Is it possible to do massage for herniated: types and technology

Можно ли делать массаж при межпозвоночной грыже: виды и техники

Is it possible to do massage for the spinal hernia? The patient’s spine has a very negative impact on the human body. Primarily a disease gets in blood circulation and nervous system, and internal organs. Very unpleasant disease of the back, which gives a person a lot of painful moments, is a disc herniation. Onset of the disease occurs when the minor pain and some stiffness in the movements, but the development of the disease leads to disability.

For treatment, experts recommend a range of activities: drug therapy, special treatment, massage, gymnastics. But if the disease is running form, then only an operation will help. Massage for herniated allowed only on the primary and secondary stages of the disease. If the disease is severe, massage is contraindicated.

Suffering from hernia of the spine not required in all cases to lie on the operating table. First doctor trying to fix things with the help of conservative methods of treatment. However, many patients have doubts about whether you can do massage with a herniated spine. In any case, all decisions on treatment should take a doctor. And if a thorough examination reveals that the procedure has no contraindications, the massage may be prescribed.

There are many factors that can cause spinal disc herniation, for example, falling from a height, heavy lifting, etc. This pathology of the ridge not only causes unpleasant sensation of pain in the back, but also leads to other sort of ailments. For example, a herniated the cervical spine, the patient almost constantly sick and dizzy, my ears sometimes buzz, and in some cases developed dystonia. A herniated in the thoracic spine has a negative impact on the body, resulting in poorly functioning internal organs, in many parts of the body loses sensitivity.

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Why do you need a massage therapist

Можно ли делать массаж при межпозвоночной грыже: виды и техники

After therapeutic massage of the back muscles that support it in the right position, is much stronger. The course is usually prescribed for 10 days, conducted 1 session per day.

Important point: you should not do massage for herniated independently or Amateur massage therapist, as it can only go in harm. If at the time of the session will start sharp pain, then the process should stop. It is impossible to massage legs and arms if they suffer a herniated lumbar spine. Massage in this disease should be as a Supplement to the main complex of treatment, which will prescribe the doctor. Everything else, you need to take anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Back massage with a herniated intervertebral disc is necessary to:

  • to reduce pain;
  • to eliminate muscle tension;
  • to normalize the General circulation.

Before you begin a massage with a herniated spine, it is important to know the following rules:

Можно ли делать массаж при межпозвоночной грыже: виды и техники

  • On the eve of sessions need to consult with the doctor vertebrologist.
  • Massage with spinal hernia should be done by an experienced specialist. Only he knows how to do it right.
  • During the procedure the patient should be in a comfortable position.
  • Not to RUB and knead the sore spots, all the movements should be gentle.
  • Massage should not be very sore, or the muscles around the intervertebral hernia.
  • If the patient has an acute hernia of the spine, accompanied by severe pain, if you have hypertension, 2 and 3 degrees, diseases of the skin, cancer of internal organs, pregnancy if there has been a General unfavorable condition of the patient, especially the presence of elevated temperature, massage is strictly prohibited.

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    Types of massage and techniques

    A restorative massage. This type of procedure involves rubbing and kneading the back of the patient. All the while will be held back massage herniation, the patient should be in a position to make him comfortable. As a result of the treatments in the tissues, significantly improved blood circulation and nutrition. Out all the accumulated fluid, and the joints will become more mobile.

    Swedish massage. It is based on ancient methods. It is the massaging of the upper layers of the muscle tissue in which stretching all the seals. Is gentle technique: you can do massage for a long time and very carefully bent the pads of my fingers.

    Segmental massage. The effects on the body are affected paravertebral points. Is this acupressure herniation of the spine for about 30 minutes. It has some similarities with bracing, but gives a much greater effect because massaged a selected small areas of the body.

    Cupping massage. This type of procedure gives the effect comparable with the result of visiting the baths or saunas. Put banks help to normalize blood circulation and eliminate muscular hypertonicity and expel the excess fluid from the body. Massage cupping is accompanied by a constant flowing movements upwards in the direction of the physiological course of blood and lymphatic vessels. The time of each such session should be no more than 15 minutes. The impact mainly on biologically active points.

    Можно ли делать массаж при межпозвоночной грыже: виды и техники

    Honey massage. This is a very useful procedure in which the body is processed by fir honey or palm oil. Prescribed if there are neurological manifestations that have complications of a herniated spine. Use only natural honey, artificial is not recommended.

    Much lighter and easier to prevent a ruptured disk than to spend time and money on her treatment. In order that the disease has not touched you or any of your loved ones, you should strengthen the back. Very useful to do morning exercises and a jog, take a contrast shower and do other necessary exercises.