Knee in osteoarthritis: the rules and

How to choose an orthopedic knee braces for osteoarthritis?

Each of us wants to permanently stay in shape, and even 60 years to find the strength to run and jump. However, such dreams may not always be a reality. With age, the joints undergo degenerative changes, and therefore make themselves felt.

One common pathology is osteoarthritis, which every day increases its scope due to the current physical inactivity people.

Knee arthrosis is a useful addition to the main treatment of this disease. This invention is a fixing pads which help to transfer the load from the knee joint restraint mechanism and to stabilize it in the correct position.

It is important to know that knee pads are appointed only by a physician, podiatrist, because you should choose it depending on the progression of the disease, the size of the limb and of the required material. When properly selected pad will be compression of blood vessels and reduced circulation in an already damaged region.

The main quality knee pads

If the choice is between the elastic bandage and knee, then surely you should prefer the second, because it has the following properties:

  1. Complete fixation of the joint and ligaments. When properly selected size, the knee rests as cast, does not slip or pinched blood vessels, thereby reducing stress on the joint and slow the progression of the disease.
  2. Additional warming of the joint. Knee pads are made of different material, so in addition you can have a layer of fur animals (e.g., camel), which creates an additional therapeutic effect, improving blood circulation and accelerating the recovery of damaged structures.
  3. Used as a tool for the prevention of injuries of the knee joint. Athletes exposed to daily training, and therefore often requires additional protection at the joints.
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What you should consider when choosing

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Today the Windows of specialized shops you can find many types of knee pads. However, to know how to choose knee braces for osteoarthritis, you need to consider three main aspects:

Type of knee pad

Depends on the nature of pain and the places of their localization.

  1. A closed type is used at undetermined location of pain. It covers not only the joint area but also 15 cm in the two sides, thus allows to achieve durable fixation with the maximum benefit to reduce the load on the affected part.
  2. The open type is used for milder forms of the disease and pain after injury. Is a small locking plate with the fixing component, thanks to which allows to fix the joint in position. There are 2 types of open pads: adjustable tension — with little pain or during the rehabilitation period and with a rigid spiral ribs — reduce pain when walking stairs
  3. The hinged type is the universal of all. It is used for osteoarthritis pain of any intensity and pain after injury. Its main feature is preserved in the lung function of knee flexion.
  4. Type to maintain the tendon — used in the localization of pain under the kneecap.
  5. Type heated — built-in knee pad lamp (or halogen infrared), which allows you to warm up the place the most severe pain.


A very important part of the knee.

  1. The cotton is air — and moisture-permeable, pleasant to wear, however, constantly need washing and short-lived to use. The material itself has elastic properties, so you should choose in the pulling fibers.
  2. Wool is not just an ordinary band, but also has a therapeutic effect. Since ancient times people treated the sore spots of the dog or camel wool because it helps to protect the joint from hypothermia, creating a warm shell. This material absorbs moisture and isolates the active substances that reduce inflammation also contributes to the abundant blood flow (improved function regeneration).
  3. Neoprene is a material that provides a good fixation of the knee joint, however, it is not capable of transmitting air and moisture, this causes the skin under that bandage constantly sweating. Therefore, during its use is required to wear under his clothes made of natural material.
  4. Elan or polyester — include all the useful properties of all the previous knee pads with long life time and easy to use, but I have a pretty high price and does not have a warming effect.
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Selection of the device size is the most important item when selecting a knee brace.

All people have the circumference of the knee varies within wide limits, so in order to make sure it fits you before you purchase to try and ascertain its usefulness.

Recommendations for the use of

Purchased the knee support is only a small part of the task. For the positive impact of this tool should be guided by certain rules:

  • Use time should not exceed 2-3 hours;
  • The duration of treatment a doctor must determine;
  • Remember that knee braces for osteoarthritis is an optional component of comprehensive treatment, and use of drugs has not been canceled;
  • Try not to be zealous in pinching him on the leg, because the compression of blood vessels, tissue swelling and numbness of limbs 100% positively no effect on your condition;
  • The knee pad should not RUB and cause irritation — if that is the case, then incorrectly selected size or material;
  • Washing should be hand only using warm water, temperature not exceeding 40 degrees (will entail the shrinkage of the material). Cleaners should not contain chlorine, and drying should be away from heating appliances.

Expected result

The first applications of orthopedic knee braces for osteoarthritis should be followed by such changes in the joint:

  • reducing pain and inflammation;
  • the disappearance of edema and muscle tension;
  • restore free movement.

The place of purchase and approximate prices

Many are wondering where to buy knee braces for osteoarthritis. Orthopedic knee arthrosis are sold in specialized pharmacies or medical centers. The price range is still quite large limits and depends on the type of knee support and is made of the material. Cheap knee braces for osteoarthritis cost up to 1000 rubles, and the price of the hinge can hit on the wallet — and nearly 3000 to 20 000.

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