Knee replacement: types of dentures

Эндопротезирование коленного сустава: виды протезов

In case of arthrosis of the knee joint often patients are offered to do the surgery. Doctors recommend to replace the affected area of the articular apparatus. Most often this operation is carried out in the case if the disease has been launched to restore the damaged structure in another way is impossible.

Knee replacement surgery in Germany is an opportunity to regain the ability to move normally and live a full life. With osteoarthritis is often damaged not only the joint but the cartilage around it. This provokes the destruction of the whole box that needs to be replaced on the implant.

Types of implants

There are several varieties of products that can be used as an implant. It dentures:

  • with cement fixation;
  • with cementless fixation;
  • for repeated operations;
  • pair.

Orthopedics as a branch of medical science includes prosthetics. Most often, this operation involves setting the cement retainer. Arthroplasty is performed to maintain the natural shape of the joint and restore its functions.

Эндопротезирование коленного сустава: виды протезов

Such prosthesis relieves osteoarthritis

In the case of cement arthroplasty of the knee the whole of the patient’s joint is replaced and filled with resin, which for a certain amount of time to harden. This fixation is very reliable, efficient and helps properly distribute the load in the affected area. The device is made of two materials: steel and polyethylene.

There is also a cementless replacement of the hip or knee joint. This option involves surgery in which the implant is simply set in place. The endoprosthesis is fixed due to the regrowth of bone tissue. Additional fixation is not used. The entire implant is covered with a ceramic mortar, which has beneficial effects on the process of accretion of bone.

For arthroplasty of the knee are also used articles intended for repeated surgical interventions. This operation involves not only the replacement but also the replacement of the old implant. Such surgical intervention is possible in some cases. If the patient has an old denture has been damaged, then leave it. Often strain the dentures may cause soreness and inflammation. In order to avoid such consequences damage, you must replace the old denture with the new one.

Knee replacement in Germany involves the use of paired products. This means that the implant will be made on the type of hybrid prosthesis. These products are often used to correct defects in the elderly. In this case, the Cup of the prosthesis will be installed cementless method, and the stem — cement.

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Most often, the prosthesis used for middle-aged people, have a Cup made of polyethylene, and the ball made of ceramics. Such endoprosthetic replacement of the knee does not always bring the desired result. Polyethylene is harmful to health and lead to the development of inflammation.

Odnoselchane prosthetics

Odnoselchane knee replacement is a good way to get rid of osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis and other joint diseases. Such operation is quite simple and almost has no side effects. If you have the ability to do this procedure, then you need to take the job.

The whole process is that the damaged device is a new shell. On the injured joint is put on the implant, which prevents further destruction of the bags. This attitude of total knee arthroplasty are quite popular, as it has a number of advantages.

  • Reduced to a minimum the risk of massive blood loss in a patient.
  • After 2 days the person can move.
  • The whole joint is not replaced. This means that the stress to the body is minimal.
  • The operation almost always takes place without complications.
  • The prosthesis can be used for 15 years without fear of damage it.
  • The patient can go home after 3 days after surgery.
  • But despite the fact that this is a fairly simple operation, you need to treat it seriously. Such intervention does not imply a heavy load immediately after the end of the rehabilitation period or during it. It is advisable to follow the instructions of the doctor and not to burden your body very much.

    Эндопротезирование коленного сустава: виды протезов

    Complete reconstruction of the knee joint

    Odnoselchane knee unit means quick and visible results which will continue for a long time. But even these prostheses is not fully insured against damage. The person needs to ensure that the joint is not overloaded. It is necessary to avoid re-injury to the knee. The same damage may be necessary to re-prosthetics.

    Before embarking on such dentures, the patient need to visit some doctors: cardiologist, dentist, endocrinologist. They will be able to assess his health and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. This is necessary to maintain the normal state of the patient during surgery. In addition, you must pass a complete blood count.

    Knowing the results of the survey, to avoid profuse bleeding, prevent blood clots and to determine the presence of various diseases that have not manifested themselves.

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    When surgery is needed

    Indications for knee replacement include a list of diseases that provoke the destruction of the joint capsule, cartilage and bone tissue. Most often this surgery is needed when osteoarthritis. This disease is accompanied not only with severe pain in the joints, but limited in movements, inflammatory processes and tissue destruction. When deforming arthrosis, in addition to the main symptoms of the disease, the patient observed a strong change in the shape of the articular apparatus.

    Эндопротезирование коленного сустава: виды протезов

    Total knee system are often prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis or other diseases that are autoimmune in nature. In case of arthrosis or arthritis damage may not only due to injury or the presence of inflammatory infections, but a congenital malposition of the joint. Surgery also with the development of osteonecrosis. This disease provokes the withering away of bone tissue.

    Total knee replacement involves the complete replacement of the damaged apparatus. In this case, the entire joint is surgically removed and in its place install the implant. It allows you to prevent the destruction of tissue and gives the patient a chance to move.

    Contraindications for arthroplasty are virtually absent, but there are some exceptions. Sometimes the patient may rejection of the materials constituting the implant. In this case complete replacement of the apparatus is impossible. Instead, in order to maintain mobility of the joint, the doctor usually appoints special shots. Do them in order to fill the affected area, to prevent the destructive process and restore the damaged tissue.

    Often osteonecrosis of 2 degrees is not always immediately replace the destroyed joint, it is necessary to rehabilitate the bone tissue around the joint capsule. Reviews state that if the full replacement of the device, the patient can be complications. Therefore, most doctors try not to resort to this method of operating.

    If it is possible to partially replace a damaged joint, then resort to odnoselchanka prosthetics. This will provide the best protection of the affected organ.

    Preparing for surgery

    In order to be ready for operation, it is necessary to take a special course. It usually begins 2 weeks prior to prosthetics. The first stage of preparation is examined. It needs to be done to confirm the diagnosis, determine the type of operation and prosthesis, which will be placed in the machine. In case of arthrosis it is necessary to understand what anaesthesia is and how soon you will need to go to the hospital.

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    Эндопротезирование коленного сустава: виды протезовIf the patient in addition to the underlying disease, there are other, you need to inform your doctor and determine the risk of complications. Sometimes not doing due to the fact that the secondary disease can develop stronger on the basis of surgical intervention. In the rehabilitation period the patient will be weak, and this may be fertile ground for the progression of some diseases. If the patient needs more diagnosis, he was prescribed a visit to the right doctor.

    It is especially important to pay attention to the blood pressure of the patient. If it is too high, then the patient must take the appropriate drugs that will reduce the risk of exacerbation of hypertension during the surgery and during the rehabilitation period. Preparation of patients with diabetes also requires careful selection of medications. It is necessary to stabilize the level of sugar in the blood. Any other concomitant disease should be known to the doctor. He will be able to appoint an additional course of treatment to prosthetics, which can reduce the likelihood of complications.

    In order for the operation was the most successful, the patient has to undergo a course of physiotherapy before the prosthesis. The patient must be in good physical shape. This is necessary in order to muscle tissue was strong enough. If it is weak, you will not be able to keep the prosthesis and enhance the design. It can take a long time rehabilitation period and cause implant failure.

    Before surgery, you need to practice walking on crutches. This will speed up the rehabilitation process. In addition, the patient may need to stop taking certain medications.

    To the load on the prosthesis were minimal, and the recovery went as quickly as possible, the patient, if necessary, need to get rid of excess weight.