Injections for joints: drugs, hernia and gout

Уколы для суставов: лекарства при грыже и подагреBack pain feels almost everyone. Caused by this symptom may be various reasons. In some cases, this nerve damage, muscle strain, cartilage destruction, inflammation of the joint. In certain situations the cause of back pain may be a violation of the internal organs.

The pain can occur as a result of injury or manifestation of the disease. Frequent heavy lifting or prolonged exercise provoke the manifestation of this symptom. Injections for joints is a proven method of treatment of the disease and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

The use of a solution of milgamma

Shots milgamma is a powerful tool that allows you to get rid of pain. This effect is achieved due to the high content of vitamins in the product. In one ampoule of the medication contains useful elements more than they need the human body, several times. The introduction of such a quantity of useful elements helps to eliminate pain. In the body starts normalization of neurons, and the inflow and outflow of blood in the affected area improves.

The injections have a positive effect due to the fact that every element that is part of the solution, its own effect on the disease. Vitamin B1 helps to normalize energy metabolism in tissues. Vitamin B6 activates all types of metabolism and promotes the accumulation and distribution of nutrients.

These components complement and reinforce each other’s action. Due to this neutralization of gout in the back normalizerbase metabolism. This gives the possibility of damaged nervous tissue to regenerate and reduces pain. In addition, the composition of milgamma include other components, which have an analgesic effect.

Уколы для суставов: лекарства при грыже и подагре

Solution milgamma quickly get rid of the pain in the joint

Such intra-articular injections are composed and vitamin b 12. This is a very strong analgesic element, which blocks the painful cramps of varying strength. Shots milgamma are introduced mostly in muscle tissue, not the joint. Because of this drug can act not only locally, but also fruitfully influence the adjacent organs.

Strengthen the treatment effect by additional administration of the anesthetic. It is applied locally and relieves pain.

The purpose of injections

What diseases involve the use of such injections? Almost everything. Back pain can be caused by a disorder of the nervous system, and to restore the necessary elements contained in the solution milgamma. To treat the soreness caused by pumping under pressure or pinched nerve channel in any part of the spine, is simply impossible without milgamma.

Such pain may occur when spinal disk herniation or osteochondrosis. In this case, the injured vertebrae, and the distance between them decreases. A similar process can be caused by any other previous disease of the back, and frequent heavy lifting.

Уколы для суставов: лекарства при грыже и подагре

The foot during an acute attack of gout

In any case, infringement of nerve endings and the development of a herniated disc. Shots milgamma are part of a comprehensive treatment of such diseases. They are aimed at the removal of pain, reduction of joint inflammation and expansion of the distance between the vertebrae.

To use a solution of milgamma as a pain medication doctors also recommended in the acute form of gout. This disease is caused by lack of certain elements in the body, which leads to the formation of the characteristic gouty nodes. Solution milgamma gout is not a cure for this disease and to cure it will not help, but remove the pain that are caused as a result of inflammation of newly formed nodes.

If time does not stop the progression of the disease, it can be transformed into an acute form of arthritis. This will cause inflammation and pain spread to the joints. For pain the doctor may prescribe the patient injections of milgamma.

Intra-articular injections of novocaine and lidocaine

Novocaine and lidocaine are widely used to relieve painful syndromes in various diseases.Drugs are injected into muscle tissue around the affected area itself or in the inflamed joint. Such administration of drugs for pain are called closures. The therapeutic effect they do not have, but the dull pain.

Уколы для суставов: лекарства при грыже и подагреThe use of these drugs for gout no sense. These medications are more suited for elimination of pain syndrome with inflammation of the joints, when the patient starts a sharp pain in a specific area of the body and must be immediately addressed. The action of procaine and lidocaine is very short. Anesthetic effect lasts only half an hour. But this is often enough with a sharp single inflammation of the joints. For half an hour pain-induced spasm usually disappear.

But not all pains can be used such injections. For some patients, the use of such drugs may be unsafe. If a person has myasthenia gravis, a disorder of the liver, individual intolerance of drugs, increased sensitivity to the action of novocaine, hypotension or bradycardia, the use of such injections is prohibited.

In case of intolerance to medicines need to choose another drug that will reduce pain in the affected area.

Glucocorticoids for the treatment of

This group of drugs widely used to neutralize the painful sensations that can be provoked by various factors. In all injuries of the joints (arthrosis, osteochondrosis, arthritis, bursitis) these medicines are used as injections in the damaged area, for example, in the hip joint. Glucocorticoid drugs are aimed at addressing not only localized pain but also for strengthening overall health.

To cure the patient from gout or arthritis, they can not. But they are a good relieve swelling, provoke the reduction of inflammation. The manifestation of gout patient starts to develop inflamed nodules in various parts of the body. Glucocorticoid drugs contribute to their reduction, but are unable to provoke their complete disappearance.
Уколы для суставов: лекарства при грыже и подагре
That is why using such medications is usually in combination with medicines that are able to eliminate the cause of the disease, not just symptoms.
Glucocorticoids are hormonal preparations, therefore, need to apply them with caution. Usually patient is prescribed these medications in this category:

  • hydrocortisone;
  • diprospan;
  • kenalog;
  • celeston;
  • flosteron.

Use these drugs do not treatment to relieve symptoms in the acute phase of the disease. For example, in the process of aggravation of arthritis in the articular capsule there is too much synovial fluid, which does not allow a person to move normally and restricts the functioning of the knee. In this case, the use of glucocorticoid injections will provoke the destruction of this liquid and allow to continue the treatment.

Apply such injections only if the patient has inflammation and pain, which need to be addressed. Use of glucocorticoids for prevention of gout or any other diseases. Initially patient do one injection and wait for the result. Depending on how to react to the drug the joints, the doctor decides to continue the rehabilitation course or not. Use glucocorticoids only 1 time in 2 weeks.

Frequent use of hormones can seriously compromise health. In the treatment of cartilage desirable to remove the pain syndrome by glucocorticoids. They inhibit regeneration.

Hyaluronic acid gout and osteoarthritis

The use of hyaluronic acid injections to relieve pain and restore normal functioning of the joints has become the norm in modern medicine. Hyaluronic acid is used for the treatment and reconstruction of destroyed tissues of the body. To preparations of this type include:

  • ostenil;
  • permatron;
  • duralan;
  • Crispin gel.

During treatment osteoarthritis medication containing hyaluronic acid are injected into the joint capsule. There they perform the role of the natural synovial fluid. Destruction of cartilage is mainly due to the fact that it is not wetted hyaluronic acid. Such injections restore the natural balance, preventing the crumbling of the cartilage and stimulate its regeneration.

Gout injections of hyaluronic acid are introduced infrequently. The treatment of this disease should be aimed at removing knots. However, in the case inflamed if clots were destroyed, and the place of their formation remained damaged tissue, like injections may be administered to regenerate local areas of the body. Gout can affect the joints, but in this case, the disease begins to transform into one of the forms of arthritis or other disease. At this stage the use of injections of hyaluronic acid is more than justified.

The use of such drugs contributes to the restoration of not only cartilage. After the course of treatments the patient has markedly improved the flexibility of the joints, as ligaments. Muscle tissue adjacent to the site of inflammation, it becomes less susceptible to spasm.

The use of hyaluronic acid is possible only when you pre-eliminated pain, swelling and swelling. Otherwise, when injected into the inflamed joint acid will be destroyed very quickly, and treatment will not bring results.

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