Inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The symptoms and treatment of sciatica

Sciatica is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The symptoms and treatment of sciatica

Sciatica or neuralgia is an inflammatory disease of the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica is not an independent disease, but a complex of symptoms caused by pathological processes in the lumbosacral spine. Due to degenerative changes in the spine is compressed the sciatic nerve roots emerging from the spine.

The main function of the sciatic nerve innervation of the entire lower extremity. Due to the pinched nerve the patient feels pain in the course of the nerve: thigh, popliteal fossa, lower leg, foot.

But location of pain is in the buttock, at the exit of the sciatic nerve at the same time he lumbosacral patient may not be disturbed.

Causes of sciatica (sciatica, sciatica).

  • Intervertebral hernia. The nucleus pulposus of the disc beyond the boundary of the annulus, squeezing the nerve root. The main cause of herniated lumbar disc are degenerative and age-related changes of the organism, or trauma and abrupt movement of the spine.
  • Low back pain, i.e., degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs. As a result of these changes purposee — dries, decreasing the gap between the vertebrae, compression and inflammation of the sciatic nerve.
  • The narrowing of the spinal canal. Spinal lumbar stenosis is the natural aging process in General. Occurs overgrowth of the soft tissues, weakening of the muscular corset and bulging of the intervertebral disc, the result is compression of the nerve roots.
  • Pregnancy. In women, the significant increase in weight may occur the displacement of the center of gravity, plus the hormonal changes and as a result sciatica. Attack of sciatica less vulnerable women involved in the special physical exercises.
  • Excessively high physical load on the spine.
  • Sharp and long-lasting hypothermia the lumbar region.
  • The displacement of the intervertebral discs due to an unfortunate turn back, a sudden movement or injury. Even with a slight fracture of the vertebral body of one vertebra slides off another, squeezing the nerve root.
  • Spinal cord tumor

  • Viral infection of the sciatic nerve.
  • The symptoms of neuralgia of the sciatic nerve
  • The main symptom of sciatica is pain along the entire foot.
  • The pain starts with a pass from the lumbar region up to the heel. It occurs abruptly, sometimes quite suddenly.
  • But more often the disease begins gradually with mild pain and discomfort in the lumbar. Slight pain, heaviness, fatigue in back – patients are often considered to be simple exhaustion.
  • The duration of the pain can reach a few days.
  • Disturbed motor activity of man. The pain deprives a person to sit, stand, bend over and even lie.
  • Sometimes there is a loss of sensation in the lower limbs.
  • There is a sharp stabbing pain in different places of the feet.
  • Limited movement when bending the knee or raising of the foot.
  • The pain increases with movement and does not subside alone.
  • There is a feeling of «crawling» on the skin.
  • In bed the patient tries to bend the affected leg at the knee and pull her to him, that entails some reduction in pain.
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Diagnosis inflammation of the sciatic nerve

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The disease is diagnosed by a physician through visual inspection and patient history. To confirm the diagnosis is performed computed tomography, fluoroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging.

Sometimes patients do not rush for help to the experts and ourselves as the treatment starts to apply ointments and pain relievers. But local treatment (in the course of the sciatic nerve) or does not bring relief, or providing temporary assistance.

Necessary to treat not consequence of illness, and illness that originates in the lumbar spine.

Treatment for sciatica is aimed at

  • The release of the strangulated nerve endings
  • Elimination of pain syndrome
  • Elimination of muscle spasms
  • Improved trophism of muscle and nerve tissues and metabolic processes
  • Cleansing the cells from toxins
  • Rehabilitation of the spine, lower limbs and pelvic organs

The selection of treatment methods is conducted strictly individually. To achieve stable remission the duration of treatment may be 6 to 12 weeks.

Sciatica — comprehensive treatment of the disease.

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In the treatment of inflammation of the sciatic nerve use a combination of medication, physiotherapy and exercises that you can perform at home. A few words read more about how to treat sciatica:

  • The patient should minimize all physical activity
  • The use of painkillers. This is the first but not the primary phase of treatment
  • The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduces inflammation of the affected area, reduces compression of the nerve root.
  • Manual impact – often decisive factor in the treatment.
  • Acupuncture
  • Hand massage
  • Reflexology
  • A course of physiotherapy
  • Vacuum therapy
  • Applying warming ointments and drugs (read more about ointments)
  • Hirudotherapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Phytotherapy with the use of sedative infusions
  • Water aerobics
  • Yoga
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In the acute period of the disease to warm the lumbar region is not recommended, this leads to increased swelling and delay the recovery process.

During an acute attack of neuralgia justified the use of successive alternation of heat and cold. Cold hot water bottle will relieve acute inflammation, and heat will improve blood flow.

To surgical methods of treatment rarely begin, because conservative methods of treatment have a quite effective effect.

Treatment of sciatica folk remedies is also yielding results.

  • Warm baths with bromine, sage, chamomile, knotweed.
  • Rubbing of the ill parts badger or bear fat.
  • During remission, you can go to the sauna and sweating a birch broom.
  • Lubricate sore spots of melted beeswax and wrap it with cling film.
  • RUB the oil of St. John’s wort, marjoram or lavender.
  • To drink tea from birch leaves, juniper, black elder.
  • To remove salts used infusion of parsley and rose hips, which have diuretic properties. After applying the infusion reduced swelling, decreased inflammation of nerve roots.

When the pain subsided the patient must do physical therapy. Active movement is very important to restore blood circulation in the lower extremities.
In fitness activities should pay attention to strengthening the abdominal muscles and back. Strong muscular corset will further support the vertebrae in proper position.

Stretching of hamstrings muscles and the intervertebral ligaments will help prevent stiffness and improve flexibility throughout the body.

In all diseases of the back are very useful position of the embryo or fetus.

You need to lie on your back, bend your knees, press their hands to his chest. In this position, you must have been sitting for a few minutes. This position is well relieves stress in the lumbar spine.

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Swimming lessons unload the spine, strengthen the muscles of the whole body, return to good health.

Prevention of inflammation of the sciatic nerve

  • Correction of posture disorders in childhood.
  • Elimination of asymmetry of the body by manual therapy.
  • Reasonable sports and the strengthening of the muscle corset.
  • Consumption of food rich in calcium, magnesium and a full complement of vitamins.
  • To strengthen the arms and stretch the spine, hanging on the bar.
  • Lift weights by the method of lifters to carry the load on the legs without involving the spine.
  • Simple deflections of the back, standing on all fours, will improve the figure and strengthen the back muscles.

A sedentary lifestyle weakens the back muscles weaken them harder to keep the back upright. The spine perenapravljaetsja, and develop the disease. But problems can be avoided if you do the stretching, do the exercises, play sports, and monitor posture.