Instructions for using the pepper patch osteochondrosis

Pepper patch: treat low back pain without drugs

The term osteochondrosis has already taken root in our vocabulary.

People dubbed this as «calcination», which, in principle, decode the root cause of pain in the neck, back, waist.

Treating osteochondrosis in different ways. Here, numerous range of medications and alternative medicine, and folk methods.

We offer you an alternative to pain medication is a well known and undeservedly forgotten pepper patch.

I have to say: capsicum plaster cannot replace medical treatment, but as a support tool it is indispensable.

When you can use pepper patch?

Indications for the use of pepper patch is quite extensive. This:

  • Myositis;
  • Sciatica;
  • Lumbodynia;
  • Neuralgia.

All these States not that other, as a result of osteochondrosis. That is problems in the spine provoke pain in one area or another.

How it works?

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Capsicum plaster provides local irritant and analgesic action. The capsicum contained in it by a strong irritation of the skin increases blood circulation in the overlap area of the patch. Extract of belladonna relieves muscle spasm.

Thus, it is not only edema of the tissues surrounding a pinched nerve, but normal nutrition of the tissues surrounding the intervertebral discs.

Ease of use can be considered a nice feature of medical treatments, the principle of which consists in the complete removal of pain by irritation of the skin.

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How to use a pepper patch? Brief usage instructions

To know where and how to glue the patch, it is necessary to precisely determine the localization of the pain.

For example, if low back pain worsened in the neck — ache and shoulder muscle, and the upper limb. The patch is to be applied on the neck area because it is where begins and innervation of the painful areas.

Pain in the thoracic spine (the pain may radiate under the shoulder blade in the shoulder, to give brush) – apply the patch to the thoracic spine.

Lumbar pain – lower back.

You can apply a patch directly on the area of most severe pain. Of course, it will subside, but if in the spinal division of the nerve remains pinched, the pain will come back very soon.

Now, how to put capsicum plaster properly and how to hold it. So:

  1. The skin at the site of the proposed overlay patch wipe any alcohol solution (vodka, Cologne, etc.);
  2. Wipe the skin dry;
  3. Remove the patch from its packaging, remove the protective film and apply on the area of pain. Try to keep when applying the patch was not formed folds and wrinkles;
  4. After 48 hours, remove the patch. Re-apply the pepper plaster can be 12 hours.

The effectiveness of capsicum plaster is quite high, but if you use it is necessary to consider the contraindications to its use. This:

  • Children’s age;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Skin diseases or injuries of the skin;
  • Individual intolerance.

Summarizing, we can say that the treatment of spinal problems is a complex joint work of the specialists and the patient, therefore, should not be ignored as Your doctor’s recommendations, and additional methods of feedback that will help You to achieve faster results.