Kyphosis of the spine: symptoms, causes and treatment

Kyphosis of the spine is the curvature, which is triggered by various factors. Distinguish between cervical and thoracic curvature of the spine. In the photo you can see the spine, deformed by kyphosis.In addition to this disease, there are other ailments, which are capable of destructive influence on the human spine: scoliosis, lordosis.Кифоз позвоночника: симптомы, причины и лечение

The defeat of the cervical

At risk patients of different ages. To develop kyphosis of the cervical spine in children and the elderly. The reasons for the emergence of disease can be many. May be the result of weak back muscles, which are unable to support the vertebrae or damage to bone tissue. In this case, the bones become fragile and weak. Causes of disease are divided into 2 groups:

  • Innate.
  • Purchased.
  • Cervical kyphosis may be the result of anomalies which developed the child still in the womb. Susceptible children under 1 year, suffering from rickets. They have very weak back muscles and a weak core, which is susceptible to deformation. The defeat of the cervical spine can also be hereditary and be passed to relatives.

    Acquired causes include changes that occur in the structure of the spine. This factor often provokes cervical kyphosis in elderly people. To provoke the development of the disease other diseases of spine (osteochondrosis).

    Кифоз позвоночника: симптомы, причины и лечениеStrong back injury can cause curvature of the spine and to trigger the development of scoliosis and kyphosis. If a person is constantly in an unnatural pose and slouch, he falls into a risk group. Kyphosis of the cervical often provoked by inflammatory or infectious processes in the body, and sometimes tubercular changes of the vertebrae. The defeat of the cervical spine may occur due to the formation of tumors in the muscles near the vertebrae.

    Symptoms are manifested quite strongly. The patient experiences severe pain, persistent muscle spasms, discomfort in the upper back. Often the affected area is deprived of sensitivity, and its mobility is reduced. A secondary symptom of the disease can be a headache. This symptom is manifested in the fact that due to deformation of the spine can peredelyvalis nerves and blood vessels. In addition, the patient may occasionally feel dizzy, lower blood pressure.

    Patients sometimes of a temporary deterioration in hearing and vision. Kyphotic deformity can cause numbness in the back of the head and jaw.

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    Kyphosis of the thoracic spine

    There are different types of this form of the disease. Postural kyphosis — this defeat spins that can be triggered by poor posture. This kyphosis of the thoracic spine occurs mostly in people 30 to 40 years who have a long time to be in the 1 position in the workplace. Due to the fact that people are constantly slouches and does not allow the muscles to properly relax, can develop Hyper-kyphosis of the thoracic. This kind of disease is not particularly dangerous. Enough to perform simple daily gymnastic exercises or to wear a light corset to the curvature quickly passed.

    Кифоз позвоночника: симптомы, причины и лечение

    A violation of the vertebrae with the disease Chairman Mau

    Disease Chairman Mau is one of the types of thoracic curvature. The disease affects several vertebrae at once and partially deforms them. To determine the cause of the disease is very difficult, but most often it is hereditary. Injury of the thoracic spine can also cause the appearance of kyphosis. Strong spinal cord injury contributes to the development of progressive forms of the disease. To provoke a painful syndrome in this case can bent nerve, which is trapped in the result of changing the position of the vertebrae. Treatment of this form of disease depends on the severity of the injury.

    The thoracic kyphosis can be congenital. This means that the skeleton has been malformed from a baby still in the womb. The anomalies can be attributed not only incorrect positioning of the vertebrae, but a partial lack of them. In some cases, the kyphosis of the thoracic spine can cause paralysis. Often that condition negatively affects the functioning of the urogenital system. Treatment of this form of the disease is often only possible by surgery.

    The deformation of the breast can occur after surgery. Such kyphosis is usually triggered by poor fixation or failure to comply with the rules of the rehabilitation regime.

    Degenerative changes in the vertebrae can also cause the development of the disease. With this change, thoracic spine exercises physiotherapy will help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that support the vertebrae.

    The defeat of the lumbar spine

    Lumbar back daily can withstand heavy load. But it can weaken under the negative influence from the outside. As a result, the patient may develop kyphosis and lordosis. Lordosis is a deformity of the back, where the spine of the patient is strongly bent forward.

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    Кифоз позвоночника: симптомы, причины и лечение

    Pathological changes in the spine

    The disease can be either acquired or congenital. Quite often, such a curvature can be caused by a dislocation of the hip joint. In this case, the lower part of the body is curved strongly forward, with the result that the deformation of the back. If a person has lordosis, kyphosis can develop in parallel. Often the provocateur of the disease can become overweight of the patient or a permanent stoop.

    Kyphosis and lordosis fairly easy to determine. People with this bend back constantly stretch out the neck and shoulders forward, and knees pushing in different directions. This position leads to malfunction of the muscles and ligaments as a result of their constant surge. Kyphotic deformity of the spine provoking pain and disruption of many of the internal organs. In some cases, the metabolism, blood circulation. Patients with this disease get tired faster and often complain of feeling unwell.

    Provoked pathological kyphosis and lordosis often spondylolisthesis. Inflammation in the back or the tumor less likely to be the instigators of disease. The lack of proteins, vitamins and minerals, trauma and any other injuries can provoke the development of the disease. Lordosis of the lumbar spine can be physiological or pathological.

    The physiological form of the disease develops mainly in young children under 1 year. Pathological lordosis has 2 forms. The primary form of the disease triggered by inflammatory processes that occur in the body. The secondary form is closely connected with the functioning of the hip joints.

    In some cases, the disease can lead to complete immobilization of the patient.

    Curvature treatment

    Manual treatment techniques are widely used when dealing with curvatures of the back. Kyphosis of the lumbar spine can be treated with special massage. This procedure is done by an experienced masseur. Treatment involves relaxation of the muscles of the spine and joints, restore the receptors and restore the tone of the muscle tissue. The treatment involves the application of vibro, sometimes used stretching. Such procedures help to improve blood circulation, lymph flow and metabolism.

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    Physiotherapy has an important place in the treatment of curvature of the back. It is important to complete a full course of exercises regularly and under the supervision of an experienced physician. He will be able to exclude from course elements that you find it hard to carry and say that it is better to pay attention to. These exercises will strengthen back muscles and help them keep the correct shape of the spine.

    Кифоз позвоночника: симптомы, причины и лечениеTreatment involves mobilization, which focuses on kneading the joints and improve their work. After a full course of procedures for the movement of the patient cease to be constrained, and it can normally move. Treatment is that the doctor makes the same motion flexing the joint. Such movements shall be performed by the patient independently. This treatment is used in cases when the patient is contraindicated to manipulation.

    Treatment manipulation is a sequence of jolts performed by a physician. It affects the affected region of the back with his hands, adjusting the spine and stretching the joints. Initially, all the patient’s muscles relax to make it easier to form the correct arrangement of the vertebrae. To visit such procedures should be regularly. If the disease is neglected, you may need additional therapy.

    To correct the curvature using special bandages, which are aimed at fixing back in position and correction of the posture of the patient. Pick a brace needs a doctor. His model and the strength of fixation will depend on the extent of neglect of a back injury. In addition, there are standard medical treatments that are aimed at removal of pain and muscle relaxation.

    Selection of medicines takes place individually, depending on the cause of the disease.