Listes spine

There is a pathology, which has the medical name «listes spine» or «spondylolisthesis». What is it manifested? Constant pain in my spine, limited mobility and instability of the spine can attest to the fact that a vertebra was displaced relative to the other vertebrae. The shift of the vertebrae can cause pinching of nerve roots that become the cause of severe back pain.

Листез позвоночника

Classification of the disease

There are two types listesi spine: stable and unstable. If the vertebra does not change its position and is fixed, then such a shift is called stable. In the case when the slopes and curves of the vertebra is also moving, it is called unstable listitem. Listes unstable spine is more dangerous because it is impossible to predict how once again lead a vertebra.

Depending on which direction the vertebrae moves, there are such types listesi.

  • Analyses – if a vertebra is displaced forward (i.e., toward the spinal cord).
  • Lateralists is displacement of one vertebra to the side.
  • Retraites – displacement of the vertebrae ago.
  • Especially dangerous is analystes. Shifting towards the spinal cord, the vertebrae affects the nerves that can lead to serious complications. Analyses most often affects the lumbar spine. This is because due to the natural bending of the spine in this place has the greatest angle of curvature. Under the influence of negative factors (overweight, joint disease) vertebrae can become misaligned in one direction or another.

    There are several degrees of this disease. The degree of deviation of the vertebrae considered as a percentage, ranging from zero (the correct position). There are such degrees of pathology:

    • Stage 1 – up to 25 %;
    • Stage 2 – 25-50 %;
    • Stage 3 – 50-70 %;
    • 4 degree – more than 75 %.

    At a deviation of more than 75 %, occurs the actual prolapsed vertebra.

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    Causes and symptoms listesi

    Causes listesi may be several. In the first place to provoke analistas spine can injury due to a blow, fall or after the accident. Also the offset can occur due to too large loads in connection with the employment or sports activities.

    There are also additional factors that contribute to the displacement of the vertebrae. These include diseases that lead to degenerative changes in cartilage tissue of the vertebrae and joints (osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis). Factor can also be congenital pathologies of the vertebral column. Tumors and growths can lead to bone necrosis, resulting in can develop analyses.

    Analyses it may itself practically does no exercise. The disease may be detected accidentally in examinations for other reasons. Later, in a certain part of the back there is a minor pain. They usually appear after long standing or physical activity. Painful sensations arise when you try to straighten.

    At long stay in one position muscles can spazmiruyutsya. The muscles pinch nerves and vessels in the affected location you may feel a constant dull pain and tingling. The pain may radiate to the buttocks area, hip joints and lower limbs. In the legs felt weak. He sat down, the person feels relieved and the pain goes away.

    With this offset, as analystes, disturbed sensibility in the limbs, in some cases, you may lose your mobility. In addition, a person may even lose control over the processes of urination and defecation.

    Dangerous offset their negative impact on the internal organs (gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system).

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    Methods of treatment of displacement of the vertebra

    For the treatment of this disorder, there are conservative and surgical methods. Conservative methods are suitable when the disease is in its beginning phase. You first need to relieve inflammation and pain. To do this, use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. If the pain is very acute, I make novocaine blockade.

    After the acute period it is possible to carry out remedial activities that are an integral part of treatment.

    Methods Impact
    Physiotherapy. Physical activity is a prerequisite for the health of the spine. The spine is supported by the muscular frame. If back muscles are weak, the spine will not receive the necessary support. The goal of physical therapy is to strengthen back muscles.
    Manual therapy. Using this procedure, the vertebrae can be pushed back into place.
    Massage. Massage is needed to relax the muscles, return them tone.
    Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the affected area. To do this, designate the electro-neuro-stimulation is a procedure that affects the muscles and nerves to currents of low frequency. Electrophoresis restores blood circulation, improves metabolic processes and delivers the medication into the lesion.

    If the displacement of the vertebra significantly or unstable vertebrae, is assigned to a surgical operation. During the operation, the vertebrae are fixed together. This is done using the special plates. Also the vertebrae can splice with each other, using bone graft.

    Листез позвоночника

    Treatment listesi spine also involves wearing special orthopedic corsets that support the spine, reduce pain and promote stabilisation.