depending on the nature of the prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories, hormonal drugs, antibiotics. Used in complex treatment physiotherapy, exercise therapy etc. To fight this disease as required surgical treatment, which involves excision of the capsule, arthrodesis operations, arthrotomy and arthroplasty. The treatment may also be performed at the resorts.
  2. Osteoarthritis is a chronic metabolic disease associated with changes in bone joints. May appear during intoxication, diseases of infectious nature, such as syphilis, typhoid, etc., resulting from injuries (fractures of the articular bone endings, damage to the articular cartilage), and also due to a significant overload of the joints (for example, longshoremen or ballet, etc.). For the treatment of shown hormones from a number adrenocorticotropic, massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy (ultrasound, heat). In severe advanced cases — surgery (arthroplasty, arthrodesis);
  3. Gout – a disease that is literally a trap for the joints. It is caused by deposition in tissues of uric acid compounds and a violation of purine metabolism with joint damage and kidneys. The lesion affected mostly men in middle age. The disease is acute or recurrent seizures in the chronic form. Attacks characterized by the appearance of sudden pain, often in the great toe, which quickly increase, and occur redness and swelling. The attack may provoke injury, hypothermia, alcohol and even food with a high content of purines.Treatment involves receiving funds for the relief of seizure — induced Kitson, reopirin, colchicine etc. Also the patient should drink plenty of liquids and low-calorie diet with low purine levels;
  4. Bursitis is the inflammation of the mucous bags mostly in the area of joints. The reasons for this can be injury, mechanical irritation, diathesis, infection. The disease can occur with increased body temperature and education in the area of inflammation is painful swelling and lameness. In the first days of the disease it is treated with cold and tight bandages, followed by absorbable ointment and warming compresses.
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Treatment of joint inflammation on foot must be carried out as their identification, as when running some forms will need to already resort to extreme measures – surgery.

Not infrequently diseases of the joints leading to complete disability.

Treatment should be administered strictly by a doctor and be under his supervision, and must comply with all instructions of the doctor and follow his requirements, then the treatment effect will be maximum.

Traditional methods

Many recipes for the treatment of joint inflammation has accumulated in the popular medicine treatment which brings quite effective results. Each person can choose the best option for him.

Consider some effective recipes to help you overcome this insidious disease:

  • Liquid ointment. For its preparation you need to whip 1 egg yolk, add 1 HR./ l. of turpentine and the same amount of Apple cider vinegar. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the affected joints;
  • Lotion. Put a piece of pure matter in a beehive of 1-3 months, to seal it with propolis. After extraction, apply it to the affected areas;
  • Medicinal ointment. Knead 3 parts, juniper (berries) with 1 part nettle and combine it with oil of animal origin. The finished product to RUB into joints several times a day;
  • Compress. To put the pellets prepared from clay on the affected joints with a thickness of 2 cm and wrapped up with cellophane and a woolen scarf to keep 3 hours to Do daily;
  • Broth. Take a glass of 200 gr. water 2 h/l of sheets of cranberries and boil for 20 minutes. To drink instead of tea throughout the day.
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To completely get rid of the disease treatments should not be performed less than a month. During cooking recipes it is important to observe all the proportions and rules of preparation of medicines.

Preventive measures

To prevent the development of inflammatory processes in the joints requires preventive measures which are:

  1. The hardening of the body as a whole;
  2. Properly balanced diet, which prevents the development of obesity;
  3. Healthy living – the failure of the od of alcoholic beverages, prevention of stress, trauma, and severe overloading of the joints (all good, when in moderation).

Significantly reduce the pressure on the joints can losing even a few pounds, so people with excess body weight shows moderate exercise.

It is also necessary in the prevention visit your doctor regularly to control the uric acid level and not trigger the disease, which can cause joint damage.

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