It hurts to get down on bended knee

The knee joint is one of the main joints, which makes movement. The structure of the knee joint is quite complex, it is not immune to various injuries. Many of us has ever complained that it hurts to kneel. But if your knees hurt constantly and even at night, especially if the apparent reason there is no pain, you should consult a doctor for help.Больно вставать на колено

Anatomy of the knee and the main causes of pain

The knee joint is formed by articulation between the femur and tibia. The ends of these bones are covered with elastic cartilage tissue. On the surface of cartilage tibial cartilage there is a special strip, shaped like the letter «C» is the meniscus. They serve to stabilize the knee and act as shock-function. Ligaments hold together the two bones together and restrict movement of the joint, so that it is not «dangling». On the outer side of the joint is covered by the patella, which serves as a shield and protects the knee from injury.

This entire structure is covered by the articular bag. It tightly covers the joint and protects it from trauma and infection. The inner side of the bag is covered by the synovial membrane, which produces synovial fluid. This liquid completely fills the joint capsule. It nourishes the cartilage and lubricates the joint, preventing it from drying out and friction.

Pain in the knee joint can occur for many different reasons. Summarizing them, we can highlight the most common and important of them are:

  • injury;
  • diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis);
  • congenital abnormalities;
  • the extra weight (pregnancy, obesity).

Injuries are the most frequent reason for sore knees. An unnatural position of the limb, flexion of the leg at the joint or if the person took a pretty hard fall may damage different joint elements. During the fall, the knee may be audible Bang or a click, which occurs after the pain. Injury can also affect the nerve endings or blood vessels that pass the knee. Therefore, in the joint cavity may contain blood (hemarthrosis), and the limb starts to go numb, feeling cold. These symptoms are characterized by the presence of injuries of ligaments and tendons (sprain or rupture), when damaged menisci. Due to a direct blow may fracture the femur or tibia, and patella fractures or displacement.

Due to injury from the damaged area inside the joint can break off the small fragment that will move across the glenoid cavity. This phenomenon is called a «joint mouse» and can cause pain or blockade of the joint, if this fragment falls between the moving surfaces of the joint.

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The alternation of rest and load

The knee joint bears the weight of our body. In addition, it stabilizes the body and softens the impact when driving. Excessive load in the presence of extra pounds, in sports or in connection with work negatively affects the health of the joints.

For the normal functioning of the joint it is necessary that the load is alternated with rest. This process can be explained on the example of the walk. When we take a step, the cartilage under the weight of the body is pressed, and then enters the synovial fluid. When the load is transferred to the other leg, the cartilage is straightened, and new synovial fluid is «sucked» into it. This process is necessary for nutrition of the cartilage are important elements. In addition, it does not allow him to dry out and crack.

If the load is not replaced by periods of rest, the cartilage is constantly in stavlennia condition. Because of this, it is flattened and gradually begins to collapse. Excessive exercise, for example, in the simulator, when running or jumping cause knees are sore and inflamed, it begins the development of the following diseases.

  • Bursitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane in synovial bag.
  • When tendinite is inflammation of the tendons of the knee joint.
  • Syndrome fibrinous film means that the ligament of the joint is formed thickenings or folds.
  • Joint damage occurs not only after direct trauma, but also due to prolonged repetitive loading, which leads to tissue irritation and inflammation.

    Joint disease

    Constant stress on the joints can lead to more serious diseases.


    The causes and course

    Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease in which gradual destruction of cartilage. A disease, generally noninflammatory in nature. Is the most common joint disease.
    Arthritis is the joint disease having an inflammatory character. The disease, which is based on infections, injuries or disturbance in the functioning of the immune system.
    Gout is a articulate disease, which occurs because of violation of metabolic processes in the body. The disease has phases of exacerbations and remissions. Attacks usually start at night and can last 2-4 days.
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    Cause osteoarthritis is a violation of metabolic processes in which the cartilage does not receive proper nutrition, covered with cracks and wears off. Most often the disease occurs in people of advanced age, as the cartilage wears due to a long period of time. But under heavy loads (e.g., in athletes) and degenerative processes of the cartilage can occur in young men.

    Больно вставать на коленоIn the early stages of the joint pain appears upon standing, after, for example, how long you sit or knee is in a bent position. Over time, the knee pain increases and persists at rest. The man is in pain even at night. In addition to pain in the extremities may appear cold sensation and tingling. The disease has a chronic nature and without proper treatment can lead to disability of the person.

    Osteoarthritis is the inflammation and destruction of cartilage. One possible reason is that the immune system produces antibodies that affect own healthy cartilage cells. Most often, the joints begin to ache at night. After the rest state is very painful to move. The joints begin to swell, become hot to the touch, can be deformed. Deformation associated with the increase in the number of synovial fluid, but also because of the proliferation of the synovial membrane. When zaselyalsya blood vessels or nerve endings, in place of the affected joint may be feeling cold and tingling.

    Another common condition is gout. Normal salt should be excreted with the urine from the body. But if the salt content in the body is too large, it cannot cope with its removal, salt starts to be deposited in joints and tissues. Salt crystals are the strongest provoke inflammation.

    Gout person is hurt to such an extent that even a touch to the affected joint is very painful.

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    The stress on the joints during pregnancy

    Больно вставать на коленоDespite the fact that pregnancy is an absolutely normal phenomenon for women, yet it is a great stress for the body. With the beginning of pregnancy in a woman’s body takes a lot of changes. The burden falls on the whole body, and especially suffering from musculoskeletal. During pregnancy women complain that they feel pain in the lumbar region. In addition, suffer and knees. Knees can hurt after pregnancy when the woman caring for the child.

    In addition to the load in the form of extra pounds during pregnancy produced a special hormone – relaxin. It is necessary in order to make the tissues of the ligaments softer and more elastic. It is allocated to reduce injuries during pregnancy and facilitate the generative process. But this hormone not only affects the ligaments of the pelvis, but also on the ligaments of the whole body, including the knees. In this regard, the muscles need additional strengthening to ensure proper support to the knee joints.

    Joint pain can also be associated with calcium deficiency. When the fruit is developing, he takes all the necessary substances from the mother’s body. During pregnancy, women should monitor their diet to avoid deficiency of necessary substances. So when lack of calcium, your own bone women becomes thinner, and becomes porous, leading to pain and fractures even after minor exertion.

    Knee pain during and after pregnancy are paroxysmal in nature. The woman hurts to stand and bend limb. The painful feeling can not leave the woman.

    Despite the fact that the pain in knees during pregnancy is a common phenomenon to go to the doctor with this problem still need. They may be evidence of the early development of articular diseases, which necessarily need treatment.