Joints treatment with hydrogen peroxide according to Professor Neumyvakina

Hydrogen peroxide for arthritis — medicine or poison?

The hydrogen peroxide formula H2O2 is one of the simplest representatives of peroxides. Liquid which is colorless with a metal taste, which may be infinitely soluble in water, ether and alcohol.

It should be remembered that concentrated aqueous solutions can become explosive. Also, hydrogen peroxide is a good solvent. Water can be allocated in the form of H2O2

Medicinal properties

Professor by Neumyvakin proposed the theory that effective and safe treatment of joints hydrogen peroxide.

This solution, according to the Professor, has a particular effect on the production of protein and absorption of mineral elements in the metabolism of fats in the body, carbohydrate metabolism and other processes in the human body.

Based on these data, the author concluded that using H2O2 inside can greatly improve the overall condition of the human body, to cure many diseases, especially diseases associated with malfunction of musculoskeletal system.

At the end of the 20th century, the Professor began experimenting with hydrogen peroxide, he drew a diagram based on which you need to take the medicine to the whole treatment process was effective.

What disease is able to overcome the tool?

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Hydrogen peroxide is used in such diseases:

  • arthritis and arthrosis;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • emphysema of the lungs.

Best treatment peroxide amenable to osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease that occurs with a variety of disorders of the endocrine system, after fractures, injuries and overweight or in violation of metabolic processes in the body.

Peroxide on Neumyvakina

I. P. Neumyvakin recognized as the author of the theory, which is an effective tool for the treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis used peroxide.

Peroxide(hydrogen peroxide) ingested orally and may be administered intravenously.

Back in the 70s, the author began his research, the results of which showed that the hopelessly ill have been able to stand up thanks to the treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

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After that, the Professor had divulged the theory that H2O2, can effectively deal with diseases of bones and joints, as well as Parkinson’s disease and beats cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

In a half-filled Cup to dissolve 2 drops of three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution.

Use the medicine immediately after meals three times a day (it is important to remember that after a meal should be 1.5-2 hours).

Three days after the initial use, it is necessary to add to each meal and 1 drop of the solution. Further, the total number of drops should be brought to 8.

Recommended 2 months to use solution for the scheme.

To buy 3% peroxide solution can be in almost any pharmacy. The entire course of treatment time lasts 5-6 months.

Recommended to apply external poultices on the joints as a therapeutic method. Also, according to the recommendations of the I. P. Neumyvakina the use of hydrogen peroxide orally is necessary to do together with the introduction of peroxide intravenously.

Tips for using the tool

Take hydrogen peroxide with products based on calcium and supplements. Also, you can drink to strengthen the joints pills and herbs.

Do not overuse the treatment and experimenting on your body.

Cautions and contraindications

Rarely are such cases when after the administration of hydrogen peroxide there are various uncomfortable effects: burning sensation, pain, etc.

Do not be afraid. The body’s response to consumption of H2O2 varies among many people.

During life, when we consume fatty,fried, smoked, and poisoned him. substances food, where there is no oxygen for the processing of all this requires a lot of active elements.

Tissue actually live in oxygen-free environment and are forced to wage a real war for each «gulp» of air.

Against this background, and there are different kinds of ailments that patients are mistakenly associated with the ingestion of hydrogen peroxide. It really is «screaming» cells and «beg» for mercy.

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You need to wait a couple days, and if you have previously used the 10 drops, then start eating at 5, until the body becomes accustomed to the drug.

Any natural contraindications for admission of hydrogen peroxide exist, but to be treated by this method should be used with caution.

Speak for people who have peroxide

The opinion of people that used the peroxide as a remedy for treatment of joints.

Use hydrogen peroxide on the precepts of Dr. Neumyvakina. Stopped the pain in the knee joints, there was no heaviness in the legs(the doctors put diagnoses: osteoarthritis of the knee and varicose veins).

I am 70 years old. Still working as a teacher of biology in school, this year reaffirmed the high, 14 category. My joy has no limit, because I’m working.

Marina Nikolaevna, Petrozavodsk

Use peroxide when you feel discomfort in the joints. Ten drops in a Cup of water and a box a few salt crystals under the tongue half an hour before meals.

Previously saw ten drops in a glass, 2 times a day half an hour before a meal. The effect is stunning. Now enough times a day. Sure the body will tell you when to stop.

Of sensations: lightness in the body, high mobility and burst of energy (64).

Valentina, Moscow

He did not try to use hydrogen peroxide, but believed in its miraculous properties. Begin make. Have a lot of diseases associated with joints.

I will make the peroxide, and if the fingers start to bend, so true. A friend tells me that the tool is very good. See whether this is so.

Ruslan Viktorovich, Saint — Petersburg

The adult daughter has had an Allergy on my hands and was sick joints in 40 years. Of course, what has not been tried. With each passing month it was getting worse.

When I saw that there is a miracle cure of treatment is also decided to try(had nothing to lose) and didn’t even believe! But I bought a brochure Malakhov and then found out about the Professor Neumyvakina. Still hard to believe that it really helped, but the miracle really happened.

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Everything just began to fade and over time the disease has receded. Good thing I was able to find this website and now she will drink the peroxide.

Lyudmila Dmitrievna, Moscow

Personally tried to apply myself to this method of reception of the peroxide (to accept started with 1 drop on 0.5 l of liquid 5 times a day 20 minutes before meals — everything is done according to the recipes as advised.

For two months joint pain has decreased significantly. Walking became easier. The bones themselves have ceased to creak and gained a higher mobility. In the same way for treating colds and runny nose.

The result of the common cold and the flu gone in 3 days! I’m still in shock. In addition, I noticed an extra burst of energy and no fatigue at the end of the week and bad mood is gone. I don’t think it’s all just self-hypnosis, moreover, was skeptical in the beginning of the reception.

Will continue to drink, plans to increase up to 10 drops and make a recommended break.

Antonina Guseva, Moscow

Alternative medicine often works wonders, and in reality it is difficult to understand, it’s all about the placebo effect or fanatical faith in these therapies.

However, if you decided to try the hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of joints, you should consult a doctor and to forget about self.