Larkspur officinalis (comfrey) for joints: tincture, ointment, and other uses

Use Larkspur for the treatment of joints: recipes and tips

Folk medicine since ancient times uses the Larkspur (comfrey) for diseases associated with bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, as this plant has powerful healing properties.

Comfrey likes to grow in places with high humidity, so it can be seen on the banks of lakes and rivers, meadows and forest edges. This Bush usually well developed and robust, has a hairy aerial part. It blooms red-purple or white-yellow flowers, which hang nicely and reminiscent of bells. The root system of Larkspur differs from the roots of most plants impressive size and multiple weaves.

This medicinal shrub in relation to light, structure, and soil fertility is quite demanding. Therefore, if you decide to put it on your site, it should be well fertilized, or located in close proximity to compost.

Medicinal properties of the plant

This plant contains a large number of biologically active substances, in particular, allantoin, silicic acid, tannins, and mucous membranes components. Therefore, the means on the basis of comfrey have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, styptic and analgesic properties. Ointments and other remedies on the basis of Larkspur accelerate the healing of injured areas, stimulate the regeneration of new cells, and also have a positive effect on delaying suppurating wounds and ulcers.

The ointment, consisting of the root of the Larkspur, has an analgesic effect against the joints and muscles. Acts as analgesic, effective painkiller after contusions, sprains, fractures and sprains.

Ointments and tinctures for rubbing with comfrey have pronounced anti-inflammatory effect with muscle cramps, neuralgia, osteoarthritis, arthritis and arthrosis.

Patients who used an ointment based on comfrey, argue that therapeutic effects on problem areas, it is superior to common gel Diclofenac several reviews can offer below.

I acquire I have not for the first time, because I dance. This tool facilitates the good condition of feet and muscles after a hard workout are sick. At night I carefully massaging with this tool all portions of the limbs where the discomfort is felt. The balm warms, and by the morning the pain is no longer felt.

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Ekaterina, 31 years old, Moscow

It all started with the fact that I have already been hurt his knee. And, as it turned out the doctor was inflammation of the knee joint. Painful particularly tormented in front of the deteriorating weather. Then the situation has worsened, a move I really became problematic. Squatting on his haunches to a young child were given especially hard to get up unaided I could not. I had to go to the doctor.

Was initially prescribed Menovazin — he appeared to me useless, and then the surgeon prescribed a cream-balm comfrey. After a week of use I felt its positive result: pain in the knee every day decreased. Now I’m happy, the knee weren’t bothering me anymore at all.

Tatyana, 40 years old, Saratov

Internal use of the plant is limited due to the presence in the composition of toxic substances, but the broth gently used for rinsing the mouth and throat.

Gout, rheumatism, pain in joints, tuberculosis of bones and lungs, thrombosis, rheumatoid arthritis — this is not a complete list of diseases for which effective use of herbs Larkspur.

Ointment treat the affected areas, and the top is covered with paper to compress and cover with warm scarf. Keep 4-5 hours. The minimum period of treatment should last at least 10 days.

In case there are fractures, that speeds up the recovery period after removal of plaster iocasta tincture. To do this, diluted by half with water means moisten a cloth and apply to the place violated the integrity of the bone. Hold for two hours.

Baths and washing are applied to facilitate health in people with open sores and suppuration of the affected skin. To this end, also use use decoctions from the root. Cooled to a comfortable temperature they serve cold water and the treatment of wounds.

A compress is an effective means to restore overused muscles, ligaments. Cream with comfrey is applied to the affected area and put on top of the fabric, and then wrap the limb with a towel. Compress fixed with bandage and leave overnight.

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Before use of means on the basis of comfrey will need to consult physicians, because part of the plant contains toxic substances.

Selection of proven recipes

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There are many tools and recipes ointments, tinctures and compresses on the basis of Larkspur, but to make effective and safe medicine at home, it must be properly prepared. Dig the roots, aged 3 years, late autumn. This spine will have a black outside skin and cut the white flesh.

Recipes ointments

For preparing ointments in the first recipe you need to connect 2 parts of a slurry made from the rhizome of the plant (for example, using the grinder), 4 pieces of pork fat and 1 part Dimexidum. Well mix all the components and get medicinal ointment.

In the second case, on the grater crush the root of Larkspur. It join together with the fat pig, and then the mixture is heated, and at the end cooled.

Through the night the convoy is again put on fire, melt and add honey, tincture of propolis and beeswax. When the mixture is heated, it is necessary to constantly stir. After cooling, the ointment can be used for its intended purpose

Preparation of tincture

To prepare the tincture for rubbing you need to take 50 grams of dried ground root of comfrey, fill it with 700 ml of vodka (no alcohol!) and infuse for a fortnight, stirring occasionally. Once ready, the resulting tool can not drain.

In the treatment of tuberculosis tincture do differently to the recipe: 1 tbsp. chopped rhizomes put in a thermos and add boiling milk 1 Cup.

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Means leave to infuse overnight. In the morning add 1 tbsp. honey, 1 egg, animal fat. After thorough mixing, the tincture is ready. This is a portion of a day, consumed before meals 3 times.

Preparation of compress

To make a tool to compress, use 50-100 g of powder of the rhizome. It is placed in a small container and pour hot water. Same here, add vegetable oil and mix, turning it into a paste, which is characterized by stickiness and ezineblaze consistency.

Baths for joints

A decoction for baths get using 1 tbsp crushed roots of comfrey and 3 liters of water. Liquid bring to the boil and add the root of the plant as a whole. After boiling, cook medium 10 minutes. Then insist and strain.

Important caveats

Means on the basis of Larkspur have high toxicity, so they can not be used without doctor’s permission.


  • pregnancy and GW;
  • wound open type;
  • the long period of treatment by other means.

Self-medication can lead to poisoning of the body, and sometimes fatal. Long-term can cause liver disease and disease of the bladder, and diarrhea. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend only external use of comfrey.

Treatment of diseases of the joints means on the basis of Larkspur is often effective, but you need to remember that this plant should be treated with greater caution, as it contains toxic substances. So that the treatment brought only benefit, you need to consult with your doctor.