Ligaments knee joint

Ligaments the knee joint is one of the specific diseases of the knee region, in which there is a degenerative-dystrophic lesion of the ligaments. The knee joint is the most problematic area of the musculoskeletal apparatus as it assumes most of the daily load, partially dividing it from the ankle. In connection with the circumstance that the knee area is very vulnerable to traumas and pathologies, as many know firsthand.

Лигаментоз коленного сустава

The disease is localized in the area of attachment of ligament to the bones. The connection consists of cartilage, which interacts equally well with both tissue ligaments and bone framework. When ligaments the cartilage layer thickens, altering the ligamentous tissue. As the progression of the disease the cartilage becomes saturated with calcium salts, which leads to ossification of cartilage, and pathological disruption of the joint. The disease most often affects the trunk ligaments of the knee, less commonly observed lesions of the ankle joint.

The causes of the disease

Ligaments develops as a result of permanent exposure to traumatic factors, or after a single deep with a knee injury and is characterized by a chronic course. The disease often becomes an associate of professional athletes and people whose company is involved in heavy physical labor. Depending on the specifics of the occupation affects either the knee or ankle joints. Constant stress creates microtrauma, which quietly contribute to pathological changes in the ligaments. To provoke ligaments may also severe sprains, fractures and sprains.

Disease affecting the cartilage, such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, etc., contribute to the development of complications in the form of ligaments. Pathology data hit the cartilage and the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation and degenerative changes. In some cases, the process can be involved ligaments of the joint. All of the above reasons in varying degrees, increase the risk of ligaments.

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The most obvious manifestation of ligaments ligaments is:

  • acute pain in the joint during movement;
  • swelling;
  • inflammation of the adjacent tissues.

Лигаментоз коленного суставаThese symptoms also characterize ligaments the knee joint. Despite the apparent consonance of the names, these are two different diseases that have different nature and require an individual approach to treatment. Ligaments can hit as major ligaments of the knee and ankle joints, and localized in the region of the fingers, the disease often has an infectious nature and reactive current.

If you belong to the risk group must carefully monitor the condition of the joints to prevent the development of complications. Timely initiation of treatment to minimize the degree of irreversible consequences of the disease.

Treatment and prevention

Ligaments ligament is a chronic disease, the consequences of which are not restoration: calcification of cartilage is irreversible. Accordingly, the treatment of this disease is aimed at maintaining the health of the joint and prevent further progression of the disease. The effectiveness of therapy will depend on the duration of the period of remission, during which the disease is practically invisible.

Depending on the extent of the disease treatment can be conservative or involve surgical intervention. Conservative treatment of ligaments is to use these drugs and procedures.

Unloading of the joint. Treatment of ligaments begins with the limitations of the physical load on the joint: contraindicated sports and work related to heavy physical labor. This requirement also includes a ban on weight lifting, intense running, etc.
Immobilization. To prevent further injury to the ligaments of the affected limb is fixed in a state of rest.
Painkillers. In acute course of the disease for pain syndrome shows the use of NSAIDs, which help to numb the joint and relieve inflammation.
Physiotherapy. After removing the main symptoms to improve blood flow and maintain flexibility of ligaments the patient shows therapeutic exercises with the use of specialized devices.
Healthy eating. Components of the daily diet do not allow to cure the disease, but contribute to the preservation of the joint in a healthy condition. Nutrition in diseases of the joints should be balanced and contain a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins. From the diet should exclude animal fats, spicy, salty, smoked and fried dishes.
Physiotherapy. To improve the condition of cartilage tissue are used ozokeritnye applications and therapeutic mud. Also practiced laser irradiation.
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If conservative treatment does not have the desired effect carried out a surgical operation. Through the modified portions of the ligaments replaced with artificial implants. Treatment should be under the supervision of a physician who can assess the adequacy of application of those or other events.

Self-treatment of ligamentous extremely dangerous because of ineffective therapy can lead to aggravation of irreversible consequences of the disease.