Joints treatment propolis: tincture on alcohol and other means

How to use propolis for the treatment of diseases of the joints

For the treatment of many diseases as additional therapies are often used bee products, their group is, and propolis.

There is a high performance means when it is used to restore the functioning of the various joints of the body, the pathology of which is caused by external and internal reasons.

What is propolis

Propolis also called bee glue, is a resinous substance which has a characteristic pleasant fragrance and color from greenish to brown.

Bees collect a special sticky substance with a resinous spring buds of trees such as poplar, alder, birch. These substances are treated with bees their enzymes and used to seal cracks and various openings in the hive.

That is, the propolis is a material used for insulation of the dwelling bees.

Depending on the location of the hives, native to the area trees and plants are different, and the composition of bee glue. Basically half of this material is composed of resin and balsamic substances, 30% from natural wax, 10% essential oils.

Also in propolis in small quantities is present in pollen and some aromatic substances. Bee glue contains almost all trace elements useful to human body.

Rich substance and amino acid is asparagine, arginine, valine, glycine, glutamic acid, lysine, serine.

Therapeutic importance and flavonoids and enzymes. In bee glue, and discovered a unique antifungal substance pinocembrin and copynotify the air.

Studies of propolis are held still and the latest techniques allow you to find all new biological drug substance and to assess their usefulness for the human body.

Proper storage — the key to success

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After collecting propolis can long be stored in a dark cool place. At low temperatures it becomes brittle, but its main medicinal properties are not lost.

The properties of bee glue saves and if it boil for one hour.

Therefore, this bee product used in the composition of self-prepared drugs, which are necessary before use or during the manufacturing process heat.

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Medicinal properties

All the therapeutic properties of bee glue are explained within this drug in trace elements, amino acids and other biologically active elements.

This bee product has a high bactericidal and anti-inflammatory activity. Propolis inhibits the activity and growth of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, influencing the development of certain diseases in humans.

The antioxidant properties of a substance allow its successful use in the treatment of cancer.

Preparations made on the basis of propolis have:

  • antimicrobial;
  • painkillers;
  • regenerating;
  • wound healing;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • increasing metabolism properties.

The drug is widely used as a means of folk medicine for the treatment of pathologies of the throat, skin diseases, burns and frostbite.

Bee glue helps to deal with bronchitis and pneumonia, improves functioning of the digestive system. In most diseases propolis can be useful the most important thing is to find a suitable recipe using it.

Propolis guarding the health of the joints

The effectiveness of the use of propolis in diseases of the joints due to its high anti-inflammatory, antibacterial activity.

In addition, drugs based on it improve the regeneration of tissues, increases the metabolic processes in the body and blood circulation.

Due to these properties, propolis has been widely and successfully used in:


  • rheumatic damage of large and small joints;
  • arthritis;
  • radiculitis and osteochondrosis.

To eliminate the symptoms of these diseases, and to restore the functioning of the joints, propolis is used as both external and internal funds.

Advice and tips

To achieve the effect, it is important to know how to treat the joints with propolis.

The use of drugs on the basis of funds helps to achieve positive changes, if only to follow certain guidelines.

Experts advise:

  1. Before starting treatment of the disease to ascertain the cause. Inflammation and various changes in the joints are caused by completely different reasons and effective treatment is necessary to eliminate effects on the body that cause.
  2. Treatment should not replace conventional medicine. Folk methods and recipes used only in conjunction with prescribed medications or in the recovery period.
  3. When first using the tool, you must carefully record all their sensations. Bee glue has antiallergic activity, but in some people and it can develop intolerance reactions.
  4. To achieve the desired effect recipes based on propolis use the required period, and to secure the result required to repeat courses.
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Recipes based on bee glue

There are many variations, recipes and ways to use bee glue. For treatment of joints propolis are often used the following options:

  1. One hundred grams of melted animal fat natural you need to mix with 10 grams of fine crumbs propolis, all of this is heated on a steam bath and mixed. The mixture should be homogeneous, it is in the form of heat applied to the joint and fixed with a bandage and a warm cloth. Keep this ointment must be at least one hour. Treatment is best done in the morning and at bedtime for two weeks.
  2. Also an ointment is prepared from 60 g of fresh, unsalted butter and 25 grams of propolis. These two products are melted in a water bath, are mixed and in the form of heat is used as a compress. It is recommended to keep the joints at least 30 minutes two times per day.
  3. Ten gram of propolis should be crushed, pour a glass of water and boil. The resulting solution was smeared with diseased joint, after half an hour wash off. The treatment using this method is 12 days.
  4. It is necessary on a steam bath to heat to boiling a litre of olive, corn or regular vegetable oil. At the same time in a water bath to melt 30-40 grams of propolis. After dissolving the oil and bee glue are joined and heated for half an hour, then cooled and filtered through cheesecloth. This composition is well stored in the refrigerator, use it, rubbing in the joints.
  5. Propolisnoe oil. For one kilogram of cow’s butter you want to add 140 grams of crushed, peeled propolis. The whole composition is brought to a homogeneous condition on a couple, use it inside as conventional oil. In a month a person can eat up to one kilogram of this drug. Its use normalizes metabolism, which is also important in the restoration of the joints.
  6. Tincture of propolis on alcohol — one of the most popular remedies for treatment of joints. A piece of propolis in one hundred grams need to grind and place in a glass bowl, and then thereto was added 500 ml of rubbing alcohol in 96°. All this is stirred for 30 minutes and put in a dark place for one week. Periodically, you need the mixture to be shaken, and at the end of infusion to filter. Use the prepared drug for oral administration, half Cup milk or water add 20 to 40 drops of the resulting alcohol tinctures, take it an hour before meals three per day.
  7. Propolis water. Should one part of propolis mixed with two parts of normal water and heat on steam bath, avoiding boiling. After straining propolis water is used inside three times a day, one fourth of the glass.
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If you are allergic — it is better to refuse

The only obvious contraindication to the treatment of bee glue is Allergy.

Caution it is recommended to use bee glue to those people who have intolerance to honey.

To avoid unwanted reactions, the use of drugs based on bee glue start with the smallest doses.

Treatment with propolis inflamed joints are characterized by high performance.

A positive effect will occur if the selected recipe to apply at least two weeks and not be from the drugs prescribed by your doctor.