Knee clicks when walking, extension and flexion

Щелкает коленный сустав при ходьбе, разгибании и сгибанииIf it starts clicking knee, most of the people on this phenomenon simply does not pay attention. You never know what kind of sound can make the joints? Situation when the child clicks the knee, not too rare. The phenomenon often face and the elderly, who are progressing various diseases of the joints. In this case, the clicks are a sign of a breakdown in the functioning of the joint tissues.

Professional athletes and those who raise often of varying severity, often clicks in my knees. In some cases, it is quite a natural phenomenon, in other signal disease. If your knees snap, in any case can not ignore this phenomenon. After all, unpleasant sound may be the first warning that the body that something is wrong. The metabolic, inflammation, degenerative-dystrophic changes primarily affect the knee joint. Because alertness is not hurt.

Causes of clicking in the knee joints

This question is often asked by patients, disturbed by sounds in the knee joint. Doctors claim that over clicks associated changes in articular tissues, but by themselves the sounds are not harmful. The condition of the knee joint change each person’s age. The processes occurring in them are associated with the General aging of the organism. The reason why I click those or other joints, depends on how old the person. In his youth clicks for one reason, in old age, on the other.

The reasons for these clicks may be different. The most common of these are:Щелкает коленный сустав при ходьбе, разгибании и сгибании

  • osteoarthritis of the hip joint;
  • the mismatch of the articular surfaces;
  • inflammation of the muscles in connection with congestion;
  • the deposition of salts;
  • mechanical trauma;
  • wear and tear of the joint;
  • congenital increased flexibility of the joints.

Boys and girls knees quite often make such sounds. The cause of the phenomenon is the excessive mobility of the joints. At this time, clicking in the knee do not cause discomfort and pain, and sounds are considered by young people as being a funny phenomenon. But at a young age clicks should cause concern. Articular tissue is still in the formative stage, and the sounds in the knee are indicative of its weakness. There is even a special term — weak ligaments. But he points to the weakened knee joints.

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If the knee joint in humans at a young age often makes such sounds, this phenomenon will indicate the predisposition to varicose veins. Knee joints located in this part of the body, the blood vessels are interconnected. When you click the joints, the sprain is not theirs, and ligaments. The action is repeated regularly in boys and girls when walking. When people perform physical exercises, the ligaments in the knees are stretched.

A similar phenomenon happens not only with fabrics, but arranged in the knees blood vessels. They very quickly stretch under the pressure of the blood. That is why many women, who in adolescence were clicking in the knees, to 25 years, there are visible signs of varicose veins. You must know that the knee joint is deformable under the influence of the uncomfortable shoes.

Many patients are concerned with the question: can the clicks be transferred by inheritance? Yes, as a tendency to the occurrence of many such ailments. If the family from generation to generation affects the knee joint, it is necessary to take preventive measures.

Those people who may have problems in the knees due to genetic predisposition to a particular disease, be sure to take care of their joints. You should avoid stress on the knees, need to be prevented by means of folk and traditional medicine.

Recommendations for the prevention of the disease

People who play sports, often with extension hear a click in a particular area of the body. Among athletes, there is even an opinion that it is well as updating joint tissue. This statement is absolutely untrue. If you click the articular tissues, it shows overload.

With extension of the leg, many athletes quite often you will see this symptom. The reason for the clicks in this case may be to injury. If a person involved in sports, there is a sprain, his knees not only hurt, but also to issue such a sound.

Doctors in such cases always recommend that athletes keep the knees and reduce physical exercise. Once during a leg extension or other action sound effect will cease to happen in the future, training can begin again. That more did not click, it is possible to take measures to strengthen joint tissue and ligaments.

Щелкает коленный сустав при ходьбе, разгибании и сгибании

The brace will protect the knee from injury during severe stress and sports

On the recommendation of a physician are matched by computers, which the athlete wears on the knees during the day. They are required to maintain the cords in an optimal position. In some cases, on the knee during sleep is recommended to wear orthoses.

The condition of joint tissue everyone needs to watch constantly.

In the initial stage of osteoarthritis are asymptomatic. On the question of why clicks in the knees of men after 40 years, the diagnosis of «osteoarthritis» is the answer. Clicking in the joint area will be one of the first noticeable signs of the disease. This is the sound of no joints at the knee and bones. The cartilage in the knee rapidly destroyed. After 30 years the risk of developing osteoarthritis in the knee joint in humans begins to increase sharply.

The condition of the joint depends on various factors. It is affected by the observance of proper diet, sleep, wakefulness. It is these three things first will have to reconsider if the joint has started clicking and hurting.

Osteoarthritis in the knee makes itself felt immediately. The emergence of clicks is extremely rare to observe in its initial stages as the symptoms of pain when walking. But if it hurts the knee, this symptom can not in any case be ignored.

Щелкает коленный сустав при ходьбе, разгибании и сгибании

In the diseased joint when osteoarthritis destroys the cartilage and bone growths appear

Osteoarthritis hard to diagnose, but he will give himself the clicks and pain symptoms in the knees. Over time, the walk will be stronger to feel the pain. A damaged knee will begin to lose mobility. Inevitably there will be problems with blood vessels in the knee area, and motor function of the knee will only deteriorate.

What to do if I see clicks in my knees

If the knee problems began, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. Only through diagnosis to determine exactly what is observed while walking the clicking sound effect. Pain when bending, or any other load on articular tissue can be of different nature. Clicks and loss of coordination may be signs that the knee joint gouty arthritis.

It is necessary to pay attention to, not whether knee pain when bent radiating character, which will help to better diagnose disease. The fabric in the knee joint is very vulnerable, therefore it is necessary to do everything possible to avoid various injuries. If it hurts this area of the body, this may be one of the complications after the injury.

If it hurts the joint, to completely abandon physical activity is not necessary. Physical therapy effectively helps in the fight against disease. If when bending there is a sound effect and discomfort, it is necessary to take doctor recommended medications to restore cartilage.

To the knee joint stopped the unpleasant sounds used vasodilators, which promote the oxygenation of the tissues of the muscles and joints. If it hurts the joint and there are clicks, it is necessary to take anti-inflammatory drugs.