Is it possible to run with a herniated spine and how to treat the disease

Hernia of the spine is one of the most common diseases in people, not limiting yourself to physical exertion. However, even such a diagnosis is not a death sentence. Herniation of the spine is absolutely not hurt small physical activity.

Можно ли бегать при грыже позвоночника и как лечить болезнь

Spinal disk herniation occurs as a consequence of rupture of the ring of the vertebrae, leading to compression of the nerve root

How to behave when a given diagnosis

The patient should follow the following rules:

  • Physical exertion should be minimized.
  • Any exercise that requires sudden or asymmetrical movements of the body, to eliminate.
  • Hiking should be an integral part of the daily routine.
  • Sport activities are possible, but you will have to choose the most suitable to the situation and form of the disease workout.
  • Optimum athletic performance of a herniated spine — Eastern swimming and gymnastics. Requires special attention and Nordic walking. The advantage of this sport is to do it at any age and in any physical training, and this is extremely important for elderly patients.

    Nordic walking is a type of aerobics with gentle strain on the body. The only effort that is required from the person to find the strength not to miss your daily workout. And the results will appear very soon:

    • significantly strengthened the muscles of the back;
    • will take excess fat layer, creating an additional load on the spine;
    • blood pressure is normalized.

    Можно ли бегать при грыже позвоночника и как лечить болезнь

    Athletes are Nordic walking

    In order for Nordic walking have produced the expected effect, it is important to choose the right outfit. Clothing for walking should be easy and convenient, does not restrict movement. If we are talking about classes in the winter, and make sure to have on gloves, which should have an antisliding covering. In addition, Nordic walking involves the presence of supporting poles, which are selected based on the growth of trainees. The perfect solution — stick, reaching to about mid-forearm. In this case, the load will be distributed evenly on the human body and its musculoskeletal system.

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    Nordic walking — a simple lesson. But at first it requires significant concentration. Barely started training, do not immediately try to work in full force, to the rhythm of experienced athletes.

    Nordic walking is the right rhythm and technique of the movements that will be the key to recovery. Feel relief can be after a few sessions.

    That is strictly forbidden when the hernia

    Hernia of the spine, like a number of other diseases, requires a careful supervision of medical personnel. However, in spite of all prohibitions — many patients to self-assigns his physiotherapy, which is running. Most doctors are adamantly opposed to classes of this kind, because the running is constant impact load on the spine.

    However, there is another, completely opposite opinion. They believe that the so-called Jogging — low speed and very gentle movements — ability to maintain the body in good shape and promote a speedy recovery. But to engage in such a sport hernia spine should only support a corset specially adapted Shoe with a shock-absorbing effect. If the disease is in the acute stage, from all sorts of physical activity will have to give up completely! The only thing that allowed the doctors is walking, but not more hours in the day.

    Можно ли бегать при грыже позвоночника и как лечить болезнь

    Strength exercises on the bar is prohibited

    Another highly controversial method of exposure of the spine are the classes on the horizontal bar. They help the rapid stretching of back muscles, improve its flexibility. But keep in mind that you need to avoid strength exercises that require prolonged or sudden loads on the spine.

    Engaging in Jogging or practicing on the bar, the man should feel only a pleasant warmth in all muscles, but in any case not pain.

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    How to treat a hernia at home

    Correct and effective treatment of a herniated spine only appoint a doctor. He’ll do it on the basis of the passed tests and obtained the clinical picture. Treatments at home are recommended only in case if the need for surgical intervention is completely eliminated. After receiving permission from the home treatment, the patient should not engage in running or other physical exertion.

    Initially, you need to properly organize your life. Attention should be paid to the diet, eliminating from the diet of fatty and flour products. During the treatment the patient should not gain weight, it would adversely affect all designated scheme. Extremely important is a positive mental attitude and a complete absence of stress.

    Great help relieve pain decoction of thyme and hop cones. But to set their own herbal medicine without consulting the doctor, not worth it. Perhaps he considers such funds is inefficient and appoint a private medical scheme.

    After treatment will begin to bring the first fruits, to clarify the doctor’s opinion regarding your sports. In particular, is it possible to run and gradually loading the body. If there are positive changes in such exercises, of course, you can take the time.