Injections back pain: use drugs

Уколы от боли в спине: применяемые препаратыIn medical statistics, back pain is a very common problem, which occurs in 70% of the population. The most effective way of treatment in acute illness — shots from back pain. The cause of pain can become a range of diseases of the spine. Injection of appropriate drugs can bring relief and improve the condition of the patient.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned diseases can be divided into two types: those that affect bone and those that apply to soft tissue. Of course, to diagnose the cause of lower back pain in the hospital, as well as find the method to resolve it. So do not delay with the visit to the doctor.

Medications used for back pain

Unfortunately, people have a very flippant attitude to issues such as lower back pain. People go to a pharmacy and simply buy the first ointment from spine or more vials with a medicinal solution for injections for pain in the back. But such actions are simply unacceptable. Your health should be treated reasonably and to trust drug specialist.

For each patient suffering from back pain, doctors select the treatment individually. As a rule, in acute pain attacks prescribed injections from back pain. The most common drugs used in such cases, treat analgesic series. This injection cetanol, voltaren, diclofenac. These drugs do not belong to the pain with one application. Substances inject complex to exert a powerful influence.

Уколы от боли в спине: применяемые препаратыDoctors try not to prescribe injections from back pain for a period longer than is necessary for the reason that the injection relieves inflammation in the afflicted areas, but destroys the internal organs. Therefore, injection can be considered medical «heavy artillery».

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Common painkillers that are used exclusively for fast removing pain, is the shot of novocaine and also lidocaine. These substances have long presented on the pharmaceutical market and managed to prove its effectiveness. These drugs are also used in such medical fields as dentistry, gynaecology, surgery etc.

After the injection of the analgesic will help to numb the affected area of the body, the doctor will conduct diagnostic tests.

The next stage of treatment after injection, as a rule, becomes the course of taking the pills. Good to use the ointment. But all drugs should be selected extremely doctor based on diagnosis, self-medication is unacceptable.

Possible causes of pain in the lower back

Уколы от боли в спине: применяемые препараты

The complex of b vitamins helps to cope with acute episodes of pain

As mentioned above, the character of the pain depends on its nature. If the cause of pain sensations become pathological changes of the connective, the cartilage, the pain is cutting in nature. In this case, appointed injections of chondroprotectors. Drugs of this series do not possess analgesic properties, they immediately started to restore the affected tissues. Such medicinal substances are very expensive, so people are often interested in analogues of these injections for pain in the back.

Surprisingly, for back pain can cause even a weakened immune system, although this problem is commonly treated without undue severity. So, the doctors say that in case of a strong reduction in the level of immunity to eat the garlic and berries small. To resolve back pain of this nature, doctors will prescribe a course of vitamins C, B1, B6 and B12. Besides often apply taktivin and injections of sodium. They are quite heavy for the perception of the body, but still in some cases treated in this way is necessary. Back requires special attention.

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Symptoms that indicate a complicated course of disease and the inability to do without the injections:

  • The inability to transfer household physical activity because of pain.
  • Pain weakness throughout the body and numbness of the limbs or of the spine.
  • Tingling in hands and feet.
  • Incontinence.
  • If any of the above symptoms are accompanied by lower back pain, treatment must take into account these circumstances. It is necessary to tell the doctor. The doctor will select the appropriate drugs, given that the shots from back pain is complex in its composition.

    Drugs from different pharmacological groups are not entered simultaneously, as this can cause unintended side effects because of the incompatibility of drugs.

    Correct drug administration

    It should be noted that injections to relieve pain in the spine must be carried out by a health worker in special education. This shot is a complex procedure, which involves the introduction of specific drugs into the body. In case of non-professional intervention possible side effect and the worsening condition of the patient. The injection is done only after the pre-was carried out allergic test drug.

    Injections are different because they are entered as intramuscularly and intravenously. It all depends on the disease and composition of the drug used. In special cases, injections are made directly into the soft tissue adjacent to the spine to speed up the action of the substance.

    Thus, back pain can be quickly and effectively overcome by using a properly sized treatment. If the patient cares about their health, and to pick up medications for the spine, based on medical literature. But it can be done solely in order to discuss with your doctor the effectiveness of a particular drug. We must remember that self-appoint themselves injections unacceptable.

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    You can design the back using a set of special exercises. But the doctors rule out this treatment option during the application of some injections for pain in the back, so the caution will not hurt. Always consult your doctor before you start modeling.