Inflammation of the knee joint

Inflammation of the knee joint – a nasty disease that needs to be immediately treated, as soon as the first symptoms. There is the traditional treatment but is common and removal of the inflammatory process folk remedies. Inflammation can conventional antibiotics, however, without medical advice it is not worth doing. To treat the affected knee joints of folk remedies should also be only after consultation with a specialist.

The capsule of the knee joint, connecting bone has an outer and inner layer. Outside it is covered with a fibrous substance, connected by ligaments with muscles, firmly fixed. Inside is a network of blood vessels and lymph ducts. Inside the capsule produces synovial fluid, which prevents friction in bone heads. It is the inner elements of the capsule affected if the inflammation of the knee joint. The inflammatory process has a name of the characteristic symptoms. Treatment of folk remedies or drugs depends on the type of inflammation.Воспаление коленного сустава

Why can inflamed knee

Inflammation of the knee joint may occur for various reasons. There is a direct correlation between the pathology and prerequisites of its development.

  • The effects of trauma. The presence of post-traumatic arthritis are fraught with long-term inflammatory process in the knee. If the patient has suffered a torn meniscus, damaged ligament, got a crack in the bone, within a few years may slow the development of inflammation. Externally, it manifests itself as symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Chronic disease. The articular cartilage of the knee breaks down under the influence of processes related rheumatoid arthritis. Affects both the knee joint, it is therefore necessary to relieve inflammation and to treat the patient comprehensively. The disease develops at any age.
  • Osteoarthritis. Traditionally a disease of older people. The degenerative process affects the articular cartilage. Their depletion leads to the appearance of the inflammatory process.
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To identify the causal factors necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. According to her results, the doctor sets the source of the pathology, analyzes the symptoms, prescribes treatment. Under diagnostics there is a collection of knee fluid for analysis, a visual inspection of the knee. The removal of synovial fluid is performed under local anesthesia, because the procedure gives the patient pain. When the cause is well established, the doctor prescribes a medical or surgical events, recommends as additional measures of treatment folk remedies.

Medical error in diagnosis may cost the patient’s health. Therefore, it is advisable to seek decent medical facilities with highly qualified personnel, modern medical-diagnostic equipment.

Treat a sore knee

Surgical treatment of the inflammatory process is rarely used when the symptoms indicate the inability to resolve problems in other ways. Signs of inflammation due to the presence of osteoarthritis are manifested in disorders of blood circulation cartilage. Occurs a fragment, breaking off small fragments. These debris and cause inflammation, so medication and folk remedies in this situation is impossible to help. Only required surgical treatment – removal of the cleaved fragments using the arthroscope.

Drug therapy is used almost always, it is aimed at blocking the development of the inflammatory process, reducing the volume of fluid in the joint. In parallel, with the consent of the doctors used a treatment of folk remedies. It is important to know that the home therapy should not just eliminate the symptoms, but to influence the source of the problem.

Воспаление коленного суставаIn addition to taking anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs charges, the affected joint is fixed with a special bandage. It is used to limit movements. Special popliteal fixtures fix the meniscus in a stationary position. Forced immobilization is carried out for medical reasons and lasts for about a week.

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After removal of acute pain is assigned physiotherapy, massage, remedial actions. If therapeutic measures have been chosen correctly, the symptoms of inflammation gradually disappear. Starting to recover the mobility of knee joint. Local massage treatments help to normalize muscle tone, improve nutrition and blood circulation of the joint. To avoid recurrent symptoms after treatment of inflammation, exercise should be strictly limited. It is advisable to comply with the therapeutic diet, eliminating fatty and spicy food, excessive consumption of salt.

Among the folk remedies that are effectively helps in inflammation:

  • pine buds;
  • calendula;
  • flax seeds;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • cranberries.

Pine buds are mixed and triturated with sugar, insist week in a dark place, and then rubbed into the diseased joint. Gathering cranberries, Hypericum, calendula, Flaxseed mix, pour boiling water and infuse. Applied topically as rubbing or the inside of a teaspoon a day for 3-4 reception. Nettle infusion helps to stop the inflammatory process, is used as a means of long-term therapy, take it at least a month.

Treatment home remedies useful reasonable balanced with medication. This requires consultation of the doctor.