Injections back pain Movalis: the matching dose for different ailments

Уколы от боли в спине мовалис: подходящие дозы при разных недугах

A new generation of drugs that have low side effects, added another drug called Movalis. It’s shots from back pain, although there is another release form — tablets.

The drug relates to means to remove inflammation in the patient. If you rely on the opinions of doctors and patients, it is worth noting that this drug has good obezbolivatmi effect and can be used as antipyretic. The main mechanism of action of drugs — reducing the level of prostaglandins. In result decreases the activity of enzymes.

Solution for intramuscular injection is used to treat the following diseases:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • Bechterew’s disease.

For patients undergoing long-term therapy, this drug has an optimal duration of action. The patient is administered injections only once a day. Feedback about the use of this drug from patients and physicians the best. Medication calmly tolerated because of the softness of its effects on the body and effective analgesia with simultaneous removal of inflammation.

Patients also indicate that in 65% of cases use injections Movalis in osteochondrosis observed improvement, which persisted quite a long time. In the opinion of the people using Movalis, this treatment has one weakness: relatively high price, which is quite kompensiruet the effectiveness of the drug on the patient.

Form release Movalis

Manufacturer markets a medicine in different forms: in the form of injections, suppositories, suspensions and tablets. Injections — the most effective and fast-acting form of the therapeutic agent. They are successfully used in the relief of acute pain attacks in patients.

As the injection allows components of drugs accurately and quickly get to the right place, the effect of anesthesia in the application of injections several times higher than the use of pills. But if you refer to the opinions of treating doctors, we can point to the fact that regular intramuscular injections can cause various damages in the muscle fibers. This fact allows to use the injections on a regular basis. The recommended combination of periods of use pills and injections.

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Уколы от боли в спине мовалис: подходящие дозы при разных недугах

Tablets can be used during remission and injection — an exacerbation of the disease. Sometimes it is possible to use candles or suspensions, but they are not recommended in acute diseases of the rectum.

The use of drugs and restrictions on the use

In the form of injections medicine can be applied within 3-4 days. Then I must move on to other types, e.g., spark plugs or suspension. For quick pain relief the drug is administered by intramuscular injection. The severity of pain and the depth of inflammatory processes in the patient’s body depends on the dose of the drug. Its value ranges from 7.5 to 15 mg per day. To the patient without special knowledge to determine the amount of the dose difficult, so it is better not to self-medicate but to consult your doctor to avoid overdose or eliminate side effects.

As this medicine is prolonged use and increased dose can lead to the development of different adverse events, doctors recommend to use it in the smallest possible quantities at the lowest possible time. Movalis in the form of injections must never be mixed in the same syringe with other drugs, so the risk of incompatibilities between drugs. It is forbidden to enter it intravenously.

Not recommended for use injections Movalis to treat patients suffering from such forms of disease, such as acute renal failure. If you still decided their use for the treatment of such a patient, the daily rate should not exceed 7 mg. Drug Movalis cannot be used for the treatment of children under 16 years of age.
Уколы от боли в спине мовалис: подходящие дозы при разных недугах

Recommended doses for various diseases

Dose of Movalis is established by the attending physician depending on the severity of the disease and in the General case have the following dimensions.

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  • Daily dose for osteoarthritis (injections and tablets) 7.5 mg. If possible use candles, they are used in an amount of 15 mg. up To this figure can be raised if needed and dose of injections and tablets.
  • If a person is concerned about rheumatoid arthritis, the day is prescribed to 15 mg. After removal of the major symptoms of the disease the amount taken per day medication was reduced to 7.5 mg.
  • Injections osteochondrosis should only be used for the relief of pain. One-time dose in this case is equal to 7, 5 mg.
  • The same parameters are recommended for pain in the cervical.
  • Herniation of the spine the first 3 days are assigned to 15 mg daily, then dose decreased to 7.5 mg.
  • Injections back pain produced in the same way as in osteochondrosis.
  • In ankylosing spondylitis the early days, the utilization rate of medication — 15 mg. After removal of the main symptoms of the disease need to reduce it to 7.5 mg per day.
  • If the patient has an increased risk of side effects, it per day given not more than 7 mg. This same dose is recommended for patients with renal insufficiency.
  • The maximum dose in the form of tablets or injections for children manufacturer is not defined. Reviews allow doctors to recommend this drug for teenagers 13 and older. The desired dose is in the form of 0.2 mg for every 1 kg of weight of the child, and the maximum number should not exceed 15 mg per day.

    Injections make the injection, as tablets are taken during meals. They can’t be chewed and it is necessary to drink plenty of water.

    Contraindications and side effects

    The drug is not prescribed for such categories of patients: pregnant women and breast-feeding; children under 16 years of age. Movalis may not be used for the treatment of patients suffering from the following ailments:

    • duodenal ulcer;
    • various disturbances of liver function;
    • the symptoms of kidney failure;
    • aggravation of stomach ulcers;
    • the formation of intramuscular hematoma in patients who used anticoagulants;
    • allergic to non-steroidal drugs;
    • heart disease and blood vessels.
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    A long course of treatment with Movalis may cause adverse reactions to the drug. The manufacturer conducted a survey and examined the impact of medication on 3800 patients. The side effects from taking this means:

    Уколы от боли в спине мовалис: подходящие дозы при разных недугах

    Injection into the diseased joint for the relief of acute attacks

  • 1.2% of the cases people have emerged diarrhea, constipation of different nature, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, appearance of abdominal pain.
  • Changes in the composition of blood was observed in 1.3% of cases, signs of anemia was detected in 1,1% of patients.
  • On the skin in people taking the drug, noted the appearance of symptoms of urticaria and itching, possible symptoms of thrush.
  • May cause tinnitus.
  • Marked by rare cases of changes of the kidneys.
  • In some patients that have used Movalis in osteochondrosis, marked headaches and dizziness.
  • With prolonged use of medication possible reaction of the cardiovascular system of the patient in the form of edema (1.2% of patients).
  • Reported cases of high blood pressure and palpitations.
  • To apply Movalis on recommendations of the attending physician. Thus it is necessary to strictly comply with the medication.