Legs hurt below the knees

Man is constantly in motion. Why do we often legs below the knees? Every day feet undergo wear and severity, which can be a pain. Leg pain below the knee is a frequent complaint of elderly people, and those who are experiencing high physical activity. The pain can spread from the top of the calf to the heel.

Болят ноги ниже колен

Why legs hurt below the knee? Basically, the causes of various injuries: bruises, sprains, hematoma. Below the knee has many ligaments and tendons, so pain can be associated with their injuries, or trauma of the joints. Causes of pain below the knee quite a lot, they can be a symptom of a serious disease. The pain may be constant or periodic. Most often, pain under the knee in front. If you periodically disturbed pain in the legs below the knees, contact your doctor.

Injury and pathology of the skeletal system

The most common reason why pain in bone below knee – injury. Injury can be obtained during sports activities, accomplishments gymnastic elements or heavy impact on a hard surface. This may be following injury:

  • stretching;
  • injury to the meniscus;
  • fractures;
  • dislocations.

Severe pain in the bones can cause trauma to the kneecap, such as a fracture or dislocation. Various pathologies of the skeletal system – osteomyelitis, osteoporosis – common causes of pain in lower part of bones of the knee. Acute pain in the legs both above and below the knee can occur due to excess weight, benign tumors, inflammatory process in the joints. Possible drawback of micro — and macronutrients, metabolic processes in the body, a pinched nerve endings.

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Heaviness in the legs, swelling, discoloration of the skin signs of vascular disease of the legs. It may be thrombophlebitis or varicose veins. To pain and added swelling, heavy legs, cramps. Characterized by a dull pain increases when walking, it swells the lower part of the legs.

When venous thrombosis of the lower arteries appear persistent acute pain.

Violation of metabolic processes and inflammation

Legs below the knee due to strain changes in the knee Cup. They can be caused by weakness of the medial cartilage, which put pressure on the knee Cup. Blocking its movement and shifting weight on her legs, they contribute to softening and detachment of the patella.

Children often observed pain below the knee or above. This may be due to trauma or a vascular problem. In adolescence causes of pain may be associated with surges of growth.

My knees start to hurt due to poor blood flow. If the pain associated with growth, it passes with time, without treatment. But in some cases it may be symptom of rheumatism and spondylitis. The joints ache, swell, temperature can increase, there is a heaviness in the legs.

The pain cause and other factors.

Symptoms Pathology
Sore feet at night, accompanied by cramps, tingling, numbness of the legs. It can speak about violation of metabolic processes in the body and lack of nutrients.
The pain that rises from the foot to above the knee. This can be caused by inflammation of the muscles of the ankle and feet flat feet.
Very sore and burning knee in the front, red part of the skin, appeared a fever. Perhaps erysipelas. It is an acute infectious disease that requires immediate treatment.
Pain under the knee in front. May be a sign of acute inflammation of the tendons (tendinitis).
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Болят ноги ниже колен

Patient the spine often causes aching in the bones of the lower extremities, stiffness in the body.

To identify and treat

If worried about the pain in the leg above or below the knee, you need to consult a doctor. The sooner you get diagnosed and treated, the better. The diagnosis gives direction to the practitioner. Surveys include:

  • x-rays;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • magnetic imaging;
  • arthroscopy.

If there are symptoms of vascular diseases, conduct vascular ultrasound, angiography. After patient may be referred to a traumatologist, a surgeon, a rheumatologist or astrology. In some cases treatment can take place at several doctors for best results.

After identifying the cause of pain treatment. It depends on the disease, which is caused by pain below the knee. If the knee is seriously injured, you first need to immobilize the limb. For this fit knee brace or a tight bandage which is applied, starting from the area just above the knee and mid-calf. To relieve pain and inflammation, prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Arthritis recommend anti-infective drugs.

To stabilize and strengthen the knee, need physical therapy and massage therapy. All this is done under the supervision of a specialist. If disease severity is high, it can be performed surgical treatment followed by rehabilitation.

After the treatment it is important to observe precautions to pain in the joint and the bones never came back again. You need to perform special exercises. It’s good to keep the limbs upright in a prone position, to ensure the flow of blood. Moderate exercise is good for joints. In sports you have to wear braces for the knee and ankle joints, it will reduce the load and protect against re-injury.

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It is important not SuperCool, do not overload the joints. It can cause arthritis. Try to keep your feet warm. For training vessels good to do a contrast shower or hardening. It is important to properly and balanced diet, take a Supplement with calcium, iron, zinc.

To strengthen bones and joints, the doctor will prescribe special vitamins and mineral supplements.