Joints treatment laser at home

Effective treatment of joint diseases is impossible without an integrated approach to therapy. To achieve and consolidate the good results, you need physiotherapy. Wide popularity, and rightly so, gaining joints treatment laser.

The efficacy and mechanism of action of laser

Лечение суставов лазером в домашних условияхThe effect of laser radiation due to its high biological activity. In the tissues of the human body this leads to increased regenerative processes, increases the volume produced in the cells of energy. There is a stimulation of major intracellular enzymes, accelerating the processes of tissue regeneration.

Under the influence of laser radiation, the following occurs:

  • increases the number and diameter of functional capillaries;
  • stabiliziruemost the vascular wall;
  • normalizes blood viscosity and tissue nutrition;
  • more intensively the processes of recovery.

These results laser therapy provides due to the ability of radiation to activate a number of enzymes: catalase, cytochromes, and others. Due to this, and changing biological cell activity, implemented anti-inflammatory, stimulating and normalizing effects.

The development of inflammation under the influence of the laser radiation is milder and softer. Significantly reduced tissue damage and rarely, scarring.

The description of the method

Laser therapy requires special conditions for its implementation. Also requires certain skills and knowledge to optimum effect. Good results laser radiation of low intensity shows in the sphere of chronic diseases, which are difficult for traditional methods of treatment.

Among diseases of the musculoskeletal system lasers applicable for the treatment of:

  • arthrosis (gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, etc.);
  • crystal arthropathy (gout);
  • inflammatory diseases of the capsule and connective tissue structures of the joint;
  • arthritis with systemic chronic diseases.

The choice of technique, type of laser, the duration of the procedures you need to trust the expert. Despite the soft action and versatility, the treatment of articular pathology is laser and contraindications. Absolutely can not be treated by laser when disorders in the blood coagulation system and blood. With caution in the following cases:

  • decompensated stages of cardiovascular diseases, chronic pathology of internal organs;
  • acute phases of disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • pregnancy;
  • cancer.
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In some situations, the shown therapy specific techniques. This intra-articular laser irradiation of the large joints during arthroscopy, autohaemotherapy processed blood. Therefore, only a specialist should prescribe and monitor treatment.

Apparatus for laser therapy have many varieties based on different sources of radiation. Originally used only semiconductor lasers, the effectiveness of which was noted in the treatment of arthritis and other diseases.

Лечение суставов лазером в домашних условияхThe progress of medical technology has expanded the range of technology, there lasers on the basis of copper vapor, carbon dioxide, ruby, etc. they differ in physical properties issued by the radiation, so the treatment must be conducted in accordance with the conclusions of reliable clinical studies.

To undoubted advantages of this method include the possibility of treatment in outpatient and home. Industry produces compact units that can be purchased and carry out the procedure at home, but before that, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Efficacy in a particular disease

Let us consider the possibilities offered by the laser treatment against the common diseases of joints: osteoarthritis and gout. These diseases occur with recurrences and are difficult to treat. The laser has a positive effect on the body almost all levels of the development of arthrosis.

Deforming osteoarthritis has steadily progressive in nature and negatively affects the quality of patient’s life. Degenerative changes affect not only the articular cartilage but also bone, muscle, joint capsule. Chronic inflammatory process is accompanied by an increase in the permeability of cell membranes and blood vessels. There is also decrease of activity of antioxidant system. In osteoarthritis there is an imbalance of processes of synthesis (anabolism) and breakdown (catabolism) of protein macromolecules that comprise articular cartilage.

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Лечение суставов лазером в домашних условияхThe effectiveness of laser therapy for osteoarthritis is provided by proper selection of wavelength, which triggers a cascade of reactions. Normal nutrition of the articular cartilage, decreases the degree of sclerosis of bone structures, restoring the state of synovial fluid. Such an effect allows you to reverse the initial stages of osteoarthritis, reduce the impact of its manifestations on quality of life, slow down the steady progression of the disease in the later stages.

The positive action of laser radiation generated by the apparatus (in the clinic or at home), allows to shorten the period of exacerbation, to reduce the clinical manifestations of osteoarthritis, extend the period during which symptoms of disease are minimal.

Gout and its control by laser

In the development of gout plays a leading role in the disruption of metabolic processes. Deposits of uric acid in the joints bring about tangible suffering. People suffering from this disease, are familiar with the symptoms and impact of gout on quality of life. Here is also a great help devices for laser therapy and the opportunity to be treated as outpatients or at home.

Therapy with laser light has an effect on several manifestations of gout. The local symptoms on the affected joints (pain, swelling, redness) is reduced due to the local exposure apparatus for laser therapy. Radiation exposed themselves to the joints and the surrounding region. Again, you want to choose the most effective combination of wavelength, power and pulse duration, and it should do specialist.

Лечение суставов лазером в домашних условияхTreatment of gout requires long-term systemic, so it makes sense to buy the machine for home use. This will help reduce the acute manifestations of the disease prolong the periods of remission. It is necessary to periodically monitor blood counts, specific for gout.

In a medical institution can carry out the procedure of irradiation of venous blood. To do this, or used a special apparatus with an intravenous optical fibers or exposed portion of the withdrawn blood, which is then returned to the blood stream. Such a method of treatment of gout particularly effective.

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It is necessary to remember about possibility of development of side effects, which could trigger a therapy using laser radiation. The most serious allergic reactions. The main contraindications to the use of this method is described above in the article. But sometimes you have to deal with the unexpected effects caused by the activation of metabolic reactions. Or, on the contrary, the treatment might not bring the expected result.

If laser therapy is at home, this must be reported to your doctor: you may need to adjust the standard doses of drugs. It is extremely important to choose the right machine for home use. Before that, the mandatory specialist consultation and periodic control of the body (do not forget that there are contraindications).

If the machine is used at home, medical monitoring is necessary to timely detect diseases emerged for the first time and track the progression of existing comorbidities. In these cases, you have to make adjustments in the treatment process, to pick up other doses and modes, to solve the issue of the appropriateness of laser therapy in the future.