Joints treatment honey

Among the many means and methods of traditional medicine treatment of joints honey occupies a special place. This is partly due to its simplicity, availability and absence of contraindications, but mainly due to the effectiveness of such treatment, a challenge which is not taken even the official medicine. Experienced doctors in arthritis, arthrosis and other joint diseases often recommend their patients to use honey compresses and rubbing as a complement to medical treatment.Лечение суставов медом

What honey is useful for painful joints

Honey is a unique natural product for millennia part of our diet. In addition to great taste, he has long been helping people to fight various ailments. In our body, it is difficult to find a system or body to which honey exerts its healing effects.

It is used not only as an analgesic and antipyretic in colds and viral diseases, but also to treat over two dozen diseases, including diseases:

  • heart;
  • stomach and digestion system;
  • blood;
  • joints.

In this unique bee product collected ¾ of all known human trace elements, as well as almost all the necessary human body vitamins and amino acids. Moreover, their composition can vary considerably depending on where and what the honey bees collected nectar.

Honey has another very important feature, allowing its effective use for the compressor: it is able to penetrate through the skin and affect the deep tissue of the human body. This is the property most often used for the treatment of joints. For example, the treatment of degenerative disc disease of honey effectively even in cases when other funds to help no longer able.

Honey can be used as a standalone treatment, but it better reveals its healing ability in combination with other components. So, scientific studies have shown that using it mixed with cinnamon can not only stop the destruction of the interarticular cartilage layers, but also largely to recover their damage, so this compound is very often used to treat arthritis, arthrosis of the joints or osteochondrosis. And this is not the only effective option for the treatment of diseases of the joints honey.

In fairness it should be noted that time, such a treatment requires a lot more than usual, with the use of medicines. But the effect of treatment with honey is much more stable and longer, and costs do not go to any comparison with the cost of branded ointments and gels for the treatment of joints.

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Popular methods of treatment of joints

One of the most easy to use and the first in effectiveness in the treatment of various diseases of the joints is massage. He just performed: first, the diseased joint is heated with a hot compress and then within 5-7 min vigorously rubbed in with honey, carefully monitoring that the whole skin of the diseased joint was evenly coated.

After rubbing, the joint for 3 hours wrapped in richly impregnated with honey linen or cotton bandage. Cover the top with a woolen blanket or shawl. At the end of this period, the bandage is removed, and the remaining residues on the skin compress and remove with warm water.

Лечение суставов медомFor treatment of joints massage with honey use the following scheme: first, spend three days in a row in one procedure, then 48 hours make 7 procedures. If there is a need to undergo a second course of honey massage, the number of procedures remains unchanged – 10, but the interval between treatments is increased to 2-3 days.

Honey is also used in combination with other components.




To get rid of arthritis or osteoarthritis help a mixture of honey, camphor oil, cinnamon, cabbage juice. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and camphor oil, then add the powder cinnamon and mix thoroughly until you get a viscous paste. Then knead or beat the cabbage leaf to let the juice, and put on this sheet, the resulting paste-like mass. Then thoroughly disinfect the skin around the sore joint and DAB it with cooked cabbage leaf with the mixture. The top is wrapped with cellophane and fix a woolen scarf or scarf. The procedure is usually carried out before bed to cinnamon, honey and cabbage juice is maximally absorbed into the skin. After waking up the poultice is removed, and its remnants are removed with warm water. After removing the compress better an hour or two to sit in a warm apartment and not go outside, risking to chill warm place.


To quickly and permanently get rid of the annoying pain in arthritis or arthrosis of the joints of the feet, often use a mixture of honey and salt. To do this, take 1 tbsp. spoon of salt and honey and all carefully mix. Then, the mixture was abundantly impregnated with a linen bandage and bandage the patient’s joint. On top of the bandage wrapped with cellophane and fix all woolen scarf. To maximize the validity of the compress, it is advisable to put on all night. During this time, even the most severe pain noticeably diminishes and becomes tolerable. All you need to do in the morning is rinse with warm water and the remains of the compress.

There are many other recipes for medicines based on honey, but they all share one thing: these drugs are effective only if they are properly prepared.

How to make medicine from honey

Usually for the vast majority of recipes need a liquid honey, and this for most ignorant people lies the main danger. The fact that it only melt in a water bath at a temperature not exceeding 50 degrees. If you try to speed up the process and raise the temperature higher, the honey will actually melt faster, but it will lose over 90 % of their beneficial properties for the treatment will become unusable.

It is also important to determine the type of honey, as collected from different honey plants the product will inevitably have significant differences in their composition. It is scientifically proven that Linden honey has remarkable antiviral and antipyretic agents. The honey from clover or barberry is best used in case of arthrosis or arthritis, and Heather honey in osteochondrosis. Curiously, floral honey is versatile and suitable for treatment of almost all diseases. Just need to remember that treatment even is such a useful substance must need to obtain the consent of the attending physician and pass all the assigned tests.

Although honey is a natural product, and the abundance of them may cause in the body, serious allergic reactions, so it is important not only to prepare some kind of medicine, but also to accurately determine the dosage.