Larkspur balm for bones and joints: application instruction and feedback

Живокост бальзам для костей и суставов: инструкция по применению и отзывыCream, ointment and balm for help. constitute a group of medicines that are suitable for outdoor use. Preparations of this series created on the basis of medicinal plants Larkspur (comfrey). The name of a medicinal plant was not accidental. Due to the content of useful substances, vitamins and essential oils, it has a very effective anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

Chondroitin can not only strengthen the joints but to restore them. The drug is able to slow down and stop the destruction of cartilage in diseases such as deforming osteoarthritis. The root of comfrey has a significant impact on mineral metabolism in the human body, thereby strengthening bone and improves calcium and phosphorus metabolism, leaving swelling in the region of the joints of patients. Medications based on comfrey, in addition, have excellent analgesic action, therefore they have found wide application in rheumatic diseases.

When you use these drugs should remember that the root of the Larkspur is a poisonous plant, which in any case can not be taken orally. Do not forget that after using Larkspur should wash their hands with soap and avoid getting the drug on mucous membranes. On the basis of Larkspur produces a huge number of ointments, balms and creams used in the treatment of joints.

The number of drugs with medicinal plant Larkspur

Currently in pharmacies sell the following products based on comfrey:

  • healing balm for help. with boswelia;
  • regenerating transdermal cream;
  • warming balm Larkspur for the body;
  • regenerating balm with chondroitin and glucosamine;
  • balm Larkspur comfrey for the body;
  • ointment Larkspur Dr. Tissa;
  • body balm Larkspur with the content of bee venom.

Joint cream with comfrey produces several firms and pharmaceutical companies. The most popular is a cream and balm of the company «Health technology». No less popular drugs firms «Phytomedica», «Siberian health» and «Dr. Theiss».

Instructions for use and the balm for joints «Larkspur»

Body balm Larkspur is recommended for the reduction and elimination of pain in the joints, to regenerate the cartilage. Larkspur balm relieves inflammation and pain in joints, back, waist, muscles and ligaments. Larkspur balm can be used for fractures, bruises and sprains.

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The preparation includes water, extract of freshwater sponge, comfrey, glucosamine hydrochloride 0.5% chondroitin sulfate, 0.5%, menthol, camphor, oil of juniper, eucalyptus, cloves, etc. kayaputa the Root of comfrey is the main ingredient of balm. Thanks to him, the recovery and treatment of joints, back, waist, muscles and damaged ligaments. The root of comfrey helps to speed up the recovery of disorders in the tissues.

Живокост бальзам для костей и суставов: инструкция по применению и отзывыChondroitin is the main substance found in the synovial fluid. It plays an important role in the structure of cartilage, plays a role of greasing the surface of the joints, stimulates the regeneration of cartilage tissue. The extract of the concoctions included in the shampoo, reduces swelling and bruising resolve faster. A complex of essential oils has anti-inflammatory, soothing and warming effect.

Glucosamine involved in the formation of cartilage and synovial fluid. Using this feature increases the elasticity of the articular cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate is an essential building material for the restoration of cartilage. It protects cartilage collagen from destruction. Comfrey extract helps to eliminate pain, reduces inflammation and regenerates tissue.

Cream, ointment and balm with comfrey cannot be used in case of intolerance to individual components in the preparation. The balm should be applied several times a day to problem areas. Dosage and duration of use of the drug should be agreed with your doctor.

Patient feedback on the results of the use of drugs with Larkspur

Medical practice and patient feedback shows high effectiveness of drugs that contain a root okopnika. Ointments and balms that contain this ingredient, not only help to speed up the treatment of the joints and bones, but also prevents various diseases. Ointment Larkspur with intensive use helps to reduce the time of rehabilitation after injuries and fractures.

Julia S., 23 years

Живокост бальзам для костей и суставов: инструкция по применению и отзывы«Buy ointment Larkspur for 6th time. At a time when professionally was engaged in dances, medicine with the root of comfrey has become a real salvation. The ointment is perfect to help relieve the pain from the muscles in the legs. Used the medication is usually in the evening: at night, rubbed sore spots, and the top wore cotton pajamas. Sensation after application was very pleasant, warming. By morning the pain passed completely, dancing has become much easier. Before the competition I put ointment on the joints: it increases flexibility.»

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Angelina V., 63

Живокост бальзам для костей и суставов: инструкция по применению и отзывы«At the end of winter last year I twisted my ankle and for a very long time walked with a limp. A neighbor, seeing such suffering, he proposed to try an ointment with comfrey root. After the first application has become much easier. So, without hesitation, the next day, purchased in a drugstore ointment Larkspur.

The use of the drug for the past 2 weeks has relieved almost all pain. Currently, the damaged area makes itself felt with the change of weather, so the ointment is almost always at hand».

Oleg K., 54 years

Живокост бальзам для костей и суставов: инструкция по применению и отзывы«For a long time suffered from joint pain. Especially unbearable was evening at the end of the day. Only some ointments and painkillers tried! The result was not quite, or it lasted a short time. From frequent pill-taking started to have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Started to feel a real wreck. When passing the annual examination complained to the doctor for pain symptoms. She was recommended to undergo an examination and to try a cream Larkspur, which contains the root of comfrey. The drug is acquired immediately. The first night after using for the first time in a long time, slept like a baby: pain almost subsided. After regular use almost forgot about his sore. Recommended the drug to his wife from pain in the knee region, is also very well helped. Daughter uses Larkspur after exercise to eliminate the pain».

Valentina K., 25 years

Живокост бальзам для костей и суставов: инструкция по применению и отзывы«In the summer lead a very active lifestyle: skating, Cycling, I like to climb mountains. This often results in bruising and abrasions. Bruised legs constantly had to hide under jeans and long skirts, but in summer it is very uncomfortable! So I suffered until I learned about the cream Larkspur. Advised my grandmother, who actively use this medication for the treatment of joints. Initially reacted to her advice to try the drug rather skeptical, but after much coaxing agreed to apply ointment 1 times. Much to our surprise the next day noticed that the bruises were less noticeable and touching the sore spot, it became almost painless. Now ointment Larkspur almost always carry in your purse, especially during hikes and long training sessions. The medicine not only helps quickly eliminate bruises, but also to relieve painful muscle tension».

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Maria N., 25 years

Живокост бальзам для костей и суставов: инструкция по применению и отзывы«Husband for a long time complained of discomfort in the back and neck. Massage to walk him once, so I saved the various advertised remedies from osteoarthritis. They helped the weak, and drug costs from the family budget all increased. Somehow the money to buy expensive tools, and I decided to try Larkspur. After a week of use of the painful symptoms decreased significantly, the husband soon was able to begin medical gymnastics. Ointment almost always is in the medicine Cabinet at home, and sometimes use it to eliminate edema and pain in the legs».